How to quit your job in 10 months

Imagine waking up every morning to see hundreds of dollars in the sales account of your new online business.

As you sit there with your morning coffee, you total up the results and see that not only have your online sales exceeded your monthly salary, your sales have actually doubled your real-world salary – and even hit the five figure level. You – and maybe even your spouse – could quit their jobs and do this full time.

Imagine that.

It can happen. It does happen. It did happen…for my coaching client, Mike Whitfield. Enjoy his story here, told only like Mike can tell it:

“Dear Craig,

I had to read the computer screen three times.

Sure enough, there it was in front of me, staring at me in the face. $12,236.23 was showing on the Clickbank account for sales in July, and I still have 4 days to go.

$12,000 in one month? Are you serious? Those were my thoughts.

It’s amazing that just ten short months ago, I was making exactly $0 a month online! From 0 to $12,000? Who does that?

I do, because I believed in myself, surrounded myself with like-minded people, and took action on everything you told me to. Everyone in the mastermind has supported me since day one, and I am encouraged every day to do even better.

My goal for July was $9,500 (remember?), and I smoked it. If I had not joined the mastermind and took action, I would still be managing the gym and my wife would be preparing to go back to school next week in order to get ready to teach.

But not this year – she’s quit her job and is now at home with our son Champ as a full-time awesome Mom, and we’re now expecting a new addition to the family in February as well.

My biggest wish was for my kids to have their Mom around all the time, just like I was fortunate enough to have when I was a kid. That’s what my online business has given me in less than 10 months.

Let’s not forget the incredible connection I have with business partners as well, either. Thanks to a connection you made for me, a new business joint venture with R.P. led to $3,000 in sales this month.

Had I not joined the mastermind, R.P. and I wouldn’t have been connected, and combined our strengths to create this money out of thin air. But thanks to you, we’re making a great team and bringing a website to life, and the best part is, we’re having a lot of fun doing it!

I did something today that might seem small but that was an incredible experience. I had a leisurely lunch, on a weekday, with my wife and son. I feel so fortunate to have that kind of opportunity and I enjoyed every minute of it.

It’s these “little things” that really bring a joy to me. No more being stuck in the gym while they are at home. I’ve quit that old ball-and-chain lifestyle.

I’m free, thanks to my Internet business.

Moving forward! (Can’t wait to see what the rest of 2012 has in store)



You can have this life too. The life you deserve.

Dedicated to your success,

Craig Ballantyne