Fat Loss While Traveling: The German 20-10 Bodyweight Interval Workouts and Diet Secrets

Flying over 50,000 miles this year, and visiting countries like Hong Kong, Malaysia, Thailand, Germany, Lithuania, Norway, Sweden, and Nicaragua, along with over a dozen cities across the United States taught me more about staying healthy and fit than ever before.

I was recently interviewed by a private club for my on-the-road fat loss workout and diet secrets, and wanted to share them with you.

Q: Craig, everyone in this club travels a lot for work and pleasure… Can you share some tips for staying healthy while on the road?

Absolutely, I’m on the road about 8 nights of the month as well, but the key is to treat your travel just like you treat your regular routine at home.

– Get up at the same time as you normally do.
– Don’t stay up more than 2 hours past your normal bedtime (tough, I know, especially on an adventure trip or when you have important dinners, but still, know your limits).
– Do your daily exercise routine first thing in the morning (as you’re more likely to skip it if you try to do it later in the day).
– Drink your normal amount of water – if not more.
– Most important, plan your nutrition in advance. As soon as you land in a new city, go to a grocery store before you get to your hotel. Buy some basics, such as apples, almonds, organic jerky or protein bars, and bottled water. Use these as wise snacks between meals or even as a quick breakfast rather than “mysterious eggs” from the buffet.
Bonus for the hardcore: For supplements, I take – or purchase upon arrival – Vitamin C, Fish Oil capsules, Glucosamine-Chondroitin, and a Greens Drink powder.

Finally, use my “pick your poison philosophy” at business dinners. You have 3 poisons to choose from, but you only get one:

a) bread (2 piece limit)
b) booze (2 drink limit)
c) dessert (only eat half)

Listen, I’ve had dinners where I’ve had all three “poisons”. You just leave the table feeling uncomfortable. So pick your poison and pay more attention to the company you are keeping rather than eating too much.

Q: I know in Germany you actually lost fat doing short, 20 minute exercises. Can you provide a quick routine our members can perform while traveling to stay in shape?

That’s right, I came home half-a-pound lighter and perhaps even leaner, even though I wasn’t trying, and I still ate a lot more food and desserts (and drank more alcohol) than I regularly would have at home.

The “pick your poison” rule had the greatest effect (because here’s a BIG lesson: You can’t out-exercise a bad diet), but still here’s a 14-minute workout I did in my hotel room one morning. Do each exercise back-to-back.

a) Bodyweight Squats – 20 seconds of squats with 10 seconds rest for 8 rounds (4 min total)
b) Pushups – 20 seconds of pushups with 10 seconds of rest for 4 rounds (2 minutes total)
c) Wall Squats – With your back against the wall, slide down into the bottom of a squat and hold for 20 seconds. Come up and rest for 10 seconds. Do 4 rounds. (2 minutes)
d) Mountain Climbers – In the pushup position with your abs braced, bring one knee to your chest and return to the start position. Alternate sides for 20 seconds. Rest 10 seconds and do 4 rounds. (2 minutes)
e) Alternating lunges – 20 seconds of pushups with 10 seconds of rest for 4 rounds (2 minutes total)
f) Close-grip Pushups – 20 seconds of pushups with 10 seconds of rest for 4 rounds (2 minutes total)

Do some stretches as you cool down before you shower.

Better yet, get into the hotel gym and do a circuit workout of dumbbell chest presses, lunges, rows, shoulder presses, and squats. Do 8-12 reps per set and 3 rounds of the circuit. It will take you about 15 minutes.

By the way…In Munich, before touring the city, we spent an afternoon at Oktberfest. Zee Germans start drinking at 11am and zee beer tents are jammed for the next 12 hours for 10 straight days.

Here are some of my friends my buddy Sean Goldsmith and my ETR business partner Matt Smith along with our group organizer, Karen, getting an early start.

Sean wore the authentic lederhosen, vest, boots, and checkered shirt that the majority of Oktoberfest attendees sport.

4pm at Oktoberfest on a Tuesday

At Oktoberfest with Baron Von Stansberry Munich

Germany is a fantastic country and Munich is a wonderful city. I felt at home there (my mother’s ancestors are German). Both the country and Munich specifically were clean and efficient, and the countryside reminded me a lot of being back home on the old family farm in Stratford (although we don’t have Alps in the background, or as much strudel).

I look forward to going back again soon…I guess we need some more TT Trainers in Germany and Austria.

Stay fit and lean while traveling with those tips,

Craig Ballantyne, CTT
Certified Turbulence Trainer