Fix Thunder Thighs with this Exercise Workout and Hormone Trick

This is going to get ugly, and for that, I apologize in advance…but here we go…

Have you ever suffered from “Thigh Swoosh” or “Chub Rub”, as others call it? That’s the chafing noise your jeans or pantyhose make as you walk. Google told me all about this. The bad news is that we’ve all probably dealt with this.

The GOOD news is that Noisy Thigh Syndrome can be fixed, and it doesn’t require throwing out your favorite clothes. Today I have TWO solutions for you. The first one isn’t perfect, but let me explain…

A couple of years ago I read about a sneaky interval training trick that can help you lose unwanted fat from your thighs. It takes about 40 minutes (so I doubt you have time for this), and it requires you to work very hard. Here’s how it goes.

Step #1 – 20 minutes of interval training

This burns calories, of course, but more importantly, it releases Free-Fatty Acids from the stubborn fat stores in your thighs. Now if you just stopped here, you might not get maximum results because the Free-Fatty Acids in your blood would just end up being stored as fat back on your thighs. According to some gurus, you need to do…
Step #2 – 20 minutes of steady-state cardio

Yuck. I know, I’m not a fan, but the extra cardio would burn the Free-Fatty Acids so they wouldn’t go back to your thighs. If you did this for 12 weeks, you might see a drop of an inch from that trouble spot.

But again, who has that much time? Fortunately, there’s a better solution. First, I need my friend John Romaniello to drop a little science of stubborn fat on us. According to John…

“The three specific hormones that cause the most common types of fat storage are:

1) Estrogen: The female sex hormone responsible for lower body fat storage patterns, such as stubborn thigh fat.

2) Insulin: Insulin release occurs when you eat carbohydrates (especially bad carbohydrates like sugar and processed wheat products) and stores stubborn fat in the love handles and lower back area. Insulin drives sugar and fat into your belly fat. That’s no bueno!

3) Cortisol: Also known as the stress hormone, it is part of the reason you’ve got belly fat covering the sexy muscles of your flat stomach.

Those are your enemies.

The good news is that you can actually increase the production of other hormones that offset the above bad hormones.

John explains one way to flip on your fat burning hormones here

It’s a LOT faster than doing 40 minutes of intervals and cardio, and won’t leave you with a sore butt from sitting on a bike or sore knees from pounding the pavement.

And you also get to see more sexy photos of John, which I know a lot of ladies love. Hey, just being honest. Besides, John is a very good friend of mine and his articles are always worth reading for the best in fat burning science…and entertainment. He’s much funnier than I am, although not nearly as funny as Bally the Dog.

Speaking of Bally the Dog, he’s very excited to send you a special message before you go home for the weekend. Watch your email this afternoon for a few barks from our old buddy on his favorite fat loss diet tricks. Talk – and bark – soon!

Until then, grab a fat-burning coffee or Green Tea and kickback with this important fat burning message from my good friend and celebrity trainer/author, John Romaniello:

John explains one way to flip on your fat burning hormones here

And say goodbye to Thunder Thighs and Chub Rub for good.

Time to change your fat storing hormones to fat burning hormones,

Craig Ballantyne, CTT
Certified Turbulence Trainer

PS – You deserve the best…

…so you must expect and seek out the best. Put yourself in a good environment and fill your world with great people. Do not settle for less. This is your one and only life!

Take a powerful and positive attitude into everything that you do, every day, every meeting, every workout, and every interaction. Plan and prepare for obstacles. Knock them down and out of your way.

“Something has to break and it won’t be you, it will be the obstacle.” – Dr. Norman Vincent Peale
Break your weight loss plateau with these stubborn-fat burning secrets

Believe in yourself. Truly, truly believe in yourself and share your vision with positive people that will support you on your way. State your goals, set your deadline and go after what really matters to you in life. Never give up on it. You will succeed.

We believe in you and we know this approach will work.