Why Do Some People Have a Fast Metabolism

Fast Metabolism

If you are one of those lucky people who has a fast metabolism, you are both loved and loathed. A fast metabolism usually means that weight loss and/or maintaining your weight is easier than for most people.

Even though there are ways to speed up your metabolism through diet and exercise (and supplements that can enhance your metabolism), it is certainly a lot easier for those whose metabolisms are not working against them. So why do some people have a fast metabolism?

What is Metabolism?

Before explaining why some people have a faster metabolism than others, you first need to understand the role of metabolism in our bodies.

Metabolism has two parts—a catabolic reaction and an anabolic reaction. The catabolic reaction breaks down your food so it can be easily digested and the nutrients can go where they are supposed to in your body. The anabolic reaction occurs when these smaller, broken down pieces are used to build new tissue and take care of your body.

Basal metabolic rate refers to how fast your body breaks down your food. It is this rate that determines how fast or slow your overall metabolism is and, ultimately, how your body weight is affected. A fast metabolism is considered over the one hundred degree limit.

Symptoms of a Fast Metabolism

If you are having trouble gaining weight or muscle, that is usually the first sign that you may have a fast metabolism. This may sound good to some, but for people who are underweight, this can lead to some serious health issues.

In an attempt to gain weight, it can result in overeating fattening foods which can lead to other problems. Many people who are trying to gain weight will tend to eat all types of food that are not necessarily good for them.

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What Causes Fast Metabolism?

Genetics certainly plays a part in your body’s metabolism like it or not. There are three different body types—mesomorphs (those with athletic builds), endomorphs (those with bigger bodies) and ectomorphs (those with very thin builds).

Ectomorphs have a distinct build that make them the most likely candidates to have a fast metabolism. They are often thin with small shoulders, very little muscle mass and a delicate frame. Ectomorphs have a very difficult time gaining weight and putting on muscle due to their overly fast metabolism.

Aside from DNA, there are other causes for a fast metabolism. An overactive thyroid gland, known as hyperthyroidism, is one cause. Nervousness, fatigue, a rapid heart rate and weight loss are usual signs of hyperthyroidism. A doctor can have your thyroid tested if you are experiencing any of these symptoms and suspect your thyroid is the cause of your speedy metabolism. To better regulate your thyroid health, you can try an iodine supplement.

Another reason someone may have a fast metabolism is if they smoke. This is just another reason not to pick up this habit ever in your life. In addition to all the other illnesses it can bring on, messing up your metabolism is another issue to add to the growing list. If you’re a smoker, please, consider quitting NOW.

If you are under stress, that too can affect your metabolism and speed it up. Both smoking and stress usually go hand in hand so finding a better way to deal with stress and quitting smoking is at least one cause that you can eliminate through a lifestyle change.

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Disadvantages of a Fast Metabolism

For those who struggle with their weight and have tried just about everything to control it and keep it in check, having a fast metabolism sounds like a dream come true. But ask someone whose metabolizes food at the speed of light and they will tell you it is not as fun as it sounds. There are disadvantages to having a fast metabolism.

People who are overly thin tend to get accused for not eating enough or trying to starve themselves to look the way they do. For women, this is especially difficult to deal with as no woman wants to be looked at as someone with an eating disorder. Women with fast metabolisms may also experience difficulty with menstruation as their cycles can become irregular.

Another disadvantage of a fast metabolism is that building muscle is going to be much more difficult. Because your body is burning off your food so quickly, there is nothing to fuel muscle growth. The food is pretty much gone before it ever has a chance to be stored and that means losing important nutrients that assist in muscle growth.

Can You Slow a Fast Metabolism?

You can slow down a fast metabolism just like you can speed up a slow one. Diet is the most important factor when trying to slow things down. There are foods that metabolize slowly like sugars and processed and fried foods. But those are not the healthiest options.

Sure, if you have a fast metabolism you can indulge in these foods with little risk of weight gain, but ideally, you want to stick with healthier fats, proteins and carbohydrates to provide your body with some much needed weight.

Getting plenty of sleep also has metabolism-slowing effects as it helps to store the fat in your body. When it comes to exercise, avoid anything too strenuous as you will just burn off what you worked so hard to put on.

According to Judd Handler, a weight management consultant based in California, “If you’re used to doing 45 or 60 minutes on the elliptical or treadmill, try reducing to 20 minutes and instead, add a challenging weight-training routine that limits the amount of repetitions to 10-12 per set.” You can also try certain supplements to better regulate your metabolism.

If you suspect that you have a fast metabolism, you can either accept it as having something that is the envy of most people or you can check with your doctor to make sure that there are no underlying causes that need to be fixed.

