Men’s Health Magazine Workout and Exercise Tips

The February and March issues of Men’s Health were packed with great workout and diet tips. Here are the best tips that can immediately help your fat loss program.From Men’s Health, February 2012.

1) Durkin Death Crawl: From Todd Durkin, the guy who trains Drew Brees, MH gives you a tough challenge exercise.

Starting in the pushup position with your hands grasping hexagonal dumbbells (so they don’t roll on you), you’ll do:

– A pushup
– A renegade row for each side, walking the dumbbell forward
– A jump squat

So it’s kind of like a dumbbell burpee with the added ‘walking’ renegade row. Good times. That’s one rep. Do 6. Let me know if you likey.

2) MH recommends KB Swings for core training.

Keep your torso tight with each rep.If you aren’t using KB swings in one of your TT programs, or as a form of interval training, but want to learn more,check out this site for more KB info:

3) Other cool exercise combos in the magazine include:

a)The Goblet Squat plus Reverse Lunge
b) An ab circuit of a Stability Ball Plank a Ball Jackknife, then Ball Rollout, then a  Side Plank

4) The 477 Calorie Workout

According to research report by MH, a half hour of hard, metabolic resistance circuit training burns 477 calories. That’s a lot MORE than I expected, and it’s great news for you, since you are using TT style metabolic resistance training which is even better than circuits (so you’ll burn more calories per 30 minutes).

Here’s an 8-week workout plan that will help you burn more than 477 calories From Men’s Health, March 2012

1) You’ll get some arm training tips from me on page 28,but that’s still not as good as getting 8-weeks of full workouts from me for $7.

2) MH says, “If you exercise 150 minutes per week you have a 65 percent decrease in daytime sleepiness compared to those who exercise less.” Basically, 30 minutes of exercise, five days per week,equals more daytime energy.

3) A controversial tip…

Weigh yourself often…And if you are trying to maintain your weight, then set an upper limit for weight. If you hit that weight, switch to a stricter diet and workout program.

4) More unique exercises…

a) The DB Skier Swing

It looks like a kettlebell swing, but you use dumbbells, one in each hand, and swing them OUTSIDE of your legs, rather than between your legs like a kettlebell swing.

b) Pushups with feet against wall…increase the height to increase difficulty. And don’t do that at home with black soles on a white wall, or else your girlfriend/wife will kill you.

Ooops. Two mistakes.

Jan2010 transformation Men’s Health Magazine Workout and Exercise Tips.

First, you’ll notice we’ve already gone beyond 7 tips, but what the heck, I’ll over-deliver on content again today.

Second, I also have some tips from the December 2011 issue of Men’s Health.

1) For fat loss, aim for 38g of fiber per day.

However, don’t immediately jump to that level, your gut will not be happy with you. Add 2-3g of fiber per day until you reach that level. Go slow.

2) Change your chin-up to a chest-up

One of the smartest men in fitness, Bill Hartman, recommends doing a chin-up until your chest touches the bar. Don’t skimp on a full range of motion rep. Instead of being satisfied with your nose getting up to the bar, only count reps where your chest touches the bar.

That’s a real rep.

Nice challenges here,

Craig Ballantyne, CTT
Certified Turbulence Trainer

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