5 Powerful Life Lessons from Daisy The Dog to Help You Become Healthier, Wealthier, and Wiser

Earlier this year, I made a huge decision. Shortly after moving into my new apartment 27 stories up in downtown Toronto, I thought it was a good time to adopt a new puppy, Daisy, a yellow lab. If you haven’t seen her on one of my Instagram stories or YouTube videos,...

The Four Secrets Successful People Use to OWN Their Time and Win the Day

“Time is what we want most, but what we use worst.” ~William Penn The above quote was first written in the 17th century. I can’t help but wonder what he would say if he saw how people in our modern world spend their time today. We complain endlessly about how “busy”...

[Ultimate Guide] How to Make 6-Figures+ with Instagram Marketing in 2019

More than two years ago, I woke up at 3:57 am and went about my day the same way I always do. I took old Bally out for a walk, drank my 24 oz of water, and, per my “farm boy morning routine” immediately got to work. I didn’t know it then, but something was going to...

One Unusual Life Tactic With the Power to Increase Your Income, Eliminate Stress, and Transform Your Relationships

My friend Austin, a driven and (often overly) ambitious young man recently sent me an email that went like this: “Craig,” he said, “I'm working 60-70 hours a week right now but I never feel like I've done enough, and my mind won’t allow me to relax. I need your advice...

How to lose weight with Twitter

So maybe you've heard of Twitter? But have you heard about how to lose weight with Twitter? Twitter is pretty much one of the hottest things going on the Internet these days...and I've discovered that is also a powerful tool that has helped hundreds of Turbulence...

Edible Cancer Sticks

Back in my hometown of Stratford, there are a lot of factories. I worked at one for 3 summers, and got to meet a lot of good folks who unfortunately depend on coffee and cigarettes to get them through the day. They also had an odd little habit of calling their smokes,...

Fat Loss Just Got Easier!

Here is the fat loss information you need to finally burn fat fast. I am going to be covering all of your fat loss, workout and nutrition questions on this new blog so please let me know your biggest fat loss questions.

Enough of the Grim Statistics

Breast cancer. The very words strike fear into women everywhere. And for good reason. In 2008, according to the National Cancer Institute, an estimated 182,460 women were diagnosed with and 40,480 women died of the disease.

Baby-Stepping to Fat Loss

It’s no surprise that a lot of the contestants on TV’s “The Biggest Loser” regain the weight once they’re off the show. To maintain their new weight, they’d have to sustain the show’s extreme lifestyle. Nearly impossible.

Facebook for Fat Loss?

You know what you need to do in order to lose fat: Eat less and exercise more.

But that’s easier said than done, especially when you’re surrounded by friends who want to drag you to another movie or high-calorie restaurant meal when you should be working out.

Why My Dad Is the Richest Man I Know

Hard to believe, but my father looks as young today – at 60 – as he did at 40. And though he may argue that he’s lost a bit more hair than he’d like, his face, his spirit, and his health seem to have been frozen in time.

Boost Your Body’s Defenses to Fight the Common Cold

Instead of relying on over-the-counter drugs, keep yourself from getting sick in the first place. A lot of people think there is nothing you can do to stave off the common cold. But in my practice, we’ve proven that’s not true. You can, for example:

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