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home cardio circuit workout

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home cardio circuit workout

Business Is Business — Even If It’s “Not for Profit”

By Mark Morgan Ford | 04/24/2004

In the Frank Capra film “Mr. Deeds Goes to Town”, Gary Cooper plays Longfellow Deeds, a humble small-town man who comes into a fortune. Deeds has aspirations of giving away a large part of his money to charitable causes. But when he moves to the big city, he is stunned…

human brain

The Power of the Human Brain

By Mark Morgan Ford | 02/9/2004

The human brain is thought to possess more power than the world’s smartest computer, but how can we tap into that limitless potential?


#9 for the New Year: To Develop the Personal “You”

By Mark Morgan Ford | 01/8/2004

  Today, let’s talk about the personal “you.” The “you” that you are when no one is looking. The person you turn into when you are by yourself. Who is that person — and, more importantly, who do you want that person to be? Let’s make some resolutions about that…


What it Really Means When an Employee Threatens to Resign

By Early To Rise | 11/12/2003

When an employee threatens to resign, take a step back from the situation and ask these specific questions, both for them and yourself.


The Three Big Mistakes Direct Marketers Make

By Early To Rise | 03/3/2003

In an interview reprinted in The Golden Thread (the American Writers & Artists Institute student newsletter), well-known direct-response graphic designer Ted Kikoler makes the following useful points about putting together a direct-mail package: * The biggest mistake direct marketers make is leaving the letter out of the mailing. Even if…


Promise #9 for the New Year: To Become Wiser by Reading ETR Every Day

By Mark Morgan Ford | 01/13/2003

You are a very busy person. And so I appreciate the fact that you take the time each morning to make reading ETR a priority. The single most productive thing I do each day is the work I do writing ETR. It’s energizing because it gets me thinking positively first…


Setting And Maintaining High Standards of Performance

By Mark Morgan Ford | 04/16/2002

“The only way to succeed is to make people hate you.” – Josef von Sternberg If you read almost anything in the mainstream media about management or leadership, you’ll see lots of advice about making your employees happy.Listen to their problems and concerns. Create a positive atmosphere. Give them the…


Don’t Let What Went Wrong with Islam Go Wrong with You

By Mark Morgan Ford | 01/18/2002

Bernard Lewis, the Western World’s foremost Islamic historian (whose new book “What Went Wrong: Western Impact and Middle Eastern Response” is scheduled to be published this month), has an interesting view of Islamic history that provides a lesson to anyone interested in success. Lewis says, “For many, many centuries, the…


Promise #10 For The New Year: To Be A Better Person

By Mark Morgan Ford | 11/12/2001

I’’m truly impressed. It’’s Friday, and you’’ve been with me for 10 straight workdays. You have read and reread your resolutions countless times. Most importantly, you’’ve had a chance to think about them in new and I hope deeper ways – and to add to them. You are in the…

wealth building

Five Secrets of Wealth Building

By Mark Morgan Ford | 07/7/2001

You can acquire a multimillion-dollar net worth by doing just five things that promote wealth building throughout your life and work.

life after 50

Life After 50: You’re Never Too Old To Succeed

By Mark Morgan Ford | 03/23/2001

Some say that life begins at 50. But if you are older than that, take inspiration from friends and these other oldsters who accomplished more after 70.


Chronic Takers – How to Get Them Out of Your Life

By Early To Rise | 03/21/2001

Source out the chronic takers in your life and work and take these steps to eliminate their negative impact on your own success and happiness.