While advocating a lifestyle of fatty foods and decreased exercise goes against most expert advice, people with a fast metabolism fall into a category all onto themselves.

You want to make sure that when you do eat foods to gain weight, they are still the healthier variety like whole wheat pasta and brown rice as opposed to the “white” foods. Being underweight can lead to health issues down the road so eating an extra serving of linguini now may save you from a more serious issue later.

To your success,

Craig Ballantyne, CTT
Certified Turbulence Trainer

  • 37
  • Hi

    I would love to know how to speed up my metabolism as I keep gaining weight whether I eat or not. Even when I exercise. I used to be very thin before having my son and I never had a weight issue. I just dnt know what changed and what should I do inorder for me to reverse that

    Thank you

  • Bob

    I have a high metabolism. I sleep and 8 hours a day including a 2 hour nap (so 10 hour every day) and it doesn’t slow my metabolism down at all

  • IBS

    It is quite interesting article, however something important is missing entirely to fully explain this problem. I am one of those who are suffering from this problem. Maybe you forgot to mentioned something about Irritable Bowl Syndrome (IBS) those who it will never gain weight like me!!

    • Skinny Like Hell

      Is this IBS a serious disease?

    • jenner118

      My friend has IBS however the thing that triggered it most was his diet. He’d consume tons of junk food and drinks so i think its got something to do with a diet, cant really say much as i don’t know alot but i hope this helps

    • Reyna P.

      Not true, my aunt (mid-30s) has IBS and she’s fat.

  • ben-jammin’

    The idea that an overweight person burns less calories than a skinny person doing the EXACT SAME exercise or daily activities is silly. This article hit the nail on the head when they so briefly talked about DNA, but more specifically, your genetics. Unfortunately you can’t change your genes yet, so they can’t make money off of it. Shame on companies taking advantage of people that don’t know about biology.

  • Mathew Parker

    I have a very fast metabolism, so much so even on high calorie diets, my body speeds up further, then shall I skip a meal it’s almost painful. On the plus side, I’ve learned to manage it, regular eating and exercises and I’ve build a nice body. I would say the last is bitter sweat, drinking, I can drink 5units in an hour and an hour later, my body has burned the alcohol and I am fine. Good for party’s, bad for my pocket, to get drunk I have to constantly drink every 15 min. A full unit. Ah we’ll

  • Sophia

    My metabolism is eye-wateringly fast. I could be feeling bloated then about two minutes later I don’t feel full at all.

  • GuestPotto

    I don’t know if I have a fast, I was born normal weight but I got really skinny when I was around 6 and now when I’m 14 I’ve started to put on weight (after all the years of sitting still watching TV and eating candy and crap) is it my metabolism that’s slowing down or is it puberty that’s making me gain weight (I’ve read that you put on weight so muscles can grow better) and I started training my muscles 2 years ago because I was tired of being weak and well it worked I’m a lot stronger now (it took me 1,5 years to even get close to my friends and they’re still ALOT stronger than me) (Height: 1,60 weight: 37-39 and I’m 14)

  • rach

    I think I have a mediumly fast metabolism because I put on weight but im always hungry also I suffer from a contraction like pain when I need to go
    the toilet and get contipaited is this a problem

  • ibs

    it is just basically were you have a sensitive stomachs EG. so u get constipated a loT, If u feel u have ibs can it be due to having a fast metabolism

  • Skinny kid

    I think I have a High metabolism. My parents jat bring food home for anyone to eat and I can eat food whenever I want when I’m at home. I usually eat junk food. Ik, Ik, it’s bad to eat junk food, but I don’t gain weight. When I went to the doctor some time ago, I only gained 10 pounds in 1 year. It’s not that much and I’m only 15. I don’t think high metabolism is bad, I think it is good, then you won’t get fat. Speaking of fat, my parents are on the fat side, but my siblings and I are all skinny, so I think genetics have little to do with it.

    • Jesus

      Or…perhaps your parents were skinny earlier in their life, just as you are now, but with age your metabolism naturally slows down; hence the genetics. You might want to consider changing your eating habits a wee bit..

  • Liz

    I know I have a high metabolism and I have tried everything known to man or should I say doctors and friends/family. Nothing has helped me gain the weight and keep it. I have tried a weight gainer from GNC and nothing but I have lost 5lbs that I couldn’t afford to loose. Help would be nice, I hate being over 30lbs under weight and looking like death warmed over.

    • BeatHiMeta

      Hi Liz! I am 28 year old male. Struggled with a high metabolism my entire life. Could NEVER gain weight. What you described in your comment is exactly how I felt for about 24 years of my life. Not any more. There is a super and easy to understand way to beat this problem. Email me and we can talk about it. ( I’m on an iPad and typing is way to slow for me to write it here)

      • Skinny mini

        Hi BeatHiMeta,
        I wonder would you mind sharing how to beat hi-meta, I struggle with high metabolism most of my life also, Im 31 & would really appreciate some advice..

