Secret TRX Workout Trick

Thanks to last night’s winter ice storm (in April!), I’ll be doing my workout inside today, rather than at the park. Oh well, it will still include this one simple and quick workout upgrade that you can add to yours, too.

Today, you’re going to squeeze your muscles extra hard at the top of each rep. Bodybuilders call this peak contraction training.

But these days we have a NEW secret weapon to make this method even more effective.

In my #Meathead workout yesterday, of bench press, chin-ups, dumbbell chest supported row, db incline presses, and seated rows, I was able to best use the Squeeze technique with chest supported rows and incline presses.

At the end of the lifting motion, squeeze the working muscles as hard as you can for a full second. That adds extra metabolic tension to the movement.

It’s great with dumbbells, BUT…

…it’s even better when you use a TRX. <= Your NEW secret weapon

You see, with dumbbells, you’re operating the weights against gravity. And not all dumbbell exercises work well with this.

On the other hand, with a TRX (or any other Suspension Trainer), you can simply manipulate your own body position to squeeze your muscles in a PEAK contraction position for the maximum metabolic boost.

That’s one way that Suspension Training is revolutionary, and more effective than traditional dumbbell and even bodyweight training.

In my workout today, I’ll be using the TRX for biceps curls and triceps extensions, and you’ll be shocked at the muscle pump you can get simply by moving your feet back an inch or two to make the exercises harder, or moving them ahead an inch as you get closer to fatigue.

With the TRX, there is constant tension on the muscles. With dumbbells, you sometimes lose that benefit.

Plus, I’ll be doing a wild TRX core circuit of:

a) TRX Fallouts
b) TRX Mountain Climbers
c) TRX Side Plank with Reach Under
d) TRX Cross-Body Mountain Climbers

You can’t get the same results with anything in a gym. No machine, no cable stack, not even a Stability Ball compares to this circuit.

In fact, Alwyn Cosgrove told me that the TRX will replace Stability Balls in all gyms one day, because anything that a Ball can do, a TRX can do even better!

It’s a training revolution.

And you can join me, and my friend Dan Long, the leader of the Suspension Training Revolution here:

Get 191 exercises and 27 Workouts from Dan <= sale ends today

Suspension exercises, using equipment like the TRX, Jungle Gym, Human Trainer, and even my old-school Elite Fitness Blast Straps, will work your body like never before.

Every single exercise forces your body to make it a hard-core abs move. So when you’re doing a suspension exercise for your legs, back, chest or arms, your abs are working as hard as they do in normal crunches. (Just another reason to ditch normal crunches, too.)

Plus, Dan’s workouts are high-energy and burn fat fast. You’ll get ripped – like Dan is at age 40 – with his workouts.

And yes, there are beginner workouts too. As I mentioned, it just takes a slight modification in foot position to make an exercise easier – or more advanced. That’s the power of the Suspension Revolution. Join it!

Now go Squeeze those muscles for a metabolic boost,

Craig Ballantyne, CTT
Certified Turbulence Trainer

PS – I’m off to the gym…

…but while I’m gone, make sure to grab your copy of Dan’s program before the price doubles tonight.

Get 191 exercises and 27 Workouts from Dan <= sale ends today

And then use the Squeeze tip in your workout today – or this weekend – for maximum metabolic boosting.

Make every rep count!