Over $151k Raised for Toys For Tots in 2015

Woo hoo!

I have great news to brighten your already amazing Christmas morning!

Here at Early To Rise we raised a record $102,173 for the Denver Toys for Tots Marines charity toy drive, helping them purchase & deliver over 5,000 toys for Denver area children. This is incredible.

Just think…right now, YOU, yes you, have helped make this a magical Christmas morning for a child in Denver that otherwise would have went without a toy this Christmas. By being a part of the VM, your investment has helped fund a magical Christmas morning.

So, when you wake up and rub your eyes today, likely a little exhausted from your late Christmas Eve celebrations combined with a young family member getting you up a little too early, let a smile spread across your face knowing that some child, somewhere in Denver, is playing with the toy that you helped Santa deliver to them.

The Toys for Tots drive was so successful because it was about Living By Example.

Our ETR Core Value states:

“An ETR member exudes the principles of EarlytoRise.com at all times, especially when representing ETR. We rise early, manage our time and energy, and are dedicated to a life well lived. We are, of course, not "all work and no play". Time is made for the finer things in life, enjoyed responsibly.”

Saturday, Dec. 5th, 2015, our Toys for Tots charity drive day, was an amazing morning of fun and generosity.

Matt and I thank you from the bottom of our hearts. You help means more to us than you can ever imagine.

What began as a simple afternoon shopping trip for Matt and his kids back in 2011 has blossomed into a massive event in the Denver community. We are growing something big and meaningful here, and we are barely scratching the surface. I believe we could hit $1,000,000 in the 2017 TFT drive, if we need to. Hopefully that would completely eliminate any empty children’s hearts on Christmas morning.

Thanks to Dani Woodrum, CTT, Jeff Schneider, Gary the ETR Copywriter, Amy Dodd, and Lesa Gutenkunst for helping out. You probably can’t appreciate the impact your donation will have on the kids, but I know that everyone enjoyed the day and our ETR/TT Christmas party (this was all fantastic, and again, thank you to our team member Rachel for all the set-up work she did…it was perfect from start to finish).

You are not just making a difference, you’ve already made one.

Thank you.

While our ETR Toys for Tots drive was a hit on so many levels, one big thing that might have gone unnoticed was how we were able to bring together so many great Denver-area business folks that might not otherwise have met. We had the Beyond Diet team, the BioTrust team, some friends of Matt (Byron and Buck), and many fitness leaders all congregating in one place.

Next year the party will be even bigger and better. I’m sure that Isabel, Joel Marion, and my friend Brad Pilon will be there with family in tow –so we’ll need Santa again…and not just for me ;)

Buying Toys with Big Bedros

The Godfather promises Santa
that he has been good

I’m already planning how ETR/TT can breakthrough $200,000 at our 2014 Toys for Tots event (mark down Saturday, December 6th on your calendars). To be frank, Matt and I have underleveraged our contacts and barely scratched the surface of getting our partners and friends to donate.

Merry Christmas to you!

Hope to see you there helping,

Craig “The Godfather” Ballantyne