        Skinny mini

  • Beth

    I am so glad i found this since iv always wondered what is going on with my body , I know its not healthy but i eat junk food everyday mostly fries and i am around 6 stone my friends always ask me why I’m i not ‘larger’ since my diet isn’t the best and i simply don’t know! Also i have no muscle i can’t even open a bottle of water lol , I’m so week but now i know whats going on , thanks.

  • Kari

    i think i have medium-fast metabolism, i never eat vegetables and hate healthy food i eat fast food and pizza all the time ive basically weighed same weight since i was 12 except when i became a vegetarian i lost 25 lbs. ive always generally weighted 120-130 and am pretty tall but im not ectomorphs body type, i have more natural build to my body like mesomorph.

  • Lisbeth

    I’m so glad i found this website!!! This helped me so much! This explains everything I need to know about my body. I’ve had fast-metabolism since I was a child. I eat an abundance of food each day, but nothing seems to work since it burns it right off the bat. I learned that i need to eat foods that have alot of nutrients and protein (6-7 small meals a day) and exercise each day for 20 mins to gain some muscle. I used to generally weigh about 110-120 and tall, but now my weight is average! Thank You Craig Ballantyne for giving us this advice! Helped me so much! I can’t thank you enough.. 🙂

    • ttcert

      Thanks Lisbeth!

  • Andrew Powell

    Okay. So, i’m a 16 year old male. I think i have a fast metabolism because i can eat any amount of food and any type of food and i never get fat. But, i still have a decent muscle growth. I’m only 5’6″ but i am strong for my size and have more muscle for people my size. I eat very unhealthy. I usually get a good amount of sleep. Does anybody really know what i’d be catagorized in? I love to not have to worry about how much i eat and yet, i still look healthy. (Doesn’t sound so great but it definitely feels great) Anything will help. Thank you, in advance.

  • i love water

    if your over 18yrs of age and weigh 120-130 you defiantly have a ectomorphs body type.

    • Kennedy

      I think I am one because I’m 17, 5’8″, female, 98 lbs currently and have no muscle whatsoever… My mom says I have a thin stature just like my grandmother. I also have a little sister and she has the same body type as me. She’s pretty tall for her age at 9 years old. She’s nearly up to my shoulders! I suspect her height will be exactly like mine and she may have fast metabolism. If that’s the case, she’s definitely not alone and I’m always here for her. 😊

  • EctomorphBry

    I can really relate to this be cause even though i havent checked up with the doctor i know that i have a fast metabolism and i can completely relate to this subject because first of all i am an ectomorph , i have quite a thin body , and what i’ve just read has just answered my question to why is it that its so very hard for me to gain muscle , yes , it might seem that having a fast metabolism is a dream come true, it’s sometimes not, its not very fun because for me when i’m eating , and because i have a fast metabolism, i’m not finished eating yet my body has already digested the food and ready to be pooped out, so the feeling of that everytime is not good, yeah you can eat so many pizza ang not get fat but it doesnt stay in you stomach for more than 5 min , so you cant feel that satisfaction of being full when everthing you eat you poop out 5-20min later , so guys, be happy you dont have what we got 🙂

  • Kalen Krause

    The average weight for a grown man is 130-160, Americans are just overweight so we bump the standards to 160-190. I’m 21 years old 5’11 and 125 pounds. I am classified as “underweight” but even still my body doesn’t look deprived of food. I can eat twice as much as most of my “average weight” friends and not gain an ounce. Although most people will tell us not to do a lot of cardio because it doesn’t build the desired muscle, I say do what your body is designed for. Bulky people are better at lifting weights, thin people are great distance/speed runners. The important thing is to stay fit and stay healthy and forget what other people think. Remember that people are attracted to all different shapes and sizes so don’t let your stature discourage you.

  • JC

    The description you gave made you sound like a more toned ectomorph or someone whose in between an ectomorph and a mesomorph. Slim but still muscular. But if you’re tall, 120-130 lbs sounds a little light? I’m 18, 5’11”,145-148 lbs, and have a pretty fast metabolism. I’m pretty slim but have an athletic build, mostly from sports and lifting weights. So I guess you could say I’m in between ectomorph and mesomorph. I peak at about 150-155 lbs when I’m lifting and eating good everyday, but when I’m not as active I fall between 145-148 lbs.

