How You Should Live Your Life

Here’s how you should live your life…


…by YOUR own rules.

That’s right, you need to create the rules for your life.

I did for my life, and you can read the 12 Rules I Live By here

Will you find them a little strange? Sure. But they’re my rules for my life. Not yours.

Now don’t tell me your rules.

Write them down.

Then tell me.

Having rules for your life will give you more freedom and abundance

in your life, and LESS STRESS too. 

It will make ALL of your decisions easier.

You’ll be happier, that’s right, HAPPIER, once you have the rules for your life clearly articulated.

You don’t have to model any of my rules, and they can even be the opposite of mine. Again, my rules are mine, and you must create YOUR own rules for YOUR own life.

Now…let’s say you hate the thought of having rules for your life…well, I have an alternative for you.

Let’s call them the BIG IDEAS for your life.

Or your Personal Philosophies. It doesn’t matter.

What matters are that these declarations will guide you to make the right decisions more often.

I first discovered the power of these personal philosophies from my TT Fat Loss Transformation Contest Winners.

They had RULES for their training and nutrition habits. And the more they stuck to these rules, the better their results
were and the LESS STRESS they had.

Again, it sounds odd that more rules = less stress.

But it works that way EVERY time…when YOU set the rules for YOUR life.

Try it.

You’ll thank those contest winners later.

Until then, be thankful for what you have and what you have accomplished. A positive attitude goes further in fat loss – and in life  – than a negative attitude.

Stay strong,
Craig Ballantyne, CTT
Certified Turbulence Trainer 

PS – This is what I think about every day that I’m in the gym.

Helping you.

Figuring out a way to make a little tweak here or a big change there to help you live a better life.

It’s my healthy obsession.

In fact, I have multiple businesses dedicated to improving your life, including “Early to Rise“.

Each day we publish an inspirational essay on what we call, A Life Well Lived.

One of my most popular essays over there was my 12 Rules message that I mentioned earlier.

This is another one of the essays I’ve written on getting a mentor.

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Just grab your copy of what we call, “The ETR Daily Success Blueprint” and see how I have summarized the powerful Kekich
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I’m off to workout and think about how I can help you even more.