5-Step Nutrition Cheatsheet

Over the course of the week, the author of Eat Stop Eat, Brad Pilon and myself attempted to disprove a lot of the BOGUS dietary and nutritional myths floating around out there.  From 2 simple foods to start including more of in your diet to metabolism myths unmasked, Brad gave away a TON of fat loss advice centered around food.

If you’ve missed any part of it, then you can quickly check it out here; 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, and 8.

So, let’s finish off the interview with a quick recap of Brad’s key points…


Craig Ballantyne:    All right, so, I guess, in summary…

1. Fruits and vegetables are good.
2. Eating fewer calories than you need is good.
3. Eating a wide variety of foods is good.

And once you do those three things THEN..

4. You can have the grains in there if you want.
5.  And then just make sure that you track everything so that you’re keeping track of what works and what doesn’t.

I say the same thing to everybody for their workouts.  And anything else?

Brad Pilon: I think that’s really it.  Just remembering that when you get – it sounds simple, but when you get ‘em all in place, everything else become kind of obvious.  You don’t have to worry about them because they’re AUTOMATICALLY being taking care of for you.

Craig Ballantyne:    Okay, very cool, yeah.  So, hopefully that will simplify things for everybody listening, show you that – I read this one quote somewhere on the internet, it was…

“When you try to float, you sink, but when you try to sink, you float.”

And if you think about whenever you’re – if you’ve ever been in a pool, if you try to put yourself in a ball and try to sink to the bottom, you actually kinda float.  And when you try and not sink to the bottom, it’s really, really hard to stay afloat.

So, I think a lot of people, if they can take what Brad and I just shared there and SIMPLIFY THINGS instead of trying so hard then sometimes when you don’t try so hard things become a little bit easier.  So, hopefully that made sense to you and hopefully that, you know, Brad, you might have something to say or maybe agree with that kind of summary of everything.

Brad Pilon: No, absolutely.  I mean, your KEY to diet success is fitting your diet into your life. Your life is gonna change, it’s gonna take crazy twists and turns, and you’re just gonna have to adapt and roll with it.  If you start ignoring the changes that are going on in your life due to your diet, you’re settin’ yourself up for failure.

And similar to the sink or swim thing, I’d like say when life throws you down a different direction, you can either fight against the awesome power of life and try to keep going in directions you’re no longer allowed to go in, or you can take a look at that new direction, just check it out, and enjoy the new process and the new direction.

And I think with dieting, it’s all about just enjoying the process.  If you can find a way to make that enjoyable and not just one giant lecture on self-denial and self-depravation then you’re gonna make it work.

Craig Ballantyne:    Yeah, if you – the last thing we’ll say on this and we’ll let everybody go here, but if you have one of those rigid, “I have to eat every two or three hours on the dot” diets, you’re never gonna be able to adapt.  I mean, what Brad has hopefully shown everybody here has a much more flexible approach, that if all of a sudden you’re working a double shift and you have to go somewhere right after that double shift, I mean, Brad’s method is gonna be much more adaptable.

You’ll be able to stick to your diet if it’s adaptable than you would if it was eat every two or three hours.

Brad Pilon: Absolutely, great example.

Craig Ballantyne:    All right.  Well, thank you, everyone, for listening.  And Brad, thank you very much for being on the call, we appreciate it.

Brad Pilon:
Not a problem, thank you.

Craig Ballantyne:    All right, everyone, this is Craig Ballantyne from TurbulenceTraining.com.  And if you want more information from Brad, you can check out his blog at BradPilon.com and also his website at EatStopEat.com.  So, thanks, everyone, for being on the call.  We will talk to you soon hopefully to give you more simple nutrition advice.