Get More Antioxidants… With Rolls

Looking to power up your plate with antioxidants? Look to rolls. Sushi rolls, that is.

These small bites are big on age-defying antioxidants from several traditional Asian ingredients. Here are the top four:

  • Wasabi. True wasabi – Wasabia japonica – is a member of the cruciferous family of vegetables (which also includes broccoli and watercress). Packed with powerful cancer-fighting nutrients called isothiocyanates, wasabi helps to stimulate the detoxification enzymes in your liver that disarm free radicals and carcinogens.
  • Pickled ginger. Ginger ranks an amazing 14,840 on the ORAC scale. That’s more than double the antioxidant capacity of blueberries. Ginger is also a potent anti-inflammatory agent, thanks to gingerols – natural COX-2 inhibitors.
  • Wakame. Addicted to seaweed salad? That’s a good thing. It’s loaded with a pigment called fucoxanthin, a strong free-radical fighter and metabolism booster.
  • Wild salmon. Expect to pay about $1 more per roll when you request wild salmon for your sushi or sashimi. With its rich, buttery taste, this is a must. Not only will you avoid harmful contaminants found in farmed salmon, you’ll get a healthy dose of the “carotenoid king”: astaxanthin. This nutrient gives wild salmon its brilliant color, and is considered one of the most effective antioxidants known.
[Ed. Note: Eating healthy doesn’t have to be boring. Nor does it mean avoiding your favorite foods – like sushi. Just make good choices when it comes to what you eat, and you can live a long and healthy life.

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Kelley Herring

Kelley Herring is the Founder & CEO of Healing Gourmet – a multimedia company that educates on how foods promote health and protect against disease. As a young adult, Kelley battled a debilitating health condition that went misdiagnosed by multiple doctors for more than a year. Finding no help from “modern medicine”, she turned to her own knowledge of biochemistry and her passion for health research. She soon learned that her symptoms were related to nutrition and within weeks, she charted a course back to health with nothing more than simple lifestyle changes and the power of the plate. The lessons she learned spawned the creation of Healing Gourmet. Kelley is a firm believer in vigorous exercise, moderate sun exposure and delicious, healthy, home-cooked meals. She is also the creator of Healing Gourmet’s Personalized Nutrition Software and Editor-in-Chief of the Healing Gourmet book series published by McGraw-Hill including Eat to Fight Cancer, Eat to Beat Diabetes, Eat to Lower Cholesterol and Eat to Boost Fertility.