New York Times Says That Cardio Causes You To Get Fat

Here are reasons #10001, #10002, and #10003 to STOP doing slow, boring, mindnumbing, stinky cardio. (Yes, stinky!)

A new article from the NY Times says, “…people who take up an exercise regimen wind up heavier afterward than they were at the start, with the weight gain due mostly to extra fat, not muscle.”

In this study from Arizona State University, 81 overweight women did three slow cardio workouts of 30 minutes each week. At the end of 3 months, almost 70 percent of the women had gotten fatter (and some had gained 10 pounds of fat from doing this cardio program…YIKES!).

Here are just 3 reasons that slow cardio causes you to put on fat:
1) Slows down of fat burning hormones
2) Makes you hungry and you become an overeating compensator
3) Makes you move less and you become a sit-around compensator

Boo cardio.

(Here’s more research about getting fat while doing cardio/aerobic exercise.)

Another reason is that because you HATE long cardio, you end up “mind fooling” yourself and working at an easier pace than you think.

Oh, and then there’s all the data showing that cardio machines significantly OVER-estimate how many calories you burn.

“A recent study named the elliptical trainer the least accurate when it comes to calorie counting, with most machines overestimating your burn by 42 percent,” says Jay Cardiello, SHAPE fitness editor-at-large.

Strike 5 against cardio. It’s out, nearly twice! And I could keep going. But let’s get to what DOES work.

In another NEW study, Spanish researchers compared just 2-minutes of interval training against slow, smelly cardio. Results showed that the interval training workout improved insulin-sensitivity better than cardio…and that is an indication of better health results from intervals.

Plus, you and I both know that intervals work better for fat loss.

So what should you do in your workout today?

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Lose weight without doing cardio,

Craig Ballantyne, CTT
Certified Turbulence Trainer

PS – The #Truth

This is one of my FAVORITE quotes and reminds me to kick butt every day.

“To get something you’ve never had, you must do something you’ve never done.” – #Truth

And remember…

“The greater danger lies not in setting our aim too high & falling short; but in setting our aim too low & achieving our mark.” – Michelangelo

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