Not a Sure Shot for Health

It seems to be everywhere you look. Giant SUVs plastered with the purple logo. Postcards on the counter at the gym. Widespread hype for a $39 bottle of juice that proponents claim to be a “health miracle in a bottle.”

MonaVie is one of the hottest nutritional products right now, and it comes with health claims that are as numerous as its many neighborhood distributors. But this product could not only drain your wallet, it could harm your health.

The alleged benefits of MonaVie come from its “high level of antioxidants,” which, according to the company, are primarily derived from acai (the fruit of a palm tree). But go to MonaVie’s website and see if you can find the ORAC score (Oxygen Radical Absorbancy Capacity) of their product. Nope. How about just finding out how much acai is in the blend? No again. The company states: “Because MonaVie product formulas are proprietary, the extract amount of acai or other fruits in our blend is not disclosed.”

The Dangers of Drinking Monvie
While MonaVie does not disclose specific amounts, they are required by law to disclose their ingredients. And on this list, you will find the preservative sodium benzoate. You may remember the ETR article by my husband Jon that described how benzene forms when sodium benzoate interacts with vitamin C in the presence of light or heat (i.e., pasteurization). And MonaVie is heat-pasteurized.

Benzene is an aggressive carcinogen, even in minute amounts. And science shows that it can cause severe damage to mitochondria, the power station of your cells. Not exactly a “health miracle in a bottle,” if you ask me.

Another not-so-sweet tidbit you may want to consider before you jump on the MonaVie bandwagon is the amount of sugar in the blend – six grams per ounce. Drink the “recommended” four ounces a day, and you’re downing 24 grams of sugar (mainly fructose). That’s a recipe for a blood sugar spike.

Antioxidants are an essential part of a healthy diet, and one of the keys to aging gracefully and preventing disease. That’s why Jon and I stay well-stocked with the best organic sources. Here are a few that we always have on hand. They are ORAC chart-toppers according to the government’s 2007 Agricultural Research Service report:

  • blueberries (6,552 ORAC)
  • blackberries (5,347 ORAC)
  • red beans (8,459 ORAC)
  • black beans (8,040 ORAC)
  • artichokes (9,221 ORAC)
  • cocoa powder (an astounding 82,000 ORAC)

We even like to add some unsweetened acai (3,800 ORAC) to our Organic Cocoa Berry smoothies every once in a while.

To enjoy the benefits of acai, try Sambazon Organic Acai Smoothie Packs. You can find them in the freezer case at your local health food store for about $2 each. With zero grams of sugar and no preservatives, this is a smarter and safer way to include a superfood in your diet… hype, spike, and benzene free.

[Ed. Note: Kelley Herring is the founder and CEO of Healing Gourmet (, and is editor-in-chief of the Healing Gourmet book series. Learn more about how simple lifestyle choices can improve your health by reading ETR’s free natural health e-letter.]
  • Scot Parker

    I enjoyed the article and personally feel that MonaVie is a scam (my wording, not the articles). One point I question is the comparison made between sodium benzoate and benzene. I would venture a guess that these substances are not metabolized by the liver the same way and so cannot really be compared. I doubt that the liver would treat them the same way. Admittidly, I don’t know the metabolic pathway’s of these substances myself, but wonder if the author’s claim is correct and has been properly researched.

  • Scot Parker

    I read the statement of the article which is…

    Scientists believe that benzene is produced when the chemical preservative sodium benzoate is mixed with ascorbic acid (vitamin C) in the drinks. Whatever the cause, this is just more evidence of the potential consequences of ingesting the artificial ingredients and preservatives found in processed foods and drinks.

    “Scientists believe” is confusing. Just put vitamin C, water, and sodium benzoate in a test tube and see if benzene is formed.

  • Josh

    I just wanted to comment that MonaVie is only 3 grams per ounce not six, and it is all naturally occurring sugars, furthermore, my sister in law who had gestational diabetes, was drinking the juice and is still drinking the juice and stated she never had a blood sugar spike even in the smallest amount when drinking the juice. a scam it isn’t we have been drinking for about 2 months now and actively promoting health for about 3 weeks. We have made back 50% of our investment so far in the first 2 weeks. A scam it isn’t, but I was very skeptical before I started drinking the juice and had it help me get off my ambien and supplements that I needed for well being and energy. I love drinking it and my whole family, immediate and extended are drinking the juice. there are to many close family and friends that are experiencing different benefits to ignore the possibility that it is good for you.
    hope that helps out a little.
    SSG Josh Blodgett
    MonaVie distributor

