7 Lessons to Double Your Revenue in 12-months or Less

In 2018, I set the goal to double my company’s revenue and generate more than $200,000/month from my coaching business while working (on average) fewer than 50 hours a week. Although it was not an easy goal to accomplish, with the help of my team and after putting the...

[Ultimate Guide] How to Make Your First 7-Figures

Building a seven-figure business is a lot like becoming a world champion race car driver. You need to have a highly skilled driver (that’s you), behind the wheel of the right vehicle (your business), who runs races with a well trained pit crew (your team). And in this...

The Entrepreneur’s Guide to Setting and Achieving Massive Goals

I was untouchable. At least, that's what I thought. At age 25, I was a young man on top of the world. In addition to my job as a personal trainer, I was also leading several (heavily funded) research studies for a major sports nutrition company. Unfortunately, my...

4 Lessons to Dominate at Business in 2019…Even if the Market Collapses

“I’m never drinking again.” This was my Sunday morning motto for far too many years in my late 20's and early 30's. But no matter how painful the headaches were.... No matter how many times I huddled over a toilet, fighting waves of nausea for the entirety of my...

Power Up Your Memory

As we’ve reported in ETR, turmeric has many health benefits, including the ability to reduce the pain and stiffness of arthritis. But you can also use this spice to power up your memory.

A Mood-Boosting Mineral

Beneifts of Selenium – Selenium is required for the proper function of the thyroid, which plays an important role in mood and behavior.

Reload This Lost Fat Buster

The mineral magnesium is gaining a reputation as a simple and easy way to lower your insulin – exactly what you need to lose fat fast.

The Real Salt of the Earth

Contrary to what you may have heard about salt, fewer than 20 percent of people with high blood pressure improve on a low-salt diet. The real problem with salt isn’t salt at all… it’s a lack of potassium.

Your body needs real salt, straight

A Guilt-Free, Tasty Sweetener

In ETR #2077, Dr. Sears wrote about a natural sweetener called xylitol, which can be used in place of sugar. Xylitol scores only seven on the glycemic index, so it has a minimal effect on blood sugar and insulin levels (and can actually help prevent tooth decay).
But xylitol also has a cooling effect on the tongue, which some people don’t care for. And while it is safe, it can cause minor gastrointestinal upset. That’s why I prefer a similar sugar alcohol called erythritol.

MSG and Obesity

Most obesity is caused by hormonal issues (usually brought on by eating too much of the wrong thing for too long) or hormonal dysfunction (such as hypothyroidism). Still, we cannot turn a deaf ear to the contributing players.

4 Nutrients for the Heart

STP is a simple molecule can help your heart beat more forcefully, keep you from feeling fatigued, and can even increase your lifespan.

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