How To Create Your Product In A Weekend

Today is another one of our jam-packed 1-day Mastermind sessions. We’re holding it in scenic Denver, Colorado. Why Denver? Because tomorrow is our annual Toys for Tots drive. Last year me and my friends bought over $102,000 worth of toys to give to the US Marines for them to distribute to needy children in the Denver area. Read and see more details here.

It’s amazing what you can do in a weekend. You can coach 10 awesome online business owners and then go on a toy shopping spree that benefits others. That’s my plan.


You can also create a product in a weekend. Just read this incredible story…

How to Create a Product in a Weekend

This is an amazing story of a Mastermind Member that has left me really, really impressed. After Bedros called Corey out at our Las Vegas meeting, Corey decided to step-up and deliver. We’ve always said that a product can be done in a weekend, and here’s PROOF! – Craig

The Product Creation Weekend
By Corey Benschop

I get caught up a lot of times being an ‘information gatherer’ as Bedros puts it, but I am slowly learning how to curb that procrastination because that’s all that it is. And I say this because I want to help keep myself accountable as well. That’s why I’m putting it out there that this weekend I am putting a stop to the procrastination and dread I have built towards finishing my product.

Sent FRIDAY from Corey Benschop in the Mastermind…

I have calculated that I will have 6 hours Saturday morning and 8 hours on Sunday to turn off all distractions and finally just finish my Yo-Yo No More! Weight Management book. This is my product, I have committed to it and I will finish it.

Specific action items:
-Research yoyo dieting, meal prep, nutrition timing and supporting evidence
-Create outline for how I will organize the content
-Create meal prep plan
-Create recipe book and shopping list as bonuses
-Create Nutrition Timing Hack upsell (my only upsell as of now)

Alright, it’s Sunday morning and I am about to start my last 8-10 hour (or however long it takes) push. But first, this is where I am at now:

I decided to take Friday off from work to give myself extra time to complete my product this weekend. (I’m glad I did.)

*Friday’s goals*:
– Put in 8 hours: Funny how it turned out to be more like 14 hours by the time I realized my wife had come home from work (like 3 hours ago) and was sitting next to me on the couch working on her laptop. I honestly didn’t notice her come in lol because I had the headphones on.
– Finish research and gather sources: done
– Finish recipe book: I haven’t finished it but I put in a good 2 hours on it and got about 1/3 of the recipes typed up (the other 2/3 is complete, just needs to be added to recipe book file)
– Finish shopping list: Haven’t started because I need to finish the recipe book first
– Outline main product and upsell: I finished both outlines, and wrote the first 4,000 words of my main product
– Revamp sales copy: I ended up writing a brand new sales page of about 4,500 words (wink wink, in need of copy logic)

Friday recap:
Over all I am happy with the amount of work I got done. Realized that in order to stay focused I need all windows closed, AC on, and Itunes.

Saturday’s goals:
– *Put in 6 hours* – Again I ended up working way past 6 hours. Saturday turned into about 10 hours because my wife did a few errands that bought me some extra alone time
– *Finish rough draft of main product* – That did not happen, but I did add another 4,500 words, which leaves me at about 66% done.
– *Finish rough draft of upsell* – I didnt even get to it.

Saturday recap:
Today was a bit more unproductive then the yesterday. I was distracted more by my puppy and then the gardeners showed up around noon and made a ton of noise for about an hour. I couldn’t keep a train of thought. I need to do better on Sunday. This is taking a lot longer than I expected but I am really happy with the way my book is turning out.

Well, today is Sunday, and I am about to get at it.

Sunday’s goals:
*- Finish main product*
*- Finish upsell*

I’m making that my only two goals for today so as not to distract my brain with other information. Ok, this post is getting long and I have to get to work. Thanks for listening and if you have any suggestions please reply with them! (I know Craig, writing this is another form of procrastination but I had to do it!)

It’s 10 hours later and it’s been a brutal day. My eyes hurt, my wrists hurt, but my book is done! I’m having a beer because I am so happy. I finally finished my first info product! 49 pages, 12,000 words, and so much valuable content, I cant wait to start selling!

Now the fun begins



That deserves a round of applause. I’m impressed. Corey will be a Mastermind Transformation Finalist at our next 100K Info Group Meeting if he keeps this up. What a change!

Now let’s get back to work on crushing your deadlines like he did to his.

Stay strong and keep on pushing on.

Till next week,

Craig Ballantyne
PS – If you live in a big city in America…
…find out more about your Toys for Tots drive and get involved. For $400 you can fill a shopping cart with toys at your local Wal-Mart and then give that to your local Marines for the toy drive. You’ll change lives on Christmas morning when a child wakes up to find a toy under the tree. Spread the love.