One of the main reasons men and women fail with their diets is a lack of education about what – and how much – to eat. And it doesn’t take much to get yourself up to speed.

1. For one week, record everything you eat on the website. I know it sounds tedious, but I’m only asking you to do it for seven days.

2. Use Fitday and Google to calculate how many calories you’re eating.

3. Start reading food labels. Eventually, you should move to a diet that doesn’t involve many food labels at all – a diet based on whole, natural foods, including fruits, vegetables, raw nuts, and meat. Meanwhile, reading labels will give you a good idea of what’s in the food you’re eating.

4. Write down how you feel after every meal. This will help you discover which foods make you tired and which ones give you energy.

Very simple, but very powerful! Within two weeks, you’ll be a walking nutrition encyclopedia – and will spend the rest of your life knowing exactly how much and what to eat.

[Ed. Note: Eating the right foods is only one aspect of losing fat and staying healthy. You also need to exercise regularly. Fitness expert Craig Ballantyne can help you burn fat and build muscle with three 45-minute workouts a week. Learn how right here.]

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