  • Alicia

    Monavie is not a scam. My family and I have been drinking it for two months and we have noticed less aches and pains and more energy. To comment on the perservatives used, Sodium Benzoate is an organic chemical preservative. It can prevent the growth of almost all microorganisms and occurs naturally in some fruits. In the presence of trace amounts of certain metals, which act as catalysts, vitamin C can produce free radicals that convert benzoate into benzene. The FDA and World Health Organization have set a standard for benzene levels in water and that level is 5 parts per billion. Monavie tests for benzene regularly and is always below the FDA’s acceptable levels. Potassium sorbate is a potassium salt version of sorbic acid, a polysaturated fat used to inhibit mold growth. Sorbic acid stands as one of the most thoroughly tested food additives in history. I really do not understand why it is so hard for people to accept when something is good for them. Fruits are not dangerous, unless of course you are allergic. As far as the “health miracle in a bottle” its not a miracle. God put these things here for us to eat. He tells us what we need to eat and what we should leave and he warns if we do not follow his word. America is so consumed with fast food an all of these horrible things that we put into our bodies daily. People do notice a difference in how they feel when they change and put something good in it. Why would you try to convice people to do anything different?

  • Wanda answers the question about the sodium benzoate and Sorbic acid so its not like they are trying to hide it. Look on the website under FAQs0 Click- Science. There is also a “19 fruits”brochure that discloses the ORAC score. The benefit of the juice isnt just the ORAC score, its the amount of servings of fruit one consumes

  • Liz

    I would just like to mention that monavie is one of the best beneficial drinks in the market. Bashing the competition will not make your company more money. Monavie does not have 6g, it’s 3g and that is nothing. The best thing about the monavie product is the fact that it makes you money so it is not a SCAM. We have been in monavie for over 4 months and made a lot of money. I don’t think the best thing to do is to bash monavie and then promote your company. It shows bad character.
    Monavie Distributor

  • Gina

    I have suffered with Meneire’s Disease which causes extreme vertigo and have been drinking Monavie for 3 months now with NO VERTIGO AT ALL, I swear by it. I only received the product through my cousin and promote it when possible, I only get it for its health benefits which are amazing. My doctor called me in and asked what I was doing and could not believe the drop in my blood pressure as well as my cholesterol and he said whatever you are doing don’t stop! Just my opinion.

  • Look between the lines of the article. Cocoa powder has an astounding 82,000 ORAC. Cocoa, or originally known as cacao from the cacao bean is the numer one anitoxidant in the world today.

    Forget about MonaVie. Xocai “Healthy Chocolate” which contains cacao and the acai berry is the product for today. View our website at for more information.

  • Julie Ritchie

    I am not a big distributor in MonaVie. But praise the Lord there are as you write, “Giant SUVs plastered with the purple logo. Postcards on the counter at the gym.” I pray more people learn of this amazing drink. I started taking MonaVie after I had stage 4 cancer three years ago. It has helped me tremendously with energy and I no longer suffer from any joint pain! Kelley, Dr. Alexander Schauss, director of Natural and Medicinal Products Research for AIBMR Life Sciences in Puyallup, Washington, has studied nutrition and botanical medicine for more than 30 years and has written or co-authored more than 150 papers that appear in scientific journals and texts. He writes the fruits in this drink possess vital nutrients that help improve a person’s health. The fruit’s ORAC score, a measure of its antioxidant content, was more than 10 times higher than any other food tested by the USDA. My first reaction was not to respond to your foolish article that shows little or no research behind what you are saying but I find it a travesty that you may mislead people that could benefit greatly from this product. Try reading “The Perricone Promise” by Nicholas Perricone, Dr. Oz’s list the, “Ultimate Anti-Aging Checklist”, the Global Wellness Report by Dr. Edward Szachowicz, or any of Dr. Schauss articles on the Acai Berry and the fruits in MonaVie. I could go on with amazing testimonies from friends using MonaVie. You sadly write, “this product could not only drain your wallet, it could harm your health.” Please get your facts straight! The average person spends $150.00 on coffee in one month! This company gives back SO much! Read about the MORE project, look into how this company is helping to preserve the Amazon rain forest in Brazil, and is improving the incomes of people who live there. Interested in health and wealth contact me Kelley

  • enter

    I started taking Monavie about 7 weeks ago with amazing results to my joints and energy. But about 3 days ago I had a dream that a Dr was diagnosing my cells and the palettes of my white cell count was extremely high with no detectable reason. I don’t know what it meant but it was a dream -mitation in white palettes. Just thought I would share that-it was a dream. I have 3 bottles left and will enjoy them. until well maybe I have the other part of that dream.

