Tricep Exercises For Ladies and Facebook QnA

It is easier to make up an excuse not to workout. The best thing to do is to set some goals and start moving.

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Here we have some more great questions from today’s Facebook QnA.

Question Jean-Marc Lagacé: How do you work around the “I just don’t have the right genetic to achieve any good results” argument?

My spouse and friends just seem to be caught on that as an excuse (I see it as an excuse) for not working out and taking care of themselves.

Answer: Jean – I let other people make their own decisions in life and I just live by example. Those that want to change eventually do. Or you could buy them some personal training sessions and tell them that there is a no refund policy

Question Alex Tellez: would you advocate your training in conjunction with training mma 4 or 5 hours a day?

Answer: Alex, if you are that serious about MMA, then you need a specialized program, sorry.

Question Artie Albernaz: What would you suggest for post workout nutrition if I get done with my workout at 730 pm and have not eaten dinner yet . My goal is to gain lean muscle. Cardio days the same?

Answer: Artie – A 20gram protein shake is fine.

Question Jordan Menczer: My goal is to build muscle and lose fat. How often would you suggest interval training per week? My sessions are about 22 minutes, with a 6 minute warm up, 10 intervals at 30 seconds each at 10.2 mph @ 5% incline, and a 4 minute cool down.

Answer: Jordan – Depends on current stats and specific goals.

Question Andrew Haigh: What’s your thoughts on intermittent fasting for fat loss and/ or muscle gain?

Answer: Andrew – Fasting has been used by over a dozen of our prize winners in the program. It works.

Question Léni-Jo McMillan When doing a circuit with 1 min stations (mixture KBs, DBs, Sandbags, bands, BW, etc, TT style, all over workout) does it matter that we mix the intervals throughout the workout instead of all in one hit afterwards? I work better in the group environment

Answer:Leni-Jo – If strength doesn’t matter to you that much, it’s fine. But I prefer strength as the priority, so intervals/finishers are saved for last. Quality over quantity.

Question Bint Mohammed: When are you training workouts and pdf’s and hardcopy Going to get to West Africa , we don’t do online buy’s here because of fraud and we’d   to have access to Great fitness stuff as yours , sorry for being off- topic, I’ve been dieing in silences for far too long. Thanks Craig

Answer: Bint – Sorry to hear that, I guess I don’t know what the solution would be.

Léni-Jo McMillan Bint – Craig’s website is secure and sales support quickly attended to. Just make sure your end is secure. Dont use internet cafes or Free WiFi places when doing anything that enters your credit card info or using PayPal account. Keep an eye on your credit card account transactions and notify your bank ASAP when anything suspicious shows up. It shouldn’t be a problem.

Answer: Thanks Leni-Jo, greatly appreciate the tech help!

Question Mike Sessions Looking for a great get bigger arms KB workout. Any suggestions?

Answer: Mike Sessions – Check out programs by Geoff Neupert.

Question Wing Lam: Coaches that try do sprint intervals in a aerobic style as tabata training with minimum rest for prolong period times. What r the negatives n positives? In the begin it’s a sprint but in the end of the time it’s a crawl.

Answer: Wing – I’m sorry, I do not understand your question. Sincere apologies

Question Bobby Collins: what do you batter for after strength training session loner or short finishers?

Answer:Bobby – It depends on the goal and what actually happened in the specific training session.

Question Bobby Collins: I’ve been experimenting with finisher that take 4-8 minute with 10 minutes of intervals/conditioning was curious of your thoughts

Answer: Bobby – Drop a line to Mike Whitfield, the finishers expert, at his facebook page or Workout Finishers

Question Michelle Murphy Morrison: Best exercise for triceps for the ladies? Thank you!

Answer:Michelle – Dips are good, close grip pushups are good, and db lying triceps extensions are good. Happy to help.

Question Corey James Arsenault: Craig, what is a definitive sign that a client should move from tt2k3 – 2k4 – 2k5 etc. Every four weeks is good, but if they are progressing faster is there a tell-tale sign they are ready for the next level?

Answer: Corey – There’s no need to change any sooner than 4 weeks. I haven’t seen that in my clients, sorry.

Question Karis Crawford Lately I’ve been forced to work out indoors and have been doing 10 minutes of jumping squats (usually 10 takes me 15 seconds, then I rest for 45).  Is it not healthy to do this long term, say for two months? I’ve been treating it as my HIIT training so only does it three times a week on a good surface! My quads couldn’t handle anymore…

Answer: Karis – Depends on the surface you are jumping on and the training frequency. Unless it’s a surface with rubber matting, I probably wouldn’t recommend it. You can do great workouts without that movement.

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