Swedish Weight-Loss Secret

No, the Swedish weight-loss secret is not “Stop eating Swedish meatballs.” What the Swedes have discovered is online weight-loss programs.

Researchers at the Karolinska Institute wanted to find out why some people succeed at weight loss while others don’t. One of the things they looked at was an Internet-based weight-loss club that happened to be used mostly by women. (Eighty-six percent of the users were female.)

The researchers found that, over time, 29 percent of the users lost at least 5 percent bodyweight. They also found something that backs up what I’ve been telling you in ETR for a long time: One of the strongest predictors of weight loss is social support. In this case, that social support was measured by activity in the club (as judged by the number of logins and diary entries made by users).

The conclusion: Given their low cost and 24-hour accessibility, online weight-loss clubs really do help both men and women lose weight.

Going online for social support in your weight-loss program could be one of the most effective things you can do. You might not be able to find someone to motivate you to reach your ideal weight at home or at work… but you will almost certainly find someone on an Internet weight-loss forum.

[Ed. Note: It’s true – online support can be very helpful when it comes to reaching your fitness goals.

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Craig Ballantyne

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