March Madness Workouts: Round 2 – Take it to the Next Level!

I knew you would dominate Sweet Sixteen and come back for more because you have what it takes to be a champion.

You have dedication and drive.

You have a purpose burning inside, daily refining your path toward success!

This week it’s Round 2. Use the Selection List numbers below to show your skills in this Elite Eight Workout.

Round 2:

Complete 1-3 sets x 40 seconds work: 15 seconds rest
Rest for 60 seconds between sets

Elite Eight: 7, 14, 13, 5, 2

The Selection List:

  1. Pushups (kneeling or standard)
  2. Wide Stance Squat with Overhead Press
  3. DB Bent Over Row
  4. Hamstring Hiplifts on ball
  5. Forearm Plank Hold
  6. Walking Lunges
  7. Cross Body Mountain Climber
  8. Squat Jumps or Total Body Extension
  9. Pushup to Side Plank
  10. Hamstring Curls on ball
  11. Burpees
  12. Pike Pull Through
  13. Jumping Jacks
  14. Lateral Squats

Click the video above to conquer the next round with me right now!

– Missi

PS – It’s getting serious now.

Next week is Round 3 – Final Four! Get your game face on!!

You can do it!

If you missed out on the Sweet 16 Workout, you can check it out here.

PPS – Here are some tips on form to ensure your success:

Cross Body Mountain Climber

  • Begin in High Plank with hands set under shoulders and torso in a straight line. Engage quads and core to stay buoyant
  • Lengthen chest forward and hold as you drive a knee up toward opposite elbow. Contract core stronger then return leg to plank.
  • Alternate legs moving slow and controlled.
  • Repeat for the designated time.

Lateral Squats

  • Begin in a very wide stance with toes pointing forward and weight anchored in heels.
  • Keeping the right leg straight, push your body toward the left leg and drop into a squat. Drive back up to standing by pressing through heel and engaging hamstring and glutes.
  • Alternate squatting laterally from side to side. Keep the straight leg engaged to help with form and depth.

Jumping Jacks

  • Knees soft as you jump feet apart and together.
  • Raise arms out to the side and overhead as feet jump out. Lower arms back down as feet jump together.
  • Stay lifted through the core

Forearm Plank Hold

  • Begin on forearms and toes with chest drawn forward between elbows. Press away from the floor, engaging chest, abs, and quads.
  • Press heels back as crown of head lengthens forward. Eyes focus straight down.
  • Use your breath to deepen the contraction on your abs as you hold the plank.

Wide Stance Squat with Overhead Press

  • Begin in a wide stance athletic stance* with toes angle out slightly. Hold DBs up at shoulders, palms facing each other.
  • Press hips back and sit into a squat without dropping chest then drive up to standing pressing through heels and activating hamstrings, glutes and quads. Press DBs overhead at top of squat.
  • Return DBs to shoulders and repeat the squat.
  • Repeat for the designated time.

*Athletic Stance: Feet hip width or closer. Ball of foot is connected to the ground but emphasis on weight in heels. Slight bend in knees with legs and glutes toned. Lift from the waist to become tall through the spine while contracting or bracing the core. Set shoulder blades together and down with chest open. Remain lifted through the crown of the head with chin parallel to the floor.