Facebook QnA- What is The Way To Get Rid Of Belly Fat?

Question: Craig i just need to get rid of fat, mainly belly fat, just cardio or may i add some weights?. Thanks! – Cesar Moran

Cesar – Use Turbulence Training. That’s what I’ve spent my entire life working on…check out some of the results at www.TransformationContest.com. Fat Loss Quick Weight Loss Transformation Contest Burn Fat.

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Question: Wide stance Squat and Sumo Deadlift, better than normal stance ? – Mario Nunes

Mario – Just different. Better for some, not for others.

Question: My doctor suggest i jog 5 days a week and walk two, i disagree w him,  – BRolando Shades Vizcarra

BR – That’s not the best prescription for fat loss. Fat loss starts with diet first, then short burst workouts.

Follow Up Qustion: how many minutes a day should short burst workouts – BRolando Shades Vizcarra

Question: What is your opinion of fasted cardio? Good idea or bad idea? – Mary Ann Tighe Redhage

Mary Ann – You don’t need to do cardio to lose fat. Stick to metabolic resistance training and intervals instead. It doesn’t matter if you eat before training (see the latest issue of Men’s Journal for their article on fasting and exercise).

Question: I don’t gave access to a barbell so I can’t do deadlifts. Do you have a good substitute so I still get my back worked? Is there a dumbbell deadlift? Smith machine? – Cooper Thompson

Cooper – You can do dumbbell squats, although they are awkward. You are probably best off doing DB rows for your back and adding in DB Reverse Lunges for the lower body.

Question: Craig do u recommend taking creatine on a cut? ur thoughts on creatine for fat loss? for TT workouts? – Waqas Gull

Waqas – Creatine will neither significantly help nor harm fat loss. It should help you get a few more reps in your TT workouts.

Follow UP Question: Waqas Gull Great reply craig! Thanks, will creatine help to increase muscle mass on a calorie restricted diet? Oh ok thanks! btw we stretched u for more than ur usual 21 minutes today!

Waqas – It could help you avoid losing muscle when dieting. Only steroids can do what you ask. Waqas

Ok, off to work on a TT manual. A big one. Due out in January. Be back tomorrow or Thursday.

Craig Ballantyne, CTT
Certified Turbulence Trainer