  • Jay

    Distributors love to say that Monavie provides all the nutritional benefits 5-9 servings of fruit. Sometimes they even go higher than 9. Really? Hmmm looking at the label on Active it says that 1 ounce (the serving size) contains 25% of the RDA of vitamin C, 12% of the RDA of vitamin K, and 2% of the RDA of Iron. Four ounces daily would then translate to 100% of vitamin C (hooray) 48% of vitamin K, and 8% of iron. If I were to eat half a grapefruit (one serving) I’d get as much vitamin C and 35% of my RDA of Vitamin A. That’s just 1 serving of actual fruit, and it’s only half of a piece of fruit. When confronted with this question I’ve seen distributors say well it’s the ORAC equivalent. Pure nonsense. None of them really know what the ORAC score is. Sure they’ll all throw out high numbers, and different numbers which is comical, but none of them actually know what’s in the bottle.
    These are snake oil salespeople plain and simple. 70% drop out of the program almost right away. Distributors will say that’s because the business is hard and they aren’t committed. Total BS if this were everything they like to claim it is people would be lined up around the block and price wouldn’t even be a factor. Unfortunately it’s just hype and no substance so most people quickly realize this cut their losses and move on. The ones that don’t are either a) greedy and sleezy b) too embarrassed to admit they’ve been suckered c) too embarrassed to admit they’ve attempted to sell this overpriced fruit punch to friends and family or d) just too dumb to realize it’s a scam. I only have pity on D.
    It’s a shame that “health” MLMs are allowed to exist. Preying on sick people with “magic juice” is just the lowest of the low. They give MLM a bad name and that’s really saying something.

  • hi,

    can please somebody tell me, as i looked at the ingredinetenes and it said: 10 g of sugar………., if this sugar is industrial suggar extra added (like in all these cokes and stuff) or if this sugar is natural sugar and not extra added.

    please answer here


    soeren gelder (Join FEE and earn FREE)

  • I have taken the time, to read all of the posted reply’s on the topic Monavie. I applaud to all of you for stepping up and realizing that we do live in a time, where we know that we are not getting the nutrients and vitamins we need. I have studied over the past year, on health beverages. I have been involved with a health beverage that is new, and I appreciate all of your views. For instance Scot Parker: You are right Sodium Benzoate and Benzene is dangerous for our body’s and you are also right about the fact that our bodies’ liver can not metabolize it. As for the comments from Josh, Alicia, and others on this post who are experiencing a change in their health from drinking Monavie. In a way you are all right about speaking out and sharing the results from taking a health beverage that can begin to restore your bodies’ missing nutrients. I do know that there is a reason why so many people are sick, and many are dieting of horribable diseases. What is important here is to always be looking for something new. There are a lot of great drinks available to you, and I want to tell you of one that is new and it is powerful. It is called pogamoonga. It has only three ingredients: Pomegranate extract, Aloe Vera extract, and Moringa (we use the leaf and the seeds). It is diabetic friendly, (The founder was a stage 3 diabetic.) This powerful drink offers anti-oxidants, antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, restores your body back to alkaline. All three ingredients can offer you the same benefits, so when you are looking for what the proprietary blend is, I have to agree with some of your concerns about just how much of each is in the drink. When you can choose a drink that all three ingredients giving you the same results, then you can share with everyone, without any misconception’s and know you are drinking one of the newest and strongest health beverage available today. If you believe in Monavie, you also will appreciate the fact that there is always an opportunity to have a stronger, more powerful drink come out. We are at a time where research is growing stronger all the time. Our bodies do need nutrients and minerals. And we are not getting enough of them. That is why so many of you are experiencing a change in your health. One thing more to think about. One of the reason’s we are not losing weight is because of the acidic in our bodies. I invite all of you to research this product. The moringa leaf is 49% protein and packed with chloropill, and the seeds are used as a detoxification agent. What separates the pomegranate from all the other red berries is it’s ability to stimulate the nitric oxide, aid in a healthy heart. Aloe is the only plant that can give you all 8 simple sugars in which our bodies cannot produce on its own. We also have a diet plan/and the compensation plan is to die for. There is no hidden structure, there is seven ways to be paid, and it is a ground level opportunity. If you want to know how simple it is to move over to a new MLM company, I can help you. I have helped many change over. For the drink visit my website I have put together for my down line line at To look at the diet plan go to You can also go to, which is my father’s website. No matter which choice you make putting some kind of nutrients back into your body, you cannot go wrong. It’s all about staying healthy. Take care Julie

