QnA on Intervals and More

Aw, so you likey the advanced training info, huh?

Good, I have more today…in my own version of the Men’s Health QnA. It’s free, and you get way more uncensored info compared to the modified responses you get in the magazine (due to their space limitations).

Onward to today’s training QnA…written from the 16th floor of the Westin Hotel in Costa Mesa, California, where I was presenting at the Fit Body Bootcamp Summit.

Question: sometimes after a cycle of 6 one minute sprint intervals, I will add another 6 one minute cycles on the bike. Is there any advantage or am I wasting my time? better of with a sprint interval then burpee pyramid? – Brian

Answer: Brian – It’s definitely a case of diminished returns. You won’t get as much out of sprint 8 as you would sprint 3. The TT program you are using has more than enough training as is, without the need to add more…try and (safely) grind a little more out of each set and interval that are already there.

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Once you go through the bodyweight intervals in there, you’ll know what it is like to give the right amount of effort to ‘interval’ training so that you won’t ‘need’ to do more.

Question: How many negative chin ups should you be able to do to safely start doing regular chin ups? – Kyle

Answer: Kyle – Probably 5 at 5 seconds or 10 at 3 seconds. About 25-35 seconds worth, no matter how you split it. Good question.

Question: Craig, I’d love to do that perfect pec workout you gave yesterday, but I need to strengthen my shoulders first. What should I do?

Answer: Great question, I always run into shoulder problems myself,but since I smartened up and added WYLIT’s back into my training, EVERYTHING has felt better with my shoulders.

Here’s the video:

And throw in these mobility exercises too

Question: Craig, it seems there are two ways to keeping abs braced – one is to pull the stomach to my spine and the other is to push the abs out and tense it. Which is the best way to
engaging the core muscle and building abs? – Ooon

Answer: Ooon, I’m not sure who still recommends sucking in, since that was ‘de-bunked’ years ago.

The correct way is to brace as if someone was going to punch you in the stomach. You don’t really push out, and you certainly do NOT pull in.

That was/is one of the biggest (and most obvious) mistakes in fitness advice of the last 15 years.

Whew, okay, great QnA session.

Let’s get you on a specific TT Workout now.

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Train hard but safe,

Craig Ballantyne, CTT
Certified Turbulence Trainer