Get Fit in a Minute

I hate flying. Yet, I go on some extremely long flights. Los Angeles to Shanghai is one of them, and that puppy is 13+ hours.

For a man who likes everything “now” – for a man who is not what I’d call patient – that’s a long flight. So how do I stay sane on the flight? Very simple. Whenever the issue of time comes up, I ignore it – or I focus on living “one minute at a time.” Not one day. Not one hour. One minute.

“Can I get through one minute of flying?” I ask myself.

“Yes, I can do that.”

“Good. Then let’s focus on that one minute right now – not the other 12 hours and 59 minutes that haven’t come yet.”

This same way of thinking works great for exercise, too.

Get up in the morning. Think about exercising. When you do so, if you feel resistance, tell yourself, “Let’s just do one minute of wall chair. Can I do that?”


Then ask yourself if you can do one minute of push-ups – or just one minute holding the push-up position. Or one minute of bridging. Or one minute of deep breathing.

Can you dramatically effect change in your body in one minute? The answer is: Hell, yeah!

And the good news is that when you can conquer one minute – and you enjoy that minute – you’ll want to go for a second and a third minute. And so on. Yet the desire to do more comes organically. No pushing, prodding, or flogging yourself to be motivated.

Use this method, and I assure you that you’ll be kicking butt in no time flat.

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