New Relief for Migraine Sufferers

Undiagnosed food allergies can cause dark circles around the eyes, fatigue, chronic sinus drainage, joint pain, and general achiness. But they may also cause headaches. I’ve known this for years, and research is finally validating it.

Many migraine sufferers can name their trigger foods – often chocolate, nuts, red wine, or cheese. Until recently, no one had a good explanation for why those foods act as triggers. However, according to a recent study in an allergy and immunology journal, migraines, which can occur in as much as 18 percent of the population, may be caused by IgG food allergies. (An IgG allergic response is a delayed reaction – as opposed to the immediate response of an IgE reaction, such as hives or anaphylaxis – which occurs when a foreign substance like bacteria or a food protein enters the bloodstream.)

In the study, migraine sufferers were tested for 108 food allergens. In those who tested positive for IgG reactions to foods, the headaches were successfully treated without the use of migraine medications. The subjects simply avoided the foods they were allergic to. Unfortunately, IgG testing is rarely suggested to those who suffer migraines, even though it is readily available and relatively inexpensive.

While IgG food allergies have not been fully recognized in the past, newer information is set to change that. So if you suffer from migraines (or any of the other symptoms I mentioned above), food allergy testing – namely IgG or ELISA testing – may be the solution to your problem. For more information, visit our website at or go to or