QnA #4: Pushups, Shoulder Mobility, and the Buff Dudes-Hot Chicks Workout Series

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Now for some QnA…

Question: Hi, I just wanted to ask a quick question about good substitute exercises for dumbell presses in your supersets.

I have had a couple of surgeries on my right shoulder and it’s prone to partial dislocation especially the further out I extend my arm. I can handle pushups without any problem (until the muscles in the shoulder get very fatigued), but pressing motions with weights tend to work out badly for me.

I suppose could just substitute different flavors of pushups, but I wanted to see if you had any additional suggestions that I might be able to use. I may find that as I build up the muscles in my shoulders this issue may improve, but I need suggestions for the interim. – Cabales360

Answer: Yes, pushups it will be. You’ll want to choose a variation that tires you out before 15 reps if possible.

So that probably means:

– Decline pushups
– Decline close-grip pushups
– Spiderman pushups
– Decline Spiderman pushups

And remember, when you do your pushups, squeeze your shoulder blades together to keep them in place – because that protects your shoulder joint and rotator cuff muscles.

Question: My 31 year old son has resumed workouts after about a 5 year absence. He previously did weight training and I suspect a lot of bench presses. He is about 5′ 9″ and about 158 lbs.

He is doing some workouts at a gym with a friend but asked me for some workouts since he has seen improvement in the “old man”.

I started him on TT Beginner Bodyweight and he seems surprised at how difficult a few of the exercises are to perform. In particular, he cannot place his hands or elbows on the wall to do Stick ups and attempting to raise his hands up and down is very uncomfortable.

In a situation such as this I was wondering if he should minimize any “pushing” exercises and focus on more pulls or just do the pushing exercises and assume that the rows, YTW’s, stick ups and so forth will gradually correct the issue. I can recall at the beginning how difficult it was to attempt the stick ups but now seem to have a real level of c omfort with the exercise. – Duckman

Answer: Since he is doing bodyweight exercises only, its fine to do the pushing exercises. But as I mentioned above, have him focus on squeezing his shoulder blades together during pushups.

Also, add one or two sets of stickups to each workout, as well as doing foam rolling for the upper back and band pulls.

And have him do this extra mini-workout daily:

That’s a series of shoulder mobility exercises you can do anywhere.

Question: I just started TT buff dudes/hot chicks. I was wondering why the intervals are only 10 minutes instead if the 20 mins of the other tt workouts i have done. I just want to make sure i am doing enough.

On off days i walk 2-3 miles. I’m 5 foot 4, 120 lbs. Just getting back into weight training after months of straight running for a half marathon. Lastly, after a month of this program which one should i do next. I prefer workouts with dumbbells. – LJO

Answer: Great question.

The reduced interval training is because of the increase in resistance training in this program, so we’ve cut the intervals.

It’s one of my first real “metabolic resistance training” workouts I designed, where we use a faster-paced resistance workout to replace traditional intervals.

That’s probably the main reason it works so well and has become the most popular TT program out there.

I recommend TT for Buff Guys and Hot Gals after. I designed that as a follow up, and I would be interesting to hear your comparisons.

NOTE: If you are not a platinum member, you can get these workouts individually at http://www.TurbulenceTraining.com/workouts

Question: Hi there…I’m sure the answer is buried somewhere in the forum already. Apologies for redundancy.

I am a 37 year old female who completed TT Intermediate and is now in the middle of TT Original. I looked ahead to TT2K3 and noticed it was an upper and lower body split.

Can TT2K3 be executed as an A/B/off/A/B/off/off pattern? I am in the TT11 contest and wondered if I could do my last four weeks with a bit more volume. – Raincoast

Answer: Yes, in theory, but if you are dieting hard, higher volume intense training is not a great idea, because you are providing fewer calories for recovery. Be conservative.

NOTE: Raincoast followed up to say that she agreed with my answer, and had been feeling quite “beat” by 3 days per week, so training 4 times was probably not a good idea.

Don’t overdo it…remember – diet is more important than exercise.

We want exercise to be a proper stimulus – not the cause of an overuse injury.

Question #1: I’m looking to add 5 -10 lbs off muscle now taht I’ve leaned down. Whats my best bet for my next workout? Meat heads? Thanks in advance!

Answer #1: Hey, great to hear. I have a couple of questions in response to your Questopm.

1. What workouts have you done in the past?

2. What is your current height and weight and age?

3. Any equipment restrictions?

Question #2: I’m 5ft 10 in 190 lbs. I’ve done a lot of the programs. Last was Metabolic resistance , also done adrenaline, Buff dudes (old one), several of the year end programs, resistance evil, superchargerz.

Have not tried any meatheads programs. Kind of at trying to lose last 5-10 stubborn area lbs and want a bit of more muscle. Just wanting to see if a particular program is especially good for adding some strength,muscle and maintaining and getting at last bit of whats left.

Also while still trying to aim to stay on lean side, when trying to bulk a bit more how many xtra calories should I aim to add? I try to keep to 2200 calories or so mostly based on a slow carb diet. Perhaps add a starch at a meal?

Answer#2:  1) I would add extra calories 300-500 to immediately after your workout. That’s the best place to add calories, in theory.

2) Try the latest TT workout, TT for Buff Guys Hot Gals. It is the July 2011 workout of the month. We just added the videos to the workout of the month department for all members. You’ll love it, and you’re ready for it.

Question: Hey Craig.

I was wondering what would be your top 3 BW TT workouts to lose serious fat and get toned?

Answer: Bodyweight cardio 3 for now, but watch for the TT Fantastic 400 next week. This is a new bodyweight program and bodyweight cardio style of training I started using recently.

It’s perfect for training outside because no equipment is required for the 400 Cardio session. Plus, you get a Fantastic 400 Challenge workout (this workout requires a chinup bar).

QnA is fun,

Craig Ballantyne, CSCS, MS
Certified Turbulence Trainer

PS – If you are not a platinum member, you can get these workouts individually at http://www.TurbulenceTraining.com/workouts

PPS – Watch for an evil workout from the EVIL Svbraigz CallEnsonn next Wednesday. Roman was also involved in creating it, and he’s pretty evil too.