3 Motivation Secrets & Diet Recommendations

Last week I was interviewed by another Canadian fitness expert, Rob King, from the beautiful east coast province of Newfoundland.


He asked me, “Craig, after helping thousands and thousands of people online, in the gym, and through Men’s Health magazine, what are the 3 biggest reasons that stop people from losing fat?”

And I told him, “Rob, the answers are going to surprise you, but here they are…”

“FIRST, most people fail from a loss of motivation

I understand that you might not reach your goals as fast as you
want, but you must never, ever, EVER give up!

Here are THREE motivational secrets to get you back on track:

i) Set goals with a deadline & a reward/punishment for your results. So sit down, look at your calendar, and circle the date that marks when you want to reach your goal. If you do, you get a reward. If you don’t, set a punishment. That will inspire you to action.

ii) Get social support. Put yourself in the right training environment and hang around other achievers. You can’t soar with eagles if you are hanging around turkeys.

iii) You must TRULY believe in yourself. You must stop with the “I’ll give this a try” mindset, and switch to a “I’m going to succeed no matter what” belief. When you get that, you’re golden.

BONUS TIP) Educate yourself. Never give up looking for new clues to success. The most successful people in life are often simply the most persistent.

SECOND, a bad diet/nutrition plan is the 2nd biggest reason for failure

Most folks who email me are so confused by nutrition. They read so much conflicting information all of the time, and it gets frustrating.

BUT the truth is, you just might need to try a lot of diets before you find the right ONE for you.

It’s like dating…99% of people don’t meet “the one” on their first date, and you probably won’t find the “right diet” on your first try.

But you can’t give up, you must keep searching for your BEST diet.
Maybe you are best suited for a higher protein diet with extra reward meals, like The Every Other Day Diet. (I follow this on weekends and don’t gain any fat, even after a weekend in Atlantic City. Impressive.)


Maybe you prefer organic foods, multiple small meals per day, and the elimination of wheat/dairy like The Diet Solution Program. (My regular diet is based on Isabel’s main principles.)


Or maybe your schedule won’t work for 6 meals per day, so you are better off with Eat Stop Eat. (I’ve used this, and recommend EVERYONE does at least one fast in their life. So mind-opening.)
You just need to find the right one for you. It is out there, I promise you that! Keep trying! And never, ever, EVER give up.

THIRD, some people fail to get results because of bad training.

Surprisingly, bad training advice is not the biggest reason people fail to lose fat. In fact, it’s probably the LEAST of people’s problems – and that’s coming from a guy who makes his living training people!

But that’s the harsh truth. Having social support and following the right diet are more important than the right workout.

Listen, as long as you are consistent with training and nutrition, most programs will give you good results.

Now that said, of course, if you want to have fun, ditch the cardio, and get results in a short amount of time, Turbulence Training is the best workout for you.

But really, the motivation and nutrition are more important. To be consistent, you have to find an intense program that you enjoy, but the good news is that you don’t have to be training 6 days per week.

As little as 2-3 workouts per week can give you amazing results.

That will free up the rest of the week for you to stay active in activities you love.

I promise that you CAN get a leaner, sexier body, without spending 6-7 days per week in the gym.

So use these motivation secrets, find the RIGHT nutrition plan for YOU, and do quick total-body workouts to get you fast fat loss results.

Oh, and then don’t forget to tell me about your success.

To your success!

Your friend and coach,

Craig Ballantyne, CSCS, MS
Author, Turbulence Training

PS – Big interview on Thursday with Bill Phillips…

…and I’ll send you the recording on Friday. My gift to you.