What To Do About Stretch Marks

Hey folks!  For the past couple of days I’ve been sharing with you an interview I did with Holly Rigsby from ClubFYM.com.  Over the years, Holly has been instrumental in helping thousands of postpartum women lose their baby fat and reshape their bodies.

In part 1 and 2 we covered how to say goodbye to the post pregnancy fat and loose skin, and today we’re going to talk about another sensitive area for women – stretch marks.  Can you really do anything about them?  Let’s find out….


Craig Ballantyne:  Another question along those lines something that’s not necessarily we can impact with nutrition and exercise, but it’s the stretch marks issue. How does someone get rid of those, will it prevent them from showing their abs, what is something that women can do to get rid of those?

Holly Rigsby: Yes, stretch marks. The question about will it prevent me from showing my abs, the good news is no.

I have worked with women personally on Club FYM, actually there’s a lady who just posted her before and after and her middle is riddled with stretch marks, but yet she has a FLAT TONED stomach.

I’m repeating myself, but she did this BECAUSE she followed through with CONSISTENCY with her resistance training workouts, her interval training workouts and eating clean. So, just because you have stretch marks does not mean it’s going to hinder your ability to see your abs.

Now, when it comes to stretch marks and the question that you had sent me, Craig, she had mentioned that the problem areas don’t want to budge. So, I wonder if the problem areas that have the stretch marks still have a layer of fat, because the layer of fat is the ONLY THING that’s standing in the way of us being able to see more tone and definition.

So, it’s a matter of going back to tightening up your nutrition plan, even considering those foods that may be causing those intolerances. Trying an elimination diet, tightening up your nutrition plans, making sure you’re eating enough, making sure that you’re eating those foods that support fat loss.

When it comes to the look of STRETCH MARKS you can fade them, but once they’re there, they’re there. I’m sure that there are surgical procedures that some women turn to in order to diminish that, but for a lot of us that’s the brand of having a baby and it’s making the most of what your body has, the blessings that your body has brought into this life and appreciating and embracing that, knowing that there are other things that you can change about your body to improve the look, feel, and performance of your body and not being overly concerned with that.

Craig Ballantyne: Is that something that you can tan away, like maybe just for one event like going to the beach if you have a nice tan and creams can you diminish how they look?

Holly Rigsby: There are a lot of stretch mark creams that are out there, and that’s once again being careful of the branding that takes place.

If anything it FADES it slightly. I’ve not personally worked with anyone who has tanned and been able to make them unnoticeable.

The women I do work with, they’re severe stretch marks, they’re deep dark purple stretch marks.  If you have light stretch marks, yes, I can see where the tanning process and maybe those creams that fade it slightly will make them a lot less noticeable.

But, what I had envisioned in my mind when I got this question was the women who really have those deep very noticeable stretch marks. Those are the ones who are most concerned, because they really don’t seem like they’re going anywhere.

So, once again it just depends on the degree of the stretch mark.

Craig Ballantyne: Perfect.

Diastasis…it’s a common problem for a lot of postpartum women, and it’s preventing them from ever having flat abs again. Find out what to do about it in part 4 of the interview.

If you want more information or have any questions regarding post-pregnancy fat loss, Holly is your go-to source, so check her out at ClubFYM.com.