Slow and Low Is the Way to Go

Want to live longer… enjoying drippingly-delicious meat?

It may sound too good to be true, but it’s not. You simply need to be aware of three factors – quantity, quality, and preparation.

Quantity (eating too much meat) and quality (eating the wrong kind of meat – i.e., “conventionally” raised meat, packed with hormones and pesticides and rich in inflammatory omega-6 fats) are the first two issues.

These are easy to fix by eating smaller portions and choosing only grass-fed meat.

But there’s a third, much-overlooked, issue you need to address: the way you prepare your meat. Problem is, the most popular ways of cooking meat – grilling and broiling – are recipes for cellular damage and disease.

Here’s why.

Cooking protein-rich foods at high temperatures – even for short periods of time – promotes the formation of cancer-causing heterocyclic amines (HCAs). But you can prevent this… by slow cooking!

Cooking your grass-fed meat in a slow cooker – at or below 212 degrees – creates negligible amounts of HCAs. Cooking “slow and low” also infuses your meat with wonderful flavor, a tender texture, and mouthwatering moisture.

In addition to using a slow cooker, you can make your meat safer by stewing or poaching. And be sure to add antioxidant-rich herbs and spices (especially turmeric and rosemary) to further reduce the risk of HCAs.

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Kelley Herring

Kelley Herring is the Founder & CEO of Healing Gourmet – a multimedia company that educates on how foods promote health and protect against disease. As a young adult, Kelley battled a debilitating health condition that went misdiagnosed by multiple doctors for more than a year. Finding no help from “modern medicine”, she turned to her own knowledge of biochemistry and her passion for health research. She soon learned that her symptoms were related to nutrition and within weeks, she charted a course back to health with nothing more than simple lifestyle changes and the power of the plate. The lessons she learned spawned the creation of Healing Gourmet. Kelley is a firm believer in vigorous exercise, moderate sun exposure and delicious, healthy, home-cooked meals. She is also the creator of Healing Gourmet’s Personalized Nutrition Software and Editor-in-Chief of the Healing Gourmet book series published by McGraw-Hill including Eat to Fight Cancer, Eat to Beat Diabetes, Eat to Lower Cholesterol and Eat to Boost Fertility.