  • Yo

    I have fast metabolism, and in school people are like “gosh, your so thin! And tall! And u have curves! Let’s switch bodies” sometimes it annoying but also flattering and Yada yada yada

  • Isaiah

    I have a fast metabolism & all my life people always tell me your so skinny you need to eat more meat blah blah blah & if you know me then you know that I eat a lot plus my dad is a pro body builder which makes me look even more pathetic I try hard to gain weight but it barely works this sucks but its nice to know that some other people are going through what im going through

  • Bisi

    I’m glad I stumbled on this, I know I have a high metabolism. I’m 27 and still struggles between 102 & 105 pounds and I am trying to gain at least 10pounds in 6months. I’m so desperate about this and need immediate help!

    • ttcert

      Bisi – Check out http://www.musclegainingsecrets.com – you’ll pack on muscle no problem!

      • Bisi

        Thanks tycert, I believe this would be helpful but as a lady, I’m not sure this would help me achieve the lady-like body shape I desire. Would it?

      • ttcert

        If you want to gain 10 pounds, that is a good way to do it. Or http://www.turbulencetraining.com/booty

      • Natural Harmonia


  • cesar

    6’2, 122 pounds. I cant gain weight threw exercise or eating and it kinda sucks

  • starlightshimmers

    I have a fast metabolism. I often eat a combination of vegetables, fish, meat, fruits, rice and bread. I also drink tea and milk often, I avoid carbonated drinks (i.e. soda) and I only drink alcohol occasionally. Its all about a balanced diet, don’t eat too much fats or else you’ll get high cholesterol without gaining any weight. I am underweight but having a balanced diet works for me. I don’t mind being thin.

  • James

    I have had a lightning fast metabolism my entire life. The most I have ever weighed was 155 lbs, this was during middle school in my football years, I was always the smallest guy on the field but no one was faster. You say that muscle mass is harder to gain which I disagree with, the important thing is to eat high protein foods mixed eith carbs during recovery from strenuous activity. My bmi is still roughly 122 at the age of 26, it appears as though I am gaining muscle mass as I age..perhaps to a slowing metabolism, but my weight remains the same. I am 5’7 and barely in the 130 lb range, any I gave up on gaining weight in my early twenties and just let my body do what it was naturally made to do, if you have a fast metabolism like mine stop worrying, let people think what they want, you can call us skinny and weaklings all you want. At the end of the day the fa t remains the weight I do have is natural lean muscle mass, I viewed myself as skinny and weak for too long…until the day I was physically threatened by a much larger man yet I left the situation with no bodily harm…to myself that is..he was a different story. This is mostly for all the other guys out there like me…yes we are physically smaller but we possess much greater potential ot generating explosive power when needed. We are just as much of a man and fan protect our family as well if not better than the guy standing next to you who with the protruding belly..and we never really had to work hard at building such a body… we we’re lucky enough to have a body willing to do it for us. Bruce Lee prooved time and time again power comes from efficient lean mass as easily as it does from a greater less lean mass. Remind those who reticule you they are only jealous because you have what they have worked so hard to generalt and you never broke. I can tell you as most of my peers lose strength with age i continue to gain it..so stop worrying about what others think about your lean body and enjoy it…though it will last longer than most it WILL NOT last forever.a sweat.

  • James

    Oh..and if you want to put on a fast few pounds…eat a lot of peanut butter on whole wheat…no jelly…just enough PB to stick your mouth closed lol…it works.

  • WEL

    I was looking for some info on this because I always had a fast metabolism but in the last week I’m not sure if I have lost it now that I’m nearing to my 30’s but I have gained a ton of weight all of a sudden and it’s kind of alarming. For the first time in my life I’m getting fat!


    Thank you. Im always being accused of eating little when I know im eating the most in the household. I like ur thinking James

  • SA

    I’m 19, female, 158cm and 42kg. I’m so depressed when everyone says, “oh you’re so skinny” “oh you should be lucky becoz you’re skinny” “why are so skinny?” “Have you ate often?” I’m so stress with all of these comments. I do eat a lot and try to gain my weight. The last time when I gained weight was 6 years ago. I don’t want to do. I want to gain weight but in the healthier ways. I need help. Please help me.

    • WA

      Don’t be ashamed of who you are! Be strong! Don’t listen to their silly comments. Ignore them and if you want you can eat healthy food, make nutritious drinks (they help a lot trust me) and don’t eat to much junk food and drinks. Be strong!

  • Mihai

    i make gym for 3 years and i manage to get 84 kg. This summer i made 1 month break and i got 77 kg.. 7 kg in 1 month after 3 years of training.. now i strugle to get 80 kg… i hate my fast metabolism…

  • nickname

    smoking doesn’t make you thin. have you ever seen a fat person that smoked? yea, i have too. and i was told that by a doctor. if you replace food with smoke, then you can loose weight.

