Turbulence Training- Simple, Fast, Effective

Fitness expert, Scott Colby hosted a fundraiser event where all proceeds went to the American Cancer Society. What made this so special is that over a course of two days he brought together world class fitness and nutrition experts to ask them questions that help to educate and inspire people to live healthier lives.

In this series, you’ll hear my interview where I share with you some fat loss workouts, new traditional cardio beliefs, and simple nutrition strategies to burn the maximum amount of fat.

So let’s begin.


Scott: Welcome, everybody. My name is Scott Colby. Welcome to our Fit Pros Against Cancer Telefundraiser. I wanted to thank all the guests again for making a donation and taking part in the fundraiser. It really means a lot to me.

Our guest today is Craig Ballantyne, the creator of the Turbulence Training System, which focuses on getting the body you want with 45 minutes in home workouts performed three days per week.

Being a workout routine and fat loss expert; he’s always come up with new varied workouts that are really awesome. He has written numerous workout routines in the past and currently for Men’s Health, Men’s Fitness, Muscle and Fitness, and Oxygen Magazine. You can visit the website at  TurbulenceTraining.com or the membership site TTMembers.com.

So, Craig I wanted to welcome you and thank you for being part of this fundraiser. It means a lot to me as we raise some money for cancer research and I appreciate you donating your time and spreading the word to your newsletter readers.

Craig: Happy to help.

Scott: Craig, you’re always a popular guest of mine and we have a lot of questions to go over. So, we’ll try to go over as many as we can. Here’s one I kind of wanted to kick off with since you don’t really believe in real traditional cardio as the best way to lose fat.

The question is: To lose fat how much cardio is too much?

Craig: Well, I don’t think anyone is doing too much cardio that they’re going to stop the fat burning process. I haven’t seen any research that shows that. A problem with cardio is that generally it’s not the best use of your time. You’ll get more results in a fat loss program by improving your diet.

Most people’s diets have a lot of holes in it, and they need to improve that first. You can’t out exercise a bad diet. Now, that said, there is some research, in fact, that shows that some people when they start a cardio program, they end up eating more calories, so they end up not even losing weight at all.

So, some people, again, it goes back to a diet problem more than even a cardio problem, they give themselves permission to eat more food when they shouldn’t be. So, really it comes down to diet instead of how much cardio should I do, or if I’m doing too much cardio. I don’t think anybody can do too much cardio that it stops the fat burning process, but you can also do too much cardio and get an overuse injury.

With our programs, we simply get the diet in place first, then we do resistance training for 20 to 30 minutes three times per week, and we do interval training for 15 minutes three times per week. That is the Turbulence Training system, which works really well, as you can see with all our success stories on TransformationContest.com. In that website you’ll see some great transformations.

It’s a better system, that’s more of a life applicable fitness training system, because it gets you strength that is probably the most underdeveloped physical fitness characteristic in most people. Most people don’t realize that you need to be strong now so that you’re stronger later in life when you’re older.

You’re going to have a bit of a problem with endurance when you’re older, but you’re really going to have a problem with strength. You take a look at an older frail person, and they should have been stronger when they were younger. So, strength training still needs more emphasis put on it.  We do the interval training because, again, most people don’t go for a 5k jog every day or don’t need to do that in their life, but they will climb three flights of stairs, or they will chase their kids short burst.

That type of training needs to be done, and that’s what interval training helps somebody improve.  That’s the big long answer to that cardio question. Take a look at why you’re even doing it in the first place.

Scott: You’re right. You don’t need to do a lot of cardio to get really good fat loss results. Like you mentioned, why would you want to do more if you didn’t have to?

We’re all strapped for time these days with our relationships, family, careers and jobs, so I think the idea which Turbulence Training puts in place is a system where you can maximize your fat loss in as little time as possible. I think that’s what we should be looking for.   This next question is more about the sequence you do your workouts.

The question is: Since I’m trying to build more muscle and lose fat, which would you recommend; should I do my weights first and then do my step class, or should I do weights the day before my step class?

Craig: It doesn’t really matter at all. The only thing to consider is you have to make sure you add warm up time in, because if you’re going to be training on two different days you have to do an extra warm up, whereas if you just trained with weights and then went to the step class you wouldn’t have to do as much warm up.

In addition to that, the other concern is just making sure you’re not doing too much with your weight training so that you are too sore when you go to your step class. Other than that, there’s really no impact on your results, and it really comes down to the quality of your weight training, making sure you’re using a good program.

If you’re using a good program you can do it either way. If you’re using a bad program then neither way will work. So, it really comes down to how good your program is and your nutrition as well.

Scott: Yes, I agree. You want to make sure that you’re not just using weights that are light. You want to make sure that you’re overloading the muscle and continue to progress and put some variety in your workouts, which I know you’re really good at doing, Craig; you always come up with new and varied workouts each month.

Join us in part 2, where I  talk about exercise and the type of food choices to help a beginner lose weight.