Fat Loss Accelerators Sample Workout

A controversial Australian personal trainer has taken New York City by storm with her new form of fat loss workouts. Her high-end billionaire training clients claim her Fat Loss Accelerators are even BETTER than workout finishers.

That’s why I had her out to the TT Summit as one of our guest bootcamp instructors. She showed us a thing or two about having even BETTER fat burning workouts than ever before. Listen to – or read – the awesome interview I did with her here:


You’ll love Kate’s Aussie energy (and accent) and her fat loss solutions.

Here’s one of the sneaky fat loss accelerator workouts she wanted to give you today…

•    Choose a weight you can lift overhead for 10 reps.
•    Perform each exercise in order with correct form.
•    Do not rest between exercises.
•    At the end of the circuit, break for 30 seconds.
•    Repeat for 4 rounds.
•    If you don’t know how to do Snatches, then use Swings or 1-Arm Overhead Press.
A) Right arm DB or KB Snatch x 8 reps
B) Left arm DB or KB Snatch x 8 reps
C) Total Body Extension x 30 seconds
D) Push ups x 30 seconds
E) Bodyweight Row x 30 seconds

According to Kate, you can use this workout as a stand-alone conditioning circuit, or if you’re advanced, you can add this Accelerator to the beginning of your workout (after your warm up).

Kate rocks. And so do her workouts. Plus, she’s one of my top Certified Turbulence Trainers.

Try out more of her NYC fat burning secrets from her website here:


Craig Ballantyne, CTT
Certified Turbulence Trainer

PS – These come in bodyweigt ONLY versions too…

…and I’m going to have Kate design one for me to use while I’m in Europe later this week.

I’m off to Lithuania for our annual University Student Camp on Thursday, then to Helsinki, Croatia, and Frankfurt for a couple of days each.

It’s a real whirlwind trip. But I’ll be sticking to a new version of Diet Depletion (full details coming on Thursday) and hitting my workouts in the weirdest locations…trust me, I’ll have some stories to tell later this week!