  • Hi,
    I have been a distributor with MonaVie for over 2 years and have learned two things. It works as a product and it works as a business for those willing to work. Unfortunately just because most people quit doesn’t make MonaVie a scam, it makes these people quitters. We always look to blame others instead of taking personal responsibility for where we find ourselves. Most people are mis-informed as the author of this article appears to be. Has she really taken the time to drink it for herself over several months. Looking at the data on a label doesn’t replace the results real or imagined. Wonderful product and great company!

  • Dave Johnson

    The issues with Monavie are…

    (1) Monavies’ compensation plan is antiquated, and extremely flawed. It only exists to benefit the company itself and throw distributors under the bus. This is evidenced by their 2007 financials.

    (2) The company leadership has a history and pattern of lying to their distributors; lies perpetuated specifically by Dallin Larsen. The Imagenetix lawsuit was settled, Dallin Larsen lied about what the product contained, thus undermining the credibility of the Monavie story, the product itself and the relationship with the investment group TSG.

    (3) The company sponsors a “charitable organization” that is not registered in the U.S. The money given by Monavie to the M.O.R.E. project went straight to executive salaries. I guess “M.O.R.E.” means more for executives, and less for persons in need.

    (4) The FDA has already warned Monavie and shut down the last company Dallin was associated with.

    (5) The lawsuit continues with Amway and others.

    (6) There is no science behind Monavie. In fact the product can be dangerous. Unregulated harvesting and importation of the acai berry. Recent reports detail outbreaks of Chaga, a potentially fatal disease that comes from the parasites living in the acai berry.

  • Regarding MonaVie,

    I was a distributor as well with this company and when my upline provided me with leads to talk to and could not reviel where they came from this was a huge concern and later found these leads came from someone else’s downline. Where is the integrity there? Glen also brought the formula to Monarch health sciences and then later booted Glen to the curb. So I would not get to involved into something that will not be here long term.

  • Mike

    Everyone who had something to say about Monavie need to do some more research. No sugar added. Flash pasterized.Only 0.01% preservative added which is nothing but required by FDA since it is a food. Lawsuits are for the unfair non-compete clauses in other network groups. Absolutely nothing wrong with the comp plan. Take a look at other groups comp plan and try to figure those out.

  • Dave Johnson

    In regards to mike.The six points about monavie mentioned in my statement #15, was researched by an attorney and this is just the summary. You are the one who should do more research.

  • Jay

    Mike I’m sorry but it’s you that needs to do some research. The FDA does not require preservatives, that’s just false. There are plenty of foods, and juices, on the market today that contain no preservatives. Also the percentage you just quoted is misleading because you have no way of knowing the amount of any ingredients in a bottle of Monavie unless you are high on the corporate latter. Since you just stated that the FDA requires preservatives I’m going to assume that you are not. Justifying the comp plan by comparing it to other MLMs is laughable.

  • While I wouldn’t consider Monavie to be a scam, it is awfully high priced juice. There are other alternatives to getting the benefits of Acai and other superfruits that are less expensive and without preservatives or heat pasteurization. Thanks for a very informative article!
    Michael Lindsay

  • Meriah

    Monavie is one of the best health products I have ever seen and experienced. Yes, there are cheaper ways to get Acai but it all comes down to quality. Not only does MV have the highest quality of Acai due to the flash freeze dried technique and the flash pasteurization process, but it ALSO gives you 18 more exotic wild and organic fruits from all over the world. Plus Omegas, Plus Glucosamine! JTry juicing all those exotic fruits each day, add Omegas and glucosamine, and see what you are paying. This is the most convenient way to get all this nutrition. It amazes me that people are so hung up on SUGAR that comes from real wild and organic fruit and wont see past that to realize the product is highly nutrient dense. The testimonials are incredible and it’s no wonder MV’s success is causing competitors to trash it and market cheaper imitations of the real deal!
    Meriah Ozols

