Keeping Fat Loss Simple

I was recently interviewed by another trainer who expected me to provide fancy, complicated fat loss advice. But I surprised them with these answers on how simple nutrition and Turbulence Training principles guarantee fat loss.


Q: If someone struggles to make dietary changes, what are 3 simple steps would you first recommend as the cornerstone of a solid program?

Answer: I’ll answer this looking at both nutrition and exercise.

1) You have to plan ahead – for both diet and exercise. – You have to plan your workouts. You have to plan your meals. You also have to plan to have solutions for the obstacles you come up against. Most people know they have to plan their meals, but they don’t realize they also need a plan for avoiding night snacking. So Plan!

2) Get more knowledge
– Learn about what works for you. Record your food intake on a site like Identify what foods keep you full and alert, and avoid the foods that do the opposite.  Also, track your workouts. Which ones give you results? What type of cardio is a waste of time? Etc.

3) Get social support
You need friends or family backing you up on this. Fortunately, if your “real world” friends just want to drag you to Pizza Hut, you can find help online, such as in the Turbulence Training member’s area where everyone is happy to help and support you on your fat loss journey. But just remember – no one can do this on your own. Get social support!

Q: What would you suggest as the 3 most “powerful” or effective exercises — let’s say someone has 15 minutes max and wants to still do something beneficial for their body.

Answer: Well, I just happen to have a short program called the Big 5 Circuit…so I’m going to cheat a bit, and give my top 5 moves, but then also cut it down to top 3 to answer your question.

I recommend that any total body fat burning workout should include the following..

A – Squat Movement
B – Pushing Movement
C – Pulling Movement
D – Single-Leg Exercise
E – Total Body Ab Exercise

Fortunately, within each group, there are dozens of bodyweight, dumbell, and barbell exercises that can be used. You’d never run out of options. For the top 3 moves, we’d take A, B, and C.

So a bodyweight circuit could be:

– Prisoner Squat
– Decline Pushup
– Inverted Row

Or a dumbell circuit could be:

– Split squat
– Chest press
– Row

Or a barbell circuit could be:

– Front Squat
– Push Press
– Deadlift or Row

Good times.

Q: Do you think there is a time and place for any slow cardio or would you solely recommend a TT workout, just 3 times each week?

Answer: I’ve designed TT around a specific time limit. Meaning, it was designed for people who only had that limited time to workout. So if you are stuck with only 3 sessions per week of 45 minutes, then NO, there is no time for slow cardio in that schedule. However, I really insist on people staying active on off-days, so if they enjoy it, they could do slow cardio on off-days.

But only if they enjoy it. If they don’t, they should find some other form of light activity to do on off days, such as a sport, or yoga, or Pilates, or walking the neighborhood with family/dog. No one HAS to ever be on a cardio machine, if they don’t like it.

Q: What are your favorite 10 foods that every solid fat loss program should actually include for maximum success?

Answer: In no particular order…

1 – Almonds/Pecans/Walnuts
2 – Apples
3 – Broccoli
4 – Blueberries
5 – Your choice of high quality meat (steak, chicken, fish)
6 – Pecans
7 – Spinach/Swiss Chard
8 – Omega-3 Enriched Eggs
9 – More vegetables
10 – Your favorite food eaten once per week in controlled quantity

For more fat loss simplicity, get started with the complete Turbulence Training for Fat Loss System today.