  • farru

    I train really hard to gain muscle, and if i stop going to the gym for 1 month for school reasons, all that hard training go away really quick 🙁

    • Natural Harmonia


  • Indy

    I’m 35 and weighing 132, most people say they admire my size because I eat like a pig lol and I don’t gain weight.I’d eat every half hour if u ask me and still no weight gain.I’ve tried every thing in the books to put on a little weight and to my avail, I’ve already come to the conclusion that I have a fast metabolism so I give up on the weight gain but after reading some of u guys comment, I realized I’m not alone on this.

  • Christina

    I’m 14 5’5 and I weigh 100 lb. feel really self conscious about my weight because my friends tell me I have to eat more because I’m underweight even though tbh I eat more than they do. It makes me feel like something’s wrong with me because even though I eat that much I don’t really gain weight

    • mariah

      omg I wish I had your weight. I’m 15 5’3 and weigh 120:/ I have a belly pudge at the bottom and can’t wear anything tight

    • Jess

      I’m the same weight and height. I eat heaps and gain nothing. Like whatsoever. People always say they envy me but I hate being so skinny. I can’t eat anymore than I do. Nothing is wrong with you.

      You’re beautiful.

    • Jessenia

      Christina don’t worry for what they say, ur tall u could be a model. I’m 12 and 5 foot and I weigh 100 I’d probably not be able to be a model even though I wish I could.

  • Steven

    Im 22 6’3″..160/180 I do shift work , month of nights and days thats why the two different weights …in shcool Iwas 5’11” 115lbs not the biggest kid but one of the fastest ..playing sports in hight school didn’t help to much…I would eat more than most.. if not I would get hunger pains ..i still do Doc told me to eat more hight protein foods to stop the pain it worked-ish…i have been told to do less cairdo less does not mean no cardio and more free weights ….dumbells and such….seemed to work for awhile but not much …..its good to know there are more people like me out there…..but does anyone else get hunger pains after about 5hr without eating. .??

    • Kennedy

      Oh gosh.. I can never go for 5 hours without eating. 😫 that’s just plain torture to me. I don’t think I get hunger pains but when I’m REALLY hungry, I feel feel weak and if I hold up my hand out in front of me, I’d be visibly shaking. Wow that seriously sounds so bad like I’m starving myself, but I DONT. After I eat a meal, I’m hungry again at least 2-3 hours later and it’s like the food went NOWHERE..

  • Shadow Rebirth

    i’m age 15 and weighed 101 pounds(46 kg). yeah, people call me skeleton. i usually take that as compliment though :D.

    • WA

      Nice work man!

    • Xep

      I feel your pain. Was the exact same weight when I was 15. Now I’m 16 almost 17 and I’m just over 105 pounds 😛

  • TheChosenSix1 .

    im 16 and I am 45kg people call me lean and skeleton. And those who have seen themselves they know that i can eat thrice as much as normal person but i still remain very thin and im an underweight as im 6ft and 45kg. what should i do?

  • Flashback13

    I used to be in the same boat as you guys and to this day i still am struggling with gaining weight. I am 21 and from jan 7 to now i have put on 23 lbs of muscle. I have a body fat percentage of 6.4 and weigh 164 lbs. That being said by me gaining weight i have also lost about an inch or two around my waist just because i gained muscle and burned off the fat. Literally every morning i wake up i lose at least 2 lbs while i sleep. My doctor said that i am in great shape but the most difficult thing for me to do is eat as much as i do. I am not on any diets or anything like that though. I just eat healthy and train a lot. I eat over 5000 calories a day just to stay at the weight i am now because my body has a extremely fast metabolism. If you want to not just gain weight but feel better about how you look, have a very healthy diet and workout at least 4 times a week. It helped me gain weight and i have never looked better or felt better. It’ll be hard but trust me when i say its worth every it. Don’t give up!

  • Nick Gotjé

    Im 15, 68kg, 1.91m but i have 61kg muscle and 7kg fat.
    I workout a lot and i dont get fat when i eat alot.
    I just think its a possitive thing.

  • Aejhaey Chester Cisnero

    Im 24 6’4 height i think im so thin..no need to ask for my weight dont know what to do.. any suggestions.. -_- thank you..

  • dale

    I’m 34 and 6’4″ and still have a high metabolism. I eat healthy for the most part, but occasionally I’ll eat whole pies or pizzas and I really don’t gain much weight. People I work with wonder where I put all the food I eat, and even I get surprised at how hungry I can be just a few hours after eating a meal that would satisfy the hunger of 2 or 3 people.