  • Jay

    Meriah you are involved in a money making scheme not a path to health. There are 19 fruits huh? Then please tell me why the nutritional label clearly states that it doesn’t equal the nutritional value of more than 1 serving of fruit. The onus is on Monavie to prove why their product is worth the insane markup. Other than AIBMR “studies”, run by a quack named Shauss who has a financial stake in Monavie, they simply cannot do it. There is nothing in Monavie that can’t be found for a fraction of the price elsewhere. They hold no patents on freeze drying Acai and there are plenty of products that you can purchase at retail outlets for a fraction of the price that are equal or better.
    It’s very sad that supplement MLMs are allowed to exist. It’s so obvious if you do a little non company produced research that this is nothing more than a money making scheme being run by people known for running money making schemes.

  • Jay

    Oh and testimonials are the common denominator in health fraud. Anyone can say anything but proving it is another matter. Monavie has been around long enough to prove the product’s value. But they can’t and never will.

  • I have read over all of the comments and I will only tell you that after just three weeks on Mona Vie (two ounces twice a day)- my blood pressure was better than it has been for the past 30-40 years– it was 105 over 69 just a few days ago. Wow I was impressed. I feel good, sleep better than I have in a long time, and love the taste as well (I am drinking the new Mona Vie Pulse–it is not just talk- it works!

  • Jay

    It is all talk and you just added to it. It’s funny how a testimonial was added right beneath my comment that testimonials are the common denominator in health fraud. I’m glad your blood pressure is lower but you can get plant sterols in other products for pennies on the dollar. There’s nothing in the bottle that could explain your sleeping better. I don’t know how to explain that one.
    Bottom line, eat a better diet that promotes lower LDL and blood pressure and avoid the nasty preservative and additives in Monavie. It’s not a miracle product. I wish one existed but it doesn’t.

  • Todd H.

    To whom it may concern:

    Actually Mona Vie is NOT “heat pasturized”; it is quite to the contrary “Flash Frozen” onsite in Brazile into a powdered form, then reconstituted later, and NEVER heated. Therefore your article is not accurate on that main point too, along with the amount of glucose contained. Also as far as that goes, fructose is a naturally occurring sugar, and you are basically ingesting one of, if not THE the very best blend of fruits on the Planet right now. People have gone off of their RX’s all over the world due to the goodness that God has placed in these fruits. My wife has had migraines for YEARS (sometimes up to 3 times a month, durating to 6 days long before we hit the ER for medical treatment), severe migraines that used to have me wheeling her into the ER at $500.00 a visit for shots, to rid her of the migraine. She has had multiple scans on her head, and the doctors cant figure out any “known medical reason why she should be suffering from such severe migraines.” Yet, since she started taking the juice twice daily, 2oz per glass, one in the morning and one in the night – she has not been back to the ER for a migraine, and has not been dibilitated for days like she was before. She had one slight migraine during her first bottle, and since bottle number two she has had none, even with sleep depravation and stress due to her job (which is her usual “trigger”). When I can afford to, I will be purchasing it for me too. Hey, at $500 an ER visit (PLUS the migraine pains), compared to $40 a bottle. Three ER visits a month, at $1500 total a month, compared to the chump change that the Mona Vie costs… We are saving a maximum of $1340.00 a MONTH! That’s $16,080 a year!!!! I’m sold, my wife is doing better also as far as her random pains in her body that plagued her before the juice too. And her carpal tunnel is greatly reduced and she is only on bottle number two. We will GLADLY pay $160 a month to have enough of God’s Good Juice to ease her pain, and who knows, maybe even heal her. I dont know, but I will tell you this THERE IS A POSITIVE DIFFERENCE in both of our lives and in our pocketbook because of the juice that you are wrongly ragging on! It is NOT “heat pasturized”, your article is false, and I think people should know the truth about it. It might not legally “cure anything” but when the problems go away, who cares. If “gone” isn’t “cured” I dont know what the FDA constitutes as cured to my wife; but she is well on her way to “wonderful”, THANK GOD! 😀

