The # 1 Method to Getting More Clients

The stage was set for ultimate perfection. Steam could be seen rising from the plate through the morning sun’s rays coming in from the kitchen window.

The world, at this moment, was as perfect as it could ever get. The cold glass of milk was sitting on the table. The smell of bacon roamed through the entire house. I finally came downstairs and sat down and in front of me, was nothing short of glory.

“Why hello there Aunt Jemima. How are you? Nevermind. I don’t care”, I said, as I took the bottle of syrup and poured them on what, without a doubt, deserves to be on its own line…


You see, that is how much pancakes mean to me. I treat myself to pancakes when I have either reached a goal, finished a big project or whenever I say the word “the”.  Now THAT should clear up any confusion as to who likes pancakes more… Craig Ballantyne or myself.

Mikey, are you saying pancakes are the #1 method to getting more clients? You’re an idiot

That would rock, but alas, it is not.

In fact, is there really a method that is the best? Of course not; but I’ll be glad to share with you what worked really well for me. It was my own number one method to getting more campers. It worked so well, that I actually had over 20 people at my 6AM bootcamp in the middle of summer and most of those campers were teachers!

You already know how I would use workout finishers with my 1-on-1 clients. Using finishers is my “bread and butter” in my programs and the finishers alone generated ongoing referrals.

The finishers worked TOO well. I had to stop taking on more 1-on-1 clients about a year ago.

But where I failed was NOT using them with my bootcamps enough. Don’t get me wrong, I certainly used some kind of finisher with my bootcamp workouts, but they just weren’t nearly as creative as the finishers I used with my 1-on-1 clients.

So, I put on my creative hat, which is just like my regular hat, except I wear it when I’m in creation mode. What? Nevermind.

I started to “bootcampitize” (it’s a word – don’t look that up though) my infamous finishers so that I could bring some crazy methods to end every bootcamp workout with a metabolic grand finale.

Mikey, that sounds amazing. Please show us one.

Absolutely Miss Person I Totally Made Up So I Can Show You This Challenging Bootcamp Finisher.

Do the following bootcamp finisher AFTER your main bootcamp workout.

Finisher # 4 from the Bootcamp Finishers Manual

“Partner Metabolic 200”

Split your bootcamp into partners (that’s group of two – ha… I’m hilarious). Each team is to complete the following circuit, however only one person can go at a time. For example, person 1 would do 20 prisoner squats and then rests, and while he/she rests, his/her partner would jump in  and complete 20 prisoner squats. That’s 40 total, so 10 to go. The first team to complete all reps wins.

1A) Prisoner Squat (50)
1B) Close-Grip Pushups (50)
1C) Bodyweight, Strap or Band Row (50)
1D) KB/DB Swings (50)

Now that’s an amazing way to finish off ANY bootcamp workout. That sure does beat long, boring cardio… and even intervals.

But more importantly, it gets your campers addicted to working out. That means you’ll get more referrals, and they will get better results. That’s a win/win.

My trick was to throw a new finisher after every bootcamp workout. I constantly had my campers think, “What is Mikey going to throw at us this time?”. It’s no secret that people who are serious about losing weight want to be challenged and want something different consistently.

There are many approaches to my bootcamp finishers, but one of my favorite methods is the density approach.

“Mikey, what’s a density approach? That sounds like a brand of laundry detergent”.

The density method is when you have a superset or circuit with specific reps and a certain length of time. You (or your campers I should say) do as many rounds of that superset or circuit as possible in that length of time.

What I like to do is have a lot of fun with the set and rep schemes. I mean… let’s get crazy. Here’s how to put your campers in a nasty grand finale using the density method. It was the exact same finisher Craig Ballantyne and I put over 50 trainers through at the TT Summit. It was the infamous…

… dramatic pause

“3’s Company” Bootcamp Finisher

Have your campers complete the following circuit as many times as possible in 3 minutes, resting only when needed. Your campers can rest as needed, but the clock will continue to tick:

Burpee/Spiderman Pushup Combo (3)
Lunge Jumps (3/side)
X-Body Mountain Climber (3/side)

Good times… and what’s even better times is getting ongoing referrals from these amazing workout grand finales. People love to share their experiences, especially when it comes to dropping fat and actually enjoying their workouts.

Bootcamp Finishers Was My #1 Method to Getting More Campers

I never used direct mail pieces or any fancy signage. In fact, I never had a sign made for my bootcamps. I relied on referrals for my business and I heavily focused on using some amazing and creative finishers with my bootcamps to bring the “WOW” experience to each and every workout for those referrals.

So, plug these bootcamp finishers in with your bootcamp workouts so you’ll start generating referrals on auto-pilot. With bootcamps popping up so much, you have to bring something unique to your bootcamp workouts, like these addicting workout grand finales.

The Awesome – time to eat more pancakes.

To your bootcamp business success,

Mike Whitfield, CTT
Author, Bootcamp Finishers

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