  • will289

    Im 5f10 and just turned 30, I weigh 73 kilos but if I have a big weekend I can lose 4 kilos easy, I eat a stupin amount of food, drink alot of beer not so much lately but back 1 month ago had a lot of inbetween meals like kfc and maccas, I love it, except especially when I was younger I was really small and ppl just assume you dont eat, another bad point is always feeling hungry(so try and eat a couple of bannas during the day as they are low gi)and going to the toilet 2/3 times aday, and how easy it falls back off after all that hard work. yous can all put on weight it just takes abit longer and your diet is very crucial, Always carry around food with you at work like tins of tuna, protein bars, bannas, a cpuple of hard boiled eggs, nuts, beef jerkyor little tins of baked beans,that aleays gets me through till lunchI i put it on the easiest when I hit the gym hard and feed your muscles propaly, heaps of protein and alot of pasta and rice as our bodys need it alot more than others, and dont get disheartened.
    But as I have been getting told by heaps of ppl I know that are older and jealous, “wait till ya get to 30 You will start looking like me….. ha ha suckers
    I would much rather start training at gym thin and put on weight, than starting at the gym trying to lose weight

  • Mark

    5’11, 120-130 bps (55kl). 29 years. Male. Hasn’t changed since I was 17. My dad’s the same. Fortunate?? ; Easier to eat fat/sugar.. Not really a longevity blessing. Too much grease/fat gives stomach issues. Cannot eat large amounts easily. NEED more than 3 meals per day. Need my green smoothies or gastric stuff. Smkoe.? ya.. Juged/made fun of/faux-envied. hmm.
    But I thank god and the universe every day for my fortunate health. I strive every day to eat/drink/move healthy, but it is usually not easy to focus my determination to NOT put in that spoon of sugar into my coffee 3 times a day…
    “Life is as easy as you make it”

    Wise quote

    • Kennedy

      Very true. I think that no matter what others may think of you, just push through, live YOUR life the best way YOU can be with what you have, take care of your body, and be healthy. Heck I’m still young so I MIGHt gain a little more down the road, but I have serious doubts.

  • Jackie

    I totally agree all my friends keep say COME ON YOU GOTTA EAT YOUR SO SKINNY and well I eat a lot and it s really annoying! And when I go to the doctor they always say you need to gain more weight but it’s not easy to do that for me every time I go they say 2 things your to skinny and you need to gain about or more than 20 pounds.p

  • Me

    I’m 15 and weigh 83 pound yall 100 pounders think it’s bad. I get accused of being anorexic all the time. But I am CONSTANTLY eating

  • 滝津louise☁

    This is so accurate. Thank you for this.

  • Sarah

    Uggg my friends talk about how I’m a fuirt addict and need to eat more and how weak I am. But I eat alot, the other day I felt awkward because they were talking about skinny people and how how they only care about how their body looks. But that was before using learned about my fast metabolism now I fell so much better. Also my stomach is growl all the time in class and I’m like what da hell and made fun of for before getting caught eatting in class

  • Jessica

    Honestly, having a fast metabolism is the worst thing ever ! U look anorexic or u look like u starve yourself 😩 I eat so much & never gain weight & constantly people tell me to eat more, I think it’s hella funny how people think I actually like my body. The only thing good I hear about my body is ” u look like a model ” or ” you should be a model ” cause of my weight but that’s its … I’m 5’5 & I weigh 104

    • Lex

      Same here! All my life people say ‘omg you need to like eat more !!’ ‘Omg I might brwak you cuz ur so bony !!! ‘ and then ‘omg you should be a model !!’ and im 5’7 and 120lbs … :c

      • Kennedy

        Bruh, I’m 17, 5’7/8″, my lowest weight ever has been 95 pounds, highest ever was a measly 105, and recently I’ve just been stuck at 98….-sigh-…. I feel your pain. I remember a little while ago I was using this online bmi calculator and what’s absolutely insane is that even at 105 pounds, I’m STILL UNDERWEIGHT. I’m over here like DUDE, what do you want me to do!? And don’t even get me started on trying to gain muscle… 😑😤

      • AnMa

        Oh gosh I know right!!! I’m 5,4, a girl, 30 yo, and my lowest was 95 lbs, and that was because I had a surgery and a hard time eating for a few days… I looked very skelletish, I wasfeeling so embarassed…
        I was once weighing 128 lbs, I don’t even know how I did that… I was way less stressed, I was happier, I would eat more probably because I was less stressed, and I was doing kung-fu so I put on some muscle. But then, anxiety troubles… stress… eating less…
        And now two weeks ago I had some horrible acid reflux and couldn’t eat to satisfy my hunger, and I lost all my boobs… I’m now down to 97 lbs (have been around 103 lbs for a few years)… it took a week to lose around 5 lbs maybe… and it’s gonna take months to put them back now!! This is frustrating…
        That and all the comments like “do you eat? You’re gonna break in half! Don’t lose any more weight or you’re gonna disappear!”

