Why Insiders Get Rich—And How To Become One

12 years ago, I moved to Boulder, Colorado and proceeded to make zero friends. Instead, I focused on becoming a millionaire. Specifically, by selling products online with world-class copy skills. Getting to know fellow business owners? Preposterous! The only equation...

12 Ways to Get People to Want to Do Business With You

"Magnetism, as you recall from physics class, is a powerful force that causes certain items to be attracted to refrigerators." —Dave Barry All of us are born with a certain amount of charisma, but some people have a special kind. They have what I call a "magnetic...

3 Scientific Hacks to Get More Done and Eat Less Junk

Brian Wansink has built a career out of tricking you and your kids. You should thank him for that. Wansink is a professor and researcher at Cornell University. The author of “Mindless Eating,” he has dedicated his life to helping you eat better. His work inspired the...

Don’t Know Your “Thing”? Here’s Why You Should.

I was recently on a trip to Australia. One night, a couple of new friends and I were having beers when one of one of them asked me a pointed but simple question: "Who are you and what have you done?” I BSed my way through the question, but in honesty, I didn’t really...

How To Get Anyone To Answer Your Emails

This picture says a lot. I want you to concentrate on that peak at 9am EST. People are addicted to opening email first thing in the morning Let me explain. People aren't like you and I. They are tethered to their emails. Look at that response rate at 9am. Get into the...

Is Your Market Waggling?

My wife keeps bees. She can sit in front of her hives for hours, just watching their dangerous little tushies waggling back and forth in front of the entrances. I sometimes sit next to her in the early evening and watch too – for as long as I can. To me, it’s all the same thing: The bees fly in. The bees fly out. A couple of bees are walking around in circles. Okay, I get it. Now can we throw a Frisbee?

The Most Universal Marketing Strategy In The World

I've been writing advertising, editing copywriters, and advising marketing mavens for more than 20 years. During that time, I've seen a lot of clever and effective marketing techniques. Most of the best of those have been explained in past ETRs. Those that pertain to...

How To Make Your Team Work

A business is not a team; to make your business work, however, you will have to create teams. Successful coaches -- from Pat Riley to Mike Shanahan -- agree on certain principles when it comes to teamwork: 1. The team's goal is everyone's ultimate goal. 2. The team is...

The F Word

  "Th' best thing about a little judicyus swearin' is that it keeps th' temper.'Twas intended as a compromise between runnin' away an' fightin'." - Finley Peter Dunne Perhaps one of the most interesting and colorful words in the English language is the word "fuck."...

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