Push-up Addiction Challenge

You ready for a challenge? Here’s something you can try this weekend…

This is a test I had the kids do at the bootcamps I was teaching in Lithuania the other week, and they loved it.

You’re going to do The Push-up Addiction Test.

I learned about this test from world-famous strength coach Martin Rooney in the April 2010 issue of Men’s Health.

The Rules

1) After a warm-up, you are going to do push-ups for 3 minutes.

2) You can rest whenever you want – but the clock keeps running.

3) You must do every repetition with perfect form.

4) Pace yourself however you’d like…

Rooney says to take a 15-second break once you start to slow down after your first burst. Then take longer breaks as you get more tired. Do NOT go to total fatigue.

5) Rooney even provides these “standards” for men.

Add up the total number of reps you perform in 3 minutes:

< 55 reps   = below average
55-74 reps = Average
75-99 reps = Good
100-110 reps = Excellent
>111 reps = Extraordinary

The first time I did the challenge I got just over 100 reps.

Alas, I don’t have similar numbers for women.

HOWEVER…I do know a woman who can help you improve your score…and she’d probably be able to do 150 reps in 3-minutes. After all, she can do 100 pushups STRAIGHT.

Find out how she does it here –

I know you can do more pushups and pullups,

Craig Ballantyne, CTT
Certified Turbulence Trainer