3 Tips From Perry Belcher

Back in the summer of 2011, just after we had taken over EarlytoRise.com, Matt Smith and I were invited down to Austin, Texas for a Mastermind with Ryan Deiss and Perry Belcher (for their top affiliates).

Even though I had just been there a couple of months earlier – thanks to Joel Marion’s affiliate trip – it was worth going back to hear from Perry.

Now when you go to Austin, you eat well. First, there are the ubiquitous breakfast tacos. And then there’s the BBQ. At lunch, Perry and Ryan brought in what they claimed to be the best BBQ in Austin, and it was dang good.

Then you have your Taco Trucks that you can’t miss. Cold beers, chips, and guacamole after the meeting. And finally, a plethora of steakhouses to choose from at night (Sullivan’s is great).

That can make y’all a little sleepy. Fortunately, Ryan and Perry make a great partnership in their presentations. They deliver the best content in the IM world, and Perry is one of the best on-stage storytellers I ever did see. Yeehaw.

Now Perry, you know, he just can’t help but try and sell you something – all the time – but Ryan is the perfect foil to rein him in. As the cliché goes, it’s “in his DNA” just like helping people transform their lives is in mine. But Perry is also wonderfully insightful.

One of my favorite lines from Perry at that Mastermind meeting came from him explaining the truth about getting started online:

“You’ll come home from work, eat a sandwich, pat your kid on the head and then go sit in front of the computer till your eyes burn out, then one day you’ll get it and you’ll make $10.”

That really is how it goes when you’re a beginner.

Unfortunately, that’s not sexy. You would rather hear Perry’s 21 Step Sales Letter Formula. He shared this in Austin and again at the Traffic and Conversion Summit – and now you’ll get to take it away…tomorrow.

But first I want to share a few other pieces of wisdom that I’ve collected from Perry over the years.

First, he was the guy that originally told me about AutoresponderMadness.com (by Andre Chaperone). This is a program that everyone needs to study. It shows you how to write great emails, which remains one of the most profitable Internet Marketing strategies. Perry loved the “open loop” strategy that Andre teaches in his course. It keeps your readers coming back for more.

Perry also taught me that, “People want to follow passionate people.” This has inspired me to improve my speaking, to bring the energy on video, and to galvanize my readers around a mission (like my 10 Million Transformation Mission).

And Perry once said to me (when we were both in Yanik’s Mastermind) that…

…”The person with the most products wins.” Now to be honest, he might not be right about this one, but it appealed to my personality. I took that advice to heart and now have what must be the largest collection of workout products in the fitness industry.

But Perry also knows what really, really matters to making an offer work. At the Austin Mastermind meeting he revealed, “The hook is the secret to success. And a hook with specific numbers is better.”

It was this advice, combined with Yanik’s advice about getting as many specifics as possible in a headline, that led me to create my winning headline for my HomeWorkoutRevolution.com program.

In Perry’s mind, a headline should shock the reader, make a big promise, and then justify the promise.

And tomorrow, I’ll give you Perry’s 21 steps to creating killer copy.

Perry is one of a kind,

Craig Ballantyne

“When the student is ready the teacher will appear.”