Mercury for Breakfast

Want guaranteed improved health?

Okay, you got it.

Here’s Tip #1 of my plan for how this can be accomplished: Eliminate high fructose corn syrup (HFCS) from your diet completely.

Not only has this sweetener caused a rapid increase in the number of people with diabetes in this country – but now we have reports that much of the HFCS out there contains measurable amounts of a toxic metal.

What is this toxic metal? Mercury. That’s right. Mercury.

One drop of mercury is supposed to be enough to contaminate an entire lake. And exposure to mercury has been connected with serious neurological disorders, including autism and Alzheimer’s. But I guess it’s okay for the fillings in your teeth – as well as our food supply. NOT!

It’s hard to imagine that HFCS could be made any worse for the human body than it already is, but the FDA – the people in charge of our food supply – have allowed it to happen.

Read the labels on everything you eat and drink. You’ll be amazed.

At my daughter’s school, they give the kids breakfast bars for a treat. The number one ingredient is “filling.” Guess what’s number two? HFCS.

Grab a bottle of your favorite sports recovery drink. Look at the ingredients. Whatever happened to these drinks being a source of electrolytes?

Now you may call me an alarmist for telling you this. Then again, maybe what I’m telling you will lead to one of the most positive changes you will ever make in your life.

[Ed. Note: Matt Furey – a national collegiate wresting champion (1985) and a world shuai-chiao kung fu champion (1997) – is the author of the international bestsellers Combat Conditioning, Combat Abs, and Gama Fitness. Discover how you can increase your strength, endurance, and flexibility without lifting weights or long-distance running right here.]

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