The Growth Hormone Workout

Yesterday morning, as I cycled to the local YMCA to train, I passed by the site of the grizzliest workout I ever did back when I was seventeen (it was a very good year…sing it with me).

The infamous workout was done at my high-school on the track. Our soccer coach had us run eight 400-meter intervals with minimal rest. I just about quit – and vomited – that night…fortunately holding off the urge to do both!

Of course, training that way made me super-lean and ripped, getting rid of the winter fat that I had piled on with my incorrect off-season bodybuilder training (I made many mistakes back then!).

Why did it make me so lean? Because the intensity boosted a hormone that is powerful for both fat burning and for being a fountain of youth in your body – Growth Hormone.

Did you know this about Growth Hormone?

Not only does it burn fat, but it helps you recover FASTER.

Growth hormone boosts your ENERGY levels.

It even can give you a better sex life!

Growth hormone improves your natural sleep.

Amazing…and all from this specific way of training.

Science shows that the safest and best way to boost your natural growth hormone levels is through short, burst workouts, the right diet, and recovery.

So train, eat, and sleep – that’s the fountain of fat-burning youth!

Fortunately, there’s a BETTER way to train to increase your Growth Hormone levels today. By doing this ONE specific type of workout, you’ll burn fat faster than ever while sculpting lean sexy muscles, so that you will look amazing with your shirt off and even at work.

The secret training method is Metabolic Resistance Training. It’s much more fun than interval sprints, and more effective at working your entire body.

And now there’s a NEW metabolic workout in town that promises you a bigger – yet natural – Growth Hormone boost than ever before.

Like every workout you get from me, this program uses the magical power of a SPECIFIC type of exercise – one that you won’t see used in most bodybuilding programs OR in your typical article from Shape magazine.

You’ll see rapid results with this way of training,

Craig Ballantyne, CTT
Certified Turbulence Trainer

Craig Ballantyne

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