This Is How You Build A Lasting Legacy

We spend a lot of time worrying about numbers, don't we? Revenue. Sales figures. Profits. Losses. Expenditures. Overhead. We've even derived a happiness quotient for the workplace—surveys that put a one-to-five number (often veiled in a better-worse scale) on...

Why Social Matters: Unpacking Social Media Trends with Jeff Bullas

Jeff Bullas (of hasn't been a go-to social media guru for very long. As he relates in our recent interview, Bullas' digital journey began just a decade ago—but his success grew exponentially. Now, 10 years into the exploration of social media, content...

How to Get the Right Small Business Loan in 2018

It's a great feeling, isn't it? You're finally ready to branch out on your own. You've been planning your new business launch for months—maybe years. What started as a simple idea and a couple-hours-a-week side hustle has blossomed into something that is almost...

7 Steps to Build Habits of Steel and Beat Procrastination

It was 5:49 a.m. on Super Bowl Sunday. Sunrise at the Sandpearl Resort in Clearwater Beach, where I was staying with friends, was 7:18 a.m. I had just under 90 minutes to finish this article so that I could coordinate my daily meditation with morning’s first light....

7 Simple Steps To More Sales

Making money is easy. Here's how it's done. It all starts with keeping your emails as simple as possible. Here's my profit winning email formula. 1) Create curiosity with an intriguing subject line 2) Continue to create curiosity with the first line (since this shows...

The Skill That Can Make You Rich

How’d you like to make $1.49 million a year… or more? There is a way, and it’s simpler than you may think. Learn how to sell.

Michael Masterson has been saying it for years: Knowing how to sell is one of the most financially valued skills you can possibly have. And here’s the proof. According to research from AdAge and executive-compensation research firm Equilar (reported by, high-level marketers earned an average of $1.49 million in 2007. (That includes salary, bonuses, stock options, and stock awards.)

The Urgency Conundrum

A business associate of mine used to fax me on a regular basis. (This was before e-mail.) And every darn fax said URGENT at the top in big bold letters. At first, I found it curious. And then, it became annoying.

What The Rabbi Said

"The advantage of doing one's praising to oneself is that one can lay it on so thick and exactly in the right places." - Samuel Butler (The Way of All Flesh, 1903) The rabbi at JC's wedding was a friendly looking fellow, and his sermon was a friendly compromise...

Get Those Monkeys Off Your Back!

Yesterday, we talked about the problem with "monkeys": If you are not careful, colleagues and subordinates will try get the monkeys perched on their backs to leap onto yours. Be alert for this kind of "reverse delegation." The smart manager, William Oncken, author of...

So You Want To Be A Leader?

To be a natural leader, Gary North tells us, you must serve. As an example of what he means, he refers to a book titled "Dedication and Leadership," by Douglas Hyde. Originally published in 1956, it contains a chapter that recounts how Hyde taught an overweight,...

How To Make Meetings Work, Part 2

"For the most part, our leaders are merely following out in front; they do but marshal us the way that we are going." - Bergen Evans (The Spoor of Spooks and Other Nonsense, 1954) Dave Barry says the reason the human race has not achieved, and never will achieve, its...

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