Stupid Cardio Advice

Here’s some stupid cardio advice from our British friends across the pond…

According to The Daily Mail, “Women will need to run for five hours two minutes to burn off the food they eat on Christmas Day, while men face jogging for four hours 25 minutes, a study found.

“Women will consume 3,514 calories on December 25 and men a waist-expanding 3,640 calories – up to 76 per cent more than the recommended daily allowance.”


Someone, somewhere is going to take that literally and think that they can “out-cardio a bad diet” by worshipping at the False alter of the

Cardio Confessional on December 26th. That’s wrong, wrong, WRONG.

Cardio fails for fat loss.

But this works – use this workout instead

Skip the cardio and go straight to a better body.

Cardio is a joke for fat loss. If only I could deliver that message to every household like Santa delivers presents on Christmas Eve.

What you need to do is build muscle, boost your calorie burning for up to 48 hours, and lose your belly fat with SHORT, burst workouts.

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That’s the harsh #truth about silly cardio.

Train harder for a hard body,

Craig Ballantyne, CTT
Certified Turbulence Trainer

PS – Listen, life is NOT a dress rehearsal…

…but we can all change, right now, no waiting for new years. Keep on pushing on. You control your life. No one else. No excuses. “You are responsible for exactly who, what, and where you are in life. That will be just as true this time next year.” – Kekich Credo #58

Don’t keep doing the same ineffective workouts over and over again.

A poor, frustrated woman said this to me on Facebook yesterday:

“Should I do strength training the morning then cardio in the evening? I’m doing that at the moment but not really getting the results I want.”

Wait, what?

Should you keep doing what is NOT working?

No! Of course not!

Please, please, please change if your workout is not working!

Use this workout instead