      • Kennedy

        Omg I’m sorry… The struggle is literally real in your case and a lot worse with mine! Just don’t give up. As long as you get to your healthy goal weight in a HEALTHY way, I’m happy and cheer you on. I can’t imagine what I’d be like in that situation. Losing BOOBS too?! I’d literally have NOTHING left because I’m like what, 36A? My mom’s side of the family (where I get all of my genes from) is quite small in both bottom & top department, so I mean, what are ya gonna do? cx I’m tiny but mighty c; and you are too!

        I’m not willing to go under the knife nor try & change myself in any way shape or form just because they like x, y, and z better or they in general just don’t like how i look. Life is too short to try and please other people and society. I learned that the hard way. I’ve been through major body dysmorphia and lost so much time (years) thinking I looked like this monstrous image, when in reality I was actually beautiful.

        Those who say “do you eat? You’re gonna break in half! Don’t lose any more weight or you’re going to disappear!” say that either 1. not understanding your situation or 2. are just plain knuckleheads and think it’s easy to gain & maintain weight for EVERYONE… I know it can be hard to ignore all that banter, but please remember that you are not born to fulfill other people’s standards of beauty. You are born you for a reason. Learn to embrace how your body operates and make sure that you’re adopting healthy habits, all the while focusing on the journey instead of just on the destination. If needed, find ways to cope with the sort of anxiety you have, maybe figure out what’s triggering it and get down to it from the source. I’m still trying to tame mine. Go to a professional if you have to, I’m planning to in the future. There’s no shame in asking for help.

        Best of luck and you can talk to me if you need someone. <3

    • Isaac

      I’m 5’6 and 112, and I’m a 26-year-old male. At least you’re female where it’s not looked so down upon. Everyone has quirks here and there, but at the end of the day, just understand that it’s better to have this problem than any of the millions of worse problems you could’ve been born with. I’m thankful to the Lord that He has given me what I have and that I was at least born with all 5 senses, and that I wasn’t born with some real serious dysfunction like millions around the world have.

  • Sakurai

    I have a fast metabolism and it affects me in a way that I’m under weight but constantly hungry. I eat twice as much as a normal person and stick thin 🙁

  • Ashley

    “People who are overly thin tend to get accused for not eating enough or trying to starve themselves to look the way they do. For women, this is especially difficult to deal with as no woman wants to be looked at as someone with an eating disorder” My life…😭

    • Brianna

      yes… i am 14 and i try to tell people i have a fast metabolism but i guess they just don’t get it.😒

    • AnMa

      Mine too..

  • Anisa

    I’m 17, 5’7″ and 122 lbs. I’ve been called anorexic, twig, toothpick, and blah blah blah. Its so irritating and ppl will say I need to eat a cheeseburger, I’m like I eat about three a day! They don’t get our struggle. Thanks for this article to inform all the judgmental idiots out there

    • Isaac

      I’m a male, 26, 5’6 and 112 Ibs, I haven’t changed since I was a teen. I frankly don’t care what people call me, I just laugh at it. If it were up to me I would rather be 122 than 112, but I don’t like to exercise and I hate lifting weights. My metabolism runs at light speed and I stopped caring about fitting into the image that everyone deems as how a man should be. I’m just thankful to the Lord that I was not born with a serious dysfunction.

  • Emerald

    My friends keep telling me I need to gain weight……can slam down a footlong with double meat from Subway and be hungry again 3-5 hours later. Ridiculous!

  • ju

    im 6’2 170 been this way since 19 maybe and im 23. i have no problem with mine being high, i see it as a plus…….but i want more muscle mass and i eat way to much to always be hungry or have room for more for a lack of words so i guess that part sucks

  • Andrea

    I don’t know why I have a fast metabolism bit I’m sick and tired of people telling me that I’m small and scrawny and I’m a skeleton and a toothpick and OMG your so small I break you in half… :'(

    • nicole

      You need to stop and stand up for yourself. It’s just you they are jealous of.
      I am small too but I eat ..a lot. .I us to get picked on when I was younger but now people know not to. You have to be strong!

    • Kelvin

      look at your strengths and do not just focus on your weaknesses

  • spencer

    im 5’0 and 104 pounds. im 18 and im underweight i hate having a fast metabolism. because people are always saying im to small and its not my fault, its genetics.

