Health Advice for Men

Aren’t you tired of red-faced, chubby “Santa Claus” doctors giving you health advice? These guys know nothing about potency, fitness, or youthfulness – they look like they’re about to drop any second!

As if that wasn’t bad enough, the medical mainstream wants to turn you into a woman. And you don’t even know it! From emasculating prescription drugs to painful, impotence causing surgery to recommending “health” foods that boost your estrogen levels…

Frankly, I’m fed up with all of the B.S. information out there that passes as “medical advice.” It’s enough to drive you nuts.

But not too long ago I was introduced to Dr. Al Sears’ Health Confidential for Men. And I have to tell you, it’s a breath of fresh air in the world of male health. I’ve been studying health, diets, supplements and exercise for years. And so much of what you hear is conflicting, not to mention downright bogus.

But from what I’ve seen, Dr. Sears is right on the mark. For one thing, he doesn’t just talk about health, he lives it. He’s 46 years old and super-fit. In fact, his physical conditioning is like that of a professional athlete, and he’s got perfect cholesterol and triglycerides.

Plus, he’s got a system of exercise where you can work out with weights as little as 20 minutes two times a week and still build lean muscle and melt body fat.

And he reveals the secret behind the magic bullet for male health: testosterone.

Fact is, your testosterone starts plummeting after age 30. By age 40 it’s dropping 1% a year or more. Your energy drops, your libido drops, your sexual functioning drops, it gets harder to produce muscle, and fat naturally starts to accumulate around your middle.

What’s more, as a man ages, his testosterone decreases while his estrogen increases, partly due to a conversion of testosterone to estrogen. One recent study found that estrogen levels in an average 54-year-old man are higher than those of an average 59-year-old woman!

And the problem compounds itself. Lower levels of testosterone make it more likely that you’ll be fat. And studies show that fat cells generate the aromatase enzyme that converts T to E. It’s a vicious cycle of decreasing testosterone and increasing estrogen. You start to look and feel more like a woman but your mind, and your culture, still expect you to be a man!

Dr. Sears will tell you exactly how all that happens, and what you can do about it — starting today!

· Learn all about the single biggest factor in male aging — loss of testosterone — and how it can be reversed to make you thinner, stronger, smarter, less susceptible to heart disease, diabetes, stroke, depression and arthritis, plus make you more muscular, quicker, incredibly virile, and supercharge your drive to succeed.

· Learn how to avoid or remedy America’s #1 health problem for men: prostate problems.

· Learn how you can end chronic pain and rebuild joints. No more backache, leg cramps, stiffness, aching and swollen feet, neck pain, and sore joints.

· And find out how to supercharge your energy, boost your immune system, restore crystal clear mental functions and memory, knock inches and pounds off your body, and supercharge your sex drive and stamina and turn yourself into a lean, muscle-packed man with the energy and sexual vitality of a 20-year old.

In fact, it’s very possible that with the information you’ll learn from Dr. Sears, you can enjoy better health, conditioning, energy, and sexual vitality than you’ve ever had in your life.

And I can tell you this: I started using some of the supplements he recommends for testosterone boost, and in the last month I’ve had amazing results. I’ve been packing on muscle at the gym and losing weight. Plus I’ve got more energy than I’ve had in years.

So if you’d like the real lowdown on male health, check out Dr. Sears and his Health Confidential for Men. I think you’ll be glad you did.