Kettlebell Interview with Chris Lopez

Today we’re going to do a Kettlebell exercise and workout QnA time with Certified TT Trainer, Chris Lopez.

Chris is also an RKC, Russian Kettlebell Challenge, certified KB trainer, and has been a kettlebell fanatic for many years. He even taught me how to use kettlebells here, at Kettlebell School:

1st question: Chris, what got you into kettlebells?

Chris Lopez – When we had our 3rd child, I found that my training time was severely restricted. so i was looking for an efficient training solution. We have 5 kids now. Also, Russian training methods have always interested me, so I got curious..

Turbulence Training – You have the RKC, tell us about how much fun that certification was.

Chris Lopez – It was crazy fun! the energy that was shared among all participants was incredible. the knowledge and support from all the instructors was great too. I learned so much in 3 days that I’m hooked and want to go further with the RKC.

The best part was that it was no BS. if you didn’t prepare for the weekend, there was NO WAY you were going home with an RKC certificate

Turbulence Training – Before the RKC, what was your favorite KB exercise…and then what was your favorite KB exercise after?

Chris Lopez ‎- Before the RKC, my favorite exercise was the snatch…Now, my favorite, by far is the double KB clean. At the RKC, one of the senior guys taught us proper clean technique and told us about how it’s great for athletes to develop upper body “armour”. SOLD! Now I do higher rep double cleans with 24kg bells, and I get smoked in less than 10 minutes. My goal is to be able to do 100 in a row. Right now I’m at around 40.

Bronson Young – Hey Chris, I am doing a circuit routine with the KB’s for the total body three days a week. I go 30 seconds on and 15 rest. My excesses are squat press, chest press, rows, lunges, 1 leg deadlifts and swings. Am I doing the right workout?

Turbulence Training – And what KB exercise do most people tend to need the most help with? What is the average person doing wrong?

Chris Lopez ‎– The swing is usually the one everyone does wrong even though it seems like the most basic movement. but, I’ve seen so many beginners and trainers turn it into a sumo squat-front delt raise exercise… you MUST hinge at your hip and think max-hip hinge, minimal knee bend

Chris Lopez – It depends on what your goals are. it sounds like a good routine. I would maybe split up the lower body exercises a little more so that the quality of your swings at the end of the circuit don’t suffer.

Turbulence Training – Chris, I know you have a lot of KB youtube videos and “finisher workouts”…is there one in particular you like best?

Chris Lopez–  I love the ladder workouts. They seem to be the favorite of most of the readers as well. The ladders are where you start with 8 reps of one exercise or series and work your way down and then back up by adding or subtracting reps.

Turbulence Training – One of the most common questions we get is, “What weight of kettlebell should I start with?” – so whats the answer for men and women?

Chris Lopez Men – 12 or 16kg, Women – 8 or 12kg

Turbulence Training – And why do you like the double KB clean so much now? What weight do you use?

Shannon Billows – Is doing a kettlebell swings for intervals on your “off days” ie Tuesday and wed, hinder recovery time as from your main resistance training workouts on Monday, Wednesday and Friday?

Chris Lopez – Not at all. in fact, I think it will help recovery because it helps circulate your blood to the recovering muscles. training on the off-days is fine, as long as your intensity isn’t as high as your training days.

Shannon Billows – Awesome Thanks a bunch

Turbulence Training – Awesome. Thanks Chris. We’ll have you back real soon. Until then, if anyone has questions for Chris, they can stop by his blog at – have a great day everyone.

Chris Lopez – Thanks for having me CB!

Isaac Rojas This great! I just asked Craig about a TT Kettlebell workout not knowing there was one and now we have a Kettlebell Q n A! I was actually on ur website blog last night Chris. I recently started with just KB swings but I introduced KB to my gf and she loves it. What is the best overall female exercise with a KB that works full-body? BTW, going to pick up the TT Kettlebell Revolution soon!

Chris Lopez – The SWING!!! For females especially, the swing is great because it works the glutes, hamstrings, low back, abs & upper back like nothing else! thanks so much for the kind words

David L. Morrison I’ve asked this question three times thus far about calf training, I do own a kettlebell. I would like an Effective way to build my calves ( k.bell/body weight ) Thank you!

Chris Lopez ‎– I find hill sprinting to be an incredible calf workout. I’m not good with isolation training, but understand that the calves are a muscle group that you can hit quite frequently throughout the week. For specific exercises, I suggest you take a look at

If you have a kettlebell exercise or workout question, please ask it in the comments section below and we’ll get Chris to answer it.

Craig Ballantyne, CSCS, MS
Certified Turbulence Trainer