Belly Fat Fighting Foods

Hey folks, we are really getting so me great advice here from my friend and  nutritionist expert Josh Bezoni. As we learned in yesterday’s post, its important to choose natural foods because it provides the nutrients, vitamins and minerals your body really needs.

As you continue to eat clean you’ll feel better and look better too. In this expert interview series, Josh has a few motivating tips that you shouldn’t miss.


Craig:  Are you going to have recipes in your program or where would you recommend finding some?

Josh: Well, my program “ 7 Day Belly Blast Diet” comes with a cookbook. I think the important thing with any meal is that it’s fast, especially in today’s busy world, and it’s balanced.

You can find cookbooks online. There are all kinds of great cookbooks out there. “Eating for Life” from Bill Phillips is an old cookbook, some of our friends like Mike Geary, and you probably have some Craig. I don’t know if you do.

The important thing is at each meal you find four, five, or six quality meals that you can just keep in your rotation. Here’s an example of what I will have for breakfast, rotating between three or four breakfasts everyday during the week. I love these breakfasts so it doesn’t bother me.

I’ll have protein pancakes, or an egg sandwich, using whole grain English muffin. A little bit of turkey sausage, a bit of cheese, very low in sugar.  I’ll have scrambled eggs or natural eggs with higher Omega 3’s.

Sometimes I’ll do two eggs and two egg whites, but a lot of times I’ll just eat regular eggs because they’re NOT AS BAD AS PEOPLE THINK, they’re actually very healthy for you. So, I’ll have eggs with whole grain toast and maybe half a grapefruit. A lot of times I’ll have oatmeal with a protein drink on the side. I don’t eat just plain oatmeal. I put walnuts in it. I put blueberries in it.

So, now you have it some belly, fat killing recipes, or I should say meal ideas for breakfast. I just rotate this breakfast idea that takes no conscious effort to make them. It’s better than coming up with new recipes all the time.

Craig: That’s great. Our friend John Romaniello has an interesting tip in one of his recent articles, and he said that you SHOULDN’T BE AFRAID OF EATING THE SAME THING REPEATEDLY.

I know that’s going to work for certain mindsets. What are your thoughts on that? Who does that work best for? There’s certainly different personality types that participate in transformation contests, tell us a little about that.

Josh: Sure. Well, it’s hard to argue with John because he looks so good, such a muscular guy. As long as the meals that you’re eating are high quality and balanced that covers the nutrients you need. If not you can eat yourself into a nutrient deficient state.

For example, if you’re eating the same foods all the time that are LOW  in vitamin C, you could be walking around with scurvy, a vitamin C deficiency that used to happen in the olden day.

If you stick to the same meals they need to be really balanced. If there’s one thing I could change that would be to make sure you’re getting the different colors of fruits and vegetables more often. So  you’re getting the vitamins and minerals and all the vital nutrients that you need so much.

Craig: Very cool. Another great thing that you told me and I really like what you said, “You can’t outperform your confidence when it comes to weight loss.” Can you explain what you mean by that?

Josh: Yes. I don’t think you can outperform your confidence for long. Some people can do it for a short amount of time, but I don’t think you can outperform your confidence or yourself esteem in anything in life.

A lot of people have what I call “deservance issues” or confidence issues. If you don’t consistently work to convince yourself that you deserve great things in life, whether it be a great paying job, your own business, a great marriage, a great body, you will never have them.

So, in my program I spend a lot of time on this, you can give someone the ultimate nutrition program, the ultimate diet, the ultimate exercise program, but if their self esteem and their confidence sucks, for lack of a better word, they’re just not going to get results.

I’ve worked with so many people over the years, tens of thousands if not hundreds of thousands of people, and so many of them have such low confidence. They just never get results. So, with them, I don’t spend a whole lot of time on nutrition or exercise in the beginning. I spend a lot of time having them do simple little exercises like reminding themselves of great things they’ve done in their life, things they never thought that they could do.

I have them reminding themselves of characteristics that they like about themselves. This sounds like a little foo-fooey, but it’s really important. All of us know people who say, “I’m going to start a business,” and they never get around to it. So they become their own worst enemy. So, I spend a lot of time with this in the program. It’s vitally important.

Craig: Very cool. You know what? I’ll speak for the people reading this; they really appreciate that because it is super important to have that right mindset. A lot of people are going to struggle, and they may not succeed with their first transformation.

We see a lot of people talking about that on my Facebook page, and I like to point out that if you read the success stories of our winners it always seems to be their third, their fourth, their fifth, their 20th attempt to lose the body fat. Is there anything you want to mention maybe on perseverance and give some great motivation tips to our listeners?

Josh: Yes. I’ve seen a lot of transformations in my day, and persistence, planning and tracking are really important. Making adjustments on the fly depending on what is and isn’t working for you. Surrounding yourself with a group of like minded uplifting people who help you build yourself  esteem and keep you accountable. It is vitally important during any physical transformation or any transformation process in general.

My friend and mentor Bill Phillips in his new book talks a lot about kind of cleaning out your own closet in order to achieve. He talks about people who walk around with all kinds of anger towards other people, with resentment, shame or regret in their own life, have a hard time achieving the “good things” because they get in their own way.

So, definitely make every effort to try and get rid of those feelings, because the greatest achievers and performers I know of out there are people who are very full of gratitude, they’re full of happiness. You can build those characteristics in yourself no matter where you’re at today. It just takes some effort; it’s like building a muscle.

Craig: That was very cool advice, appreciate that.

That’s all for today. Join us in part 5, where Josh Bezoni the author of the 7 Day Belly Blast Diet, explains the calorie myth.