Nutrition and Protein Tip for Fat Loss From Bally the Dog

Here’s a day in the life of Bally the Dog.

The dog was walked. The dog was fed. The dog was petted. The dog was treated. The dog was medicated (antibiotics for ear infection). The dog was let outside. The dog was taken for a car ride.
and i plad wif mai frendz, kthxbaiz! (=> I let him write that, sorry.)

Then the dog was walked again. The dog was fed again. The dog slept. The dog continued to sleep. The dog got up. No, wait, the dog went back to sleep. And now it’s just about time to feed the dog. Again.
Those are the dog days of summer.

And in between all of that, protein was ordered from BioTrust. That’s where I get my vanilla cream flavor that I use EVERY morning in my blender drinks. I have Biotrust bottles stashed on the farm and back in the city. It’s the best protein, hands down.

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By the way, if there is a #1 nutrition tip I can give you, it’s that eating a diet with protein and high-fiber, whole-natural foods is best for fat loss and  six-pack abs.

It even works for ol’ Bally the Dog. Here are two amazing statements made by his vet:

1)  “Your dog has 6-pack abs.” (Seriously, a vet actually said this.)
2)  “Your dog is the fittest lab that has ever come in here.” (And ol’ Bally the grey beard is 7 years old – in human years!)

Why is he so fit and lean?

For the same reasons that YOU can be fit and lean. Bally trains consistently with TT, of course, and he eats a diet high in protein, avoids all wheat products, and even eats whole-natural foods as his treats (watermelon, apples, even broccoli and peppers).

We can learn a lot from that old pooch.

So here’s what you need to do…

Fill your fridge and pantry with real foods. Toss the junk. If it’s not in the house, you won’t eat it. And that goes for healthy foods too. Make sure that they are front and center in your fridge. Research shows that by just putting fruits and vegetables in the most prominent area of your fridge, you’ll eat more of them, and less junk.

Finally, stock up on BioTrust Low-Carb protein. It’s delicious, all-natural, and helps you feel full longer, as well as helping you create healthy snacks between meals.

Craig Ballantyne, CTT
Certified Turbulence Trainer

PS – Perhaps the best part is that every order comes with a 1-YEAR 100% satisfaction-guarantee…

…that’s unheard of, but just goes to show the quality and service you can expect on a regular basis from Joel, Josh, and the folks at BioTrust.

PPS – Here’s Bally the dog going to see his frendz…LOLz.

(That’s FrankenJoel Marion in case you couldn’t tell. Haha.)