How to Really Shine This Summer – Start Now!


Though spring has arrived, many of us will miss out on the beauty that is blooming all around because we are too concerned with getting that perfect summer body. Ugh! Every year it’s the same.

Poor body image is a thief. It steals our time, energy, and joy. It can get the best of our motivation leaving us wanting to veg out eating pizza and watching Netflix all day.

Netflix and chill

But spring is a time of reawakening our zest for life and appreciating the gift of renewal. With the right mindset, you can accelerate those goals you set on January 1.

The most transformative way to look and feel good in your skin right now is to learn how to boost your own self-confidence. By doing so, your unique gifts and abilities shine, which allows others to shine too.

If you need a boost, spring is the perfect time to invigorate your life – whether it’s with delicious seasonal recipes (that even your kids will eat), cranking up your workout intensity or fine tuning your skills, in preparation for your favorite summer sports it’s important to remember that body image starts from within.

Even when confidence is riding high we can still get overwhelmed by the little things in life that tend to weigh us down. That’s why it’s important to know how to de-stress so you stay centered, calm, playful and connected to what matters.

No one can take ownership of how you see or talk to yourself, except you.

When you shed the weight of demeaning thoughts and damning language you give yourself permission to enjoy your life, respect your body, and accelerate your journey right now.

It’s time to capitalize on this season and appreciate just how incredible you are – when you do, you’ll begin to do all of the things that align with the healthy mind and body you desire:

You’ll eat, sleep, work, play, rest, and move in ways that support your energy and your goals…

You’ll exhibit the joy of life. That’s when you really shine from the inside!

In Love & Gratitude,

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Missi Holt