  • Robert

    Glad to see that your wife is getting the same results as mine. In addition to no more migraines, her fibromyalgia pain is completly gone, and no more hot flashes either. As for me, I suffered for 4-1/2 years with chronic pain from severe TMJ. The pain was in my neck and shoulders and the “practitioners” put me on a drug called Klonopin to relax the muscles. It was my only way of coping for more than 4 of the 4-1/2 years of a living nightmare. I started drinking MonaVie on a Monday morning in August and by Wednesday my pain was completly gone as well as the Klonopin prescription that I had just filled prior to starting the MonaVie. It is now in our local sewage treatment plant where it blelongs and I’m now pain and drug free. Anyone who wants to slam a product as incredible as MonaVie has obviously never tried it, and has no desire to do their research. It’s pretty amazing that the company achieved over one billion in sales and has over 1,700,000 (that’s one million seven hundred thousand)distributors, has made 43 millionaires, and all this in just over 47 months. MonaVie just got it’s Kosher certification to open up Israel, and started a pre-launch into Mexico 2 days ago. My understanding is that they will be opening 19 other foreign markets in 2009. Sounds like a product that just dosen’t work to me. Thank God that their are people who don’t listen to the crap on sites like this or I may have never been introduced to this awesome product. My wife and I are well on our way to WONDERFU as well.

  • Ron

    Hey All

    Wow quite interesting posts.I have started to take monavie for a month now and I have been noticing that I have been getting better sleeps and my energy level is up as well.I have been giving the juice to my 5 year old son who has down syndrome.he was sick with a very bad cold and a nasal infection so I started him on the regular MV juice and his cold was gone the day after.He usually has bad sleeps but ever since he got started on the juice he has been sleeping better as well.Ironically during the last month my son has been talking a lot and putting sentences together for the first time.Down syndrome kids have lacking immune systems that causes all sorts of health problems that will delay their learning abilities.All I can say is that i believe that the monavie juice is really helping him because before I started giving him the juice he wasn’t talking and his behavior was out of line due to Autism as well and he has been a different boy well on his way to be very talkative and I believe that monavie is helping him.I will continue to give it to him and take for myself regardless of what other have said about the product.Thanks for letting share my story.


  • bob

    My only concern about this article is that it starts to pump Sambazon at the end. How much did they pay you to endorse them???

  • Mary

    I am not shocked you endorsed Sambazon at the end. It shows you do not know much about Monavie. The processes Sambazon uses completely destroys the benefits of the acai berry. But then again, you don’t exactly have the credentials to know the difference.

  • Jeanne

    I just want people to know that most of the article written here is false and very misleading. If you want to know the truth go to the monavie website – they have nothing to hide.
    Time will prove MonaVie right, until then my hope is that any competition will not stoop to writing articles to the public that they have not truly investigated and done the research on. And only doing so to make thier product look better. If the facts were put side by side this article would be proven false but we really don’t need to do that – millions of people around the world are finding the health benefits of MonaVie and articles like the one above will not stop it. I am one of the Million who has had fabulous results. That is why MonaVie has made over 1 billion $’s in the year 2008 alone. And 50% of that is paid back to the distributors. I see no other company out there that has this type of integrity and ethics. I wish more of the world was like MonaVie. If you are willing to do some work you can have it too. But if you think any company is going to make $ for you while you sit watching TV then I feel sorry for you – you are being misled. MonaVie is upfront with how the $ is made and how anyone can have it.
    Good luck and I hope you change your article to stop misleading the innocent public.

  • Jay

    Jeanne it’s not tough for Monavie to “give back” 50% of the sales to distributors when 65% of ALL commissions go to less than 1%. This is in black and white on the IDS. This is an obvious product based pyramid scheme.
    Their own data shows that the product isn’t that good for you. AIBMR (Monavie’s source for “science”) shows that the juice has an ORAC score of 22.81 units per ml, which translates to 1293 ORAC units. Remember this is the data put out there by Monavie and AIBMR (Men’s Journal and others have shown the product to not even rate this high see Jay’s post on 1/28). Sound good to you? Well according to the USDA 100g of raw blueberries provide 6552 ORAC units. That’s not even a single serving (148g). So Monavie is the ORAC equivalent of roughly 14 blueberries according to Monavie’s own data. Those blueberries would cost you about a quarter but they aren’t sold with a boat load of hype and false medical claims.


    MonaVie is NOT heat pasturized, flash pasturized… it is FREEZE DRIED! I am a distributor and drinker and I love MonaVie. So, don’t hate the players… hate the game. MonaVie does work. Do your research before you write an article. If you would like to Join the world of MonaVie drinkers/distributors email me at XXXDELETEDXXXX

  • R.J


  • Tom

    Mona Vie Dangers ??? Read…

    As a new distributor of MonaVie, I’ve attempted to read all I could find on the product, at least this way, I could “claim” to be somewhat informed.

