The Old Man Warm-up Updated

In training for the Tough Mudder races (including the Toronto race that just finished), I did more running and interval training.

At first I was worried that there might be overuse injuries such as shin splints or possibly an irritation of my previously injured low back.

Fortunately, there no problems so far, and I attribute this to my shoes, my supplements and nutrition, and my Old Man Warm-up Routine. It’s longer, more boring, and better than ever.

This is simply wise preparation, and that included going down to the local running shop and had a pro outfit me with the best running shoes for my particular gait. They recommended a pair of Sauconys. They fit great, and again, the runs have been fantastic and without issues. And then the “Old Man Repair Kit” (photo on the right) has helped me overcome any remaining issues.





Here’s the new old-man warm-up:

1.    PVC Pipe Rolling – 15 rolls over trouble spots (mostly upper back, IT band, and glutes)
2.    Bodyweight Squat – 10 reps (4 second lowering phase)
3.    Arm Crosses
4.    Stick-up – 15 reps
5.    Neck rolls
6.    Bird Dog Abduction – 15 reps per side
7.    Plank – 2 minute hold
8.    Glute Squeeze – 30 second hold
9.    Stretches for Glutes, Quads, Psoas, Hamstrings, Calves, Chest, and Shoulders
10.    SCREACH – 6 reps per side
11.    Band Pull – 25 reps
12.    Prisoner Lunge – 8 reps per side
13.    1-Leg RDL – 10 reps per side
14.    Cossack Lunge – 8 reps per side (see next page)
15.    Pushups – 10 reps
16.    Stability Ball Leg Curl – 3 sets of 20
17.    Cradle Walk & Leg Swing – 10-30 reps per side

Here are a couple of new exercises that were added to the list since my original Old Man Warm-up was published.

Neck Rolls

•    Tilt your head toward your right shoulder.
•    Tuck your chin in and slowly roll your head to your chest
•    Repeat for the other side.

Cossack Lunge

•    Stand with your feet 6 inches wider than shoulder-width apart.
•    Start shifting your weight side-to-side, getting slightly lower with each shift.
•    As you get low on one side, raise your other foot up on it’s heal.
•    Move slowly and expect a stretch in the groin area.
•    Again, be conservative and slowly move your way to the ground.
•    Please watch the video for this exercise.

And then it’s go time into my regular workout – this warm-up is done before intervals AND lifting. Did it today before squatting, as a matter of fact.

Get old to stay young,

Craig Ballantyne, CTT
Certified Turbulence Trainer