M2A Fat Loss Acceleration Workouts

Muscle Metabolism Acceleration – M2A – By Shawna Kaminski

You workout hard right?  You’re consistent with your exercise plan and you’re ‘pretty good’ with your nutrition plan right?

So why aren’t you reaching your fat loss goals?

What’s keeping you from feeling confident lifting up your shirt or wearing that bathing suit that you want?

Look, working out is fantastic, it’s what you need to do, but unless you’re pushing yourself to the next level with each workout, you’ll look the same. That’s the cold hard truth. Your body is a master at managing to adapt to your current workouts.

Isn’t it time to throw your body a curve ball so that it’ll adapt at a whole new level of fitness to drop that extra fat you’ve been holding onto?

I’m Shawna K, Certified Turbulence Trainer and I’m bad ass. That’s a bold statement I know. But what other woman do you know that has visible abs, can do multiple sets of multiple reps of pull ups, human flags and more?

Oh, by the way, I’m 50.

I get asked all the time if I’m getting ready or just finished a physique contest. I tell them, ‘Yes, in 1990…’ Seriously, it’s been that long since I did any kind of contest of that sort, yet I’m as lean and muscular as I’ve ever been. I don’t train all day long or follow a starvation diet.

I’m telling you this because I’ve tapped into something new and I’m not really that special. I just apply what I know and I can help you do the same. My training techniques are scientifically proven and I’m living proof that they work. Oh, and my clients will attest to this fact as well. I’ve put them together in Challenge Fat Loss.

Challenge Fat Loss  is based on a principle I call M2A, or ‘muscle metabolism acceleration’.

Muscle metabolism acceleration is the MOST effective method of fat burning. M2A trumps long slow cardio. As a Turbulence Training reader, you should have long stopped doing steady state cardio right? With M2A you’ll burn more calories while you’re training, as well as increase your metabolism with AFTERBURN to continue your calorie burning efforts.

Workouts are designed to build lean muscle tone because muscle is metabolically active and will burn more calories even at rest.

M2A is a special combination of HIIT (high intensity interval training) and strength training. Workouts are 20 minutes or less. Yes, you read that correctly. They’re short and challenging and you’ll be coached the entire way through each one.

M2A manipulates hormones. Workouts will help naturally increase growth hormone which increase your fat burning potential. You may know that longer workouts can actually stimulate belly fat storing hormones like cortisol, another reason I keep Challenge Fat Loss workouts super short and intense.

You need to up your fitness game, but it’s tough to do it alone. It’s great to have an inspiring coach, one that understands where you’re at and where you want to go. I can be in your living room with video follow along workouts that will get you to your fat loss goal. If I can use these workouts to be lean and muscular at my age, so can you.

Here’s a sample workout that you’ll like. In this workout you’ll find:

KB swing
spiderman push ups
goblet switch lunge
pull up
sit out
plank recovery

Do 5 rounds of 35 seconds of work with 07 rest/transition OR 20 reps of each exercise

Check out Challenge Fat Loss for more of this type of workout and challenge yourself to the next level of fitness.

Let me help you reach your fat loss goals, no matter what your fitness level. The cool thing about a follow along video is that I modify and intensify each exercise so that you can work at the exact level for you.

Click HERE to check Challenge Fat Loss out.  Here’s the link: www.ChallengeFatLoss.com

Shawna Kaminski, CTT
Certified Turbulence Trainer