    As a consumer of the Active blend myself, I have noticed significant changes to my overall health.

    I’m not stating anything other than what it has done for me, so don’t get your undies in a bunch… and accuse me of over stating its aability to “CURE” anyone of anything.

    I found this article some time ago and thought I would post it, in its entirety, un-edited.

    Actual Article:

    There are very few Acai berry side effects, in fact the only really well known side effects from using this super-fruit are good side effects.

    As the Acai berry is highly perishable once it has been harvested. It is generally pulped, processed and freeze dried, this freeze dried product is then turned into a powder form, which can then be safely transported to the country where it is required. Thereafter the powder is made back into a juice or smoothie for drinking. It is available in the United States in both dried and frozen form.

    There are very few Acai berry side effects or health hazards, however, there has been an incidence of Chagas disease, and this was caused by eating Acai berries that were contaminated by the feces of a specific Brazilian parasite. Chagas disease has to date only been diagnosed in South America, and there have been no incident recorded in any other country where Acai berry is used. Symptoms of this illness include nausea, fever, muscle pain and in some rare instances, swelling.

    Acai berry has been used by people native to the Amazon rainforests for many centuries and is considered to be one of the top fruits for nutrition in the world today. Some people refer to it as “Amazon Viagra” because it is so good for energy, health and sex drive. Because of this Acai berry juice is available at all the top Rio De Janeiro hot spots.

    Acai berries contain ten times the amount of anthocyanins as that contained in red wine. This is one of the most powerful antioxidants known to man, and ingesting this substance lowers the risk of cardiac disease. Of any fruit, this berry is known to have the most powerful antioxidant properties.

  • Connie Cupps

    I love monavie – my husband and I take it every day and are in our 60’s and we know it is not a scam but a fine wonderful company and know lots of people it has helped……………don’t knock it til you try it………..It has helped our health tremendously…it is all natural fruit juice made from the rain forest. Have you tried the fruit here in the US……….terrible,,, not good tasting and they pick it too ripe… thats all just wanted to put my 2 cents in for a product I highly recommend. Connie Cupps – Ohio

  • STFU

    You know I have pretty much had it with all these losers who have nothing better to do with their wasted lives than to sit and bash a company that has been helping the Brazilian people and also bringing a fantastic product to the world. I have personally seen amazing results with this product in my direct family and even greater results with friends of ours. The greatest of these results is a friend of ours is no longer anemic. I usually don’t waste my time with even responding to lame blogs but i just had to post about some of these ridiculous wannabees. Seriously, if you spend 10% of the time and energy to be negative and frankly a waste of space and skin, you might actually go forth and accomplish something meaningful in life other than wasting oxygen that could be used by people who actually matter. Take Mona Vie or DON’T. It’s called FREEDOM OF CHOICE! There are way worse things you can be doing than drinking some expensive juice. Personally I find that if you have zero people skills then MLMs are NOT FOR YOU. Go work at McDonalds or Wendy’s. Relationship marketing means you have to understand people and help them and that is difficult if you have no or low people skills. Most people I have seen that fail at Mona Vie don’t even bother trying. They expect to sign a few people up and hope those people will do the work for them. Get a life, a clue or whatever you need to get to move on with life as one day you will be rotting in a bed locking back and realizing what a fucktard you were for wasting your life and not doing anything of meaning.

  • Biozama has over 47,000 ORAC units per gram confirmed by a lab.

    No one on earth can beat that. ONly problem is that it’s not an MLM.

  • Karyn

    Look, people, it’s just fruit. If you don’t want to get your fruit from a source like Monavie, don’t. You don’t have to treat people who do choose this like idiots. To each his own.

  • MonaVie is NOT heat pasturized, flash pasturized

  • Is a good article and very useful for people who want to stay healthy. Currently, because there are many different diseases such as cancer, diabetes, high blood pressure, and so many foods that are good and useful things we should be able to help bring it out to the next.

  • Carrie Duke

    Hello I just wanted to say something. Notice how they are talking down MonaVie a excellent product and promoting their own. I see this all the time unfortunatly. MonaVie might be $4 & some change a day to really feel the product, but it could be life changing for a happier healthier life for you.
    Dont listen to all the negative stuff ….