[TEST] How Empathetic Are You?

"With a world that is waiting for us to make a mistake and digitally immortalize those mistakes, empathy seems to be a lost skill and trait." —American Counseling Association (ACA) It's sad to say in our business-driven world, but the role of empathy in our lives...

Why Insiders Get Rich—And How To Become One

12 years ago, I moved to Boulder, Colorado and proceeded to make zero friends. Instead, I focused on becoming a millionaire. Specifically, by selling products online with world-class copy skills. Getting to know fellow business owners? Preposterous! The only equation...

12 Ways to Get People to Want to Do Business With You

"Magnetism, as you recall from physics class, is a powerful force that causes certain items to be attracted to refrigerators." —Dave Barry All of us are born with a certain amount of charisma, but some people have a special kind. They have what I call a "magnetic...

3 Scientific Hacks to Get More Done and Eat Less Junk

Brian Wansink has built a career out of tricking you and your kids. You should thank him for that. Wansink is a professor and researcher at Cornell University. The author of “Mindless Eating,” he has dedicated his life to helping you eat better. His work inspired the...

#1 Key to Success

What is the #1 key to success? For me, it has been having a coach/mentor. When I hired Tom Venuto back in 2006, my business boomed exponentially. This is essentially the same #1 factor for all of my friends. But then I realized something. Even the best coach doesn't...

The Investment Pecking Order

The economy is in a slow period, and bankruptcies are making headlines. So, lately, I’ve been fielding a lot of questions about the pecking order investors assume when a publicly traded company goes into bankruptcy.

Flipping the Switch

As Tony Robbins says, you don’t have to know how electricity works. All you need to know is how to flip the switch to get the light to come on…

What Kind of Advice Should You Be Following?

"Never trust the advice of a man in difficulties." - Aesop ("The Fox and the Goat," Fables, sixth century B.C.) Since I began writing ETR every day, I've begun paying attention to books, newsletters, and videos that talk about success. The great majority of them are...

What To Do When You Can’t Do What You Want To Do

A new client that agreed to sign up with you suddenly cancels. A promised promotion evaporates. The deadline your plumber swore to passes without anything's having being done. When something you are counting on doesn't happen, it can be such a drag. But it doesn't...

Good Manners And Success

Despite what some pundits have said, making people like you is not the secret to success. There are plenty of very rich, very powerful, and very successful S.O.B.s out there. In fact, there may be an inverse relationship between affability and accomplishment. Spend...

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