Slash Inflammation With This Vitamin

Reducing inflammation in your body is one of the best ways to guard against chronic disease. In fact, inflammation has been linked with everything from Alzheimer’s to cancer.

One way to reduce inflammatory factors (by up to 14 percent) is by eating just two servings of strawberries a week. Getting more fiber helps lower inflammation too.

Here’s another way to put a damper on this cell-damaging process: Get more vitamin C.

A recent study of 400 healthy people found that taking 1,000 mg of vitamin C daily reduced the best-known inflammatory factor – C-reactive protein (CRP) – by 17 percent after two months. What’s more, the study proved that vitamin C was as effective as statin drugs in reducing inflammation… with none of the harmful side effects.

Here are some good ways to get your 1,000 mg of vitamin C:

  • Sip a smoothie. If you go with my favorite – Whey Advanced by Health-Fx – you’ll get 1,000 mg per delicious serving.
  • Savor citrus. Make purified or spring water (in a safe, non-toxic bottle) with a squeeze of lemon your drink of choice. Enjoy oranges and grapefruits too – but stay away from high-sugar juice.
  • Be big on berries. Blackberries, strawberries, raspberries, and blueberries all help you meet your “C” needs.
  • Choose crucifers. Broccoli, cabbage, kale, Brussels sprouts, and other members of the cruciferous family of veggies are all rich in vitamin C.
  • Pick a peck. Peppers are packed with antioxidant vitamin C. Chop and fold into omelets, slice over salads, or add to a stir fry.

Remember: Vitamin C is destroyed by heat. So keep it cool to tame the flames of inflammation.

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