  • afinn

    I am 33yo, 178cm/70kg. Ever since 20yo I just waited for the promised slowing of metabolism, so that I would be able to gain some weight and look somewhat normal instead of just skin, muscle and bone. So that I would not have to calculate calories to keep my weight. I have a 10-pack and my shouders have muscle shreds showing (1cm wide stripes wiggling if I tense shoulder). My waist circ. is 68cm but I have 62cm thighs…Yes, it is ridiculous. I eat ~2700kcal per day, fatty peanuts, cheese, bacon, kebab, pizza, anything goes. I have tried healthy eating and rubbish eating. Nothing adds any fat to my body. Friends and spouse tell me to eat more… but I cannot. I can go over 3000kcal with supplement drinks but at that point eating and gaining weight becomes like work. If I go with friends to summer cottage and have great time for a week, I lose 3-4kg and it takes over month to get back. All blood tests are in middle of tolerances, I had full-body CT scan – nothing wrong. This is like a damn curse… =(

    • Remco

      tell your friends to eat less, 178cm/70kg is a very good ratio! More and more people are too fat, this may look like you are skinny but you are not. It is time to starting liking on how you look
      Im 190/72 kg, 27yo, but I have been down to 60kg in my late teens. Im still skinny, but imo I look great and healthy!. On top of that I can eat anything I want without consequence, doesnt sound like a big curse to me.

  • Danny

    Im a 19 year old male, im 6’3″ and weigh ~130lbs. Ive been on protein diets, hitting 5-6000 calories a day for over a month, and in that period (while working out) I gained two pounds. This is ridiculous and im tired of not being able to gain weight.

  • Leah

    I’m a 19 y/o female, stand at 4’9” and weigh about 48kg. Not sure if I really do have a fast metabolism but I get hungry almost all the time (probably every two hours). On top of that, I don’t gain or lose weight easily, which not really a problem to me because it helps me in maintaining my numbers. Do people who gets hungry often really do have fast metabolism or is it just a myth? This has been bothering me lately.

  • Emma

    we’ve heard enough of how to lose weight…Can someone please give us a solution on how to gain weight for heaven’s sake!!!!! The internet is so full of ways on how to lose weight…why is no one bothered about the skinny people who want to add on some weight???!!! Give us a lasting solution on how we can be able to add on weight…Doctors, nutritionists….name them…we need your help like yesterday…hello…..

  • skilled_assassin01

    Omg you took the words right out of my mouth!!!! I too am struggling to gain weight. Im 21 and i look like 16 because I’m so skinny. I searched for months and found no solutions guess they don’t care about us :/

  • Isaac January

    I really hate it in the winter time I have to wear extra to get warm.

  • Nishka Gray

    I’m 5’6 and 120 pounds. My thyroid is a little fast, tough not enough for medication, and I do have a lot of stress but it goes with my career, not exactly something I can change. And I eat. A lot. But no matter how much I eat in front of friends and family, they always look at me like I have an eating disorder. I’ve spent two weeks on a protein and carb high diet, the type of diet for people who need to gain weight quickly, and I’ve lost 2 pounds. A dinner out for me consists of an appetizer, two entrees and a dessert, and my wight never goes up. That’s how much I need to eat in order to maintain my weight. My friends hate eating with me cause I eat triple what they do, but strangers always assume I starve myself. Every time I hear “How do you stay so skinny?” I wanna scream.

    • Prabhu Bhai

      Exactly same problem here.. need some suggestions

  • Kyle

    I have a fast metabolism and when I was still only 130lbs at 5’11” in late highschool I started going to the gym and noticed no gains for 6 months.. I even had a friend living at my house and going to the gym with me and we practically ate the same yet he had gained to 160lbs, I had already increased my protein intake a lot and saw no difference so I doubled my carb intake and finally after a couple months I started seeing gains and was 150lbs within a year.. My friend was surprised but I realized protein isn’t everything, especially if you have a fast metabolism. You need the carbs for your body to burn off so that it can use the protein where it’s needed (repairing your muscles). I also always ate snacks inbetween meals and a meal before bed but mostly because it makes it a lot easier for me to fall asleep that way

  • Vee-a

    Umm actually i think i have fast metabolism i ate alot but never gain any Im not over skinny but Im kinda slim and one thing is that Im very active like flipping and doing summersults in my bed i can climb a hundred step without taking a break but i sweat easily which is annoying when your all fabulous going out with your friends and gave out lots of body heat and one thing is that if i get too relaxed the whole day i find myself having trouble sleeping at night

  • Sporty

    A fast is metabolism is fun but sad. Good thing is chocolate is my friend. Calories are my friend. Sugar is my friend. But when I weight 70 pounds…… Not fun. And no I don’t have amnesia. Plus I get bullied in school but. I get bragging rights. I have what every girl wants. The ability to eat whatever and not get fat.
    xD Hope I was helpful. -Sporty

    • Mousery

      Thanks ^_^ you made me smile

    • Stacie Stevens Markham

      I can promise you that a fast metabolism is not fun. No more fun than having a slow one. It’s every bit the struggle, especially since some people make no bones about letting you know that you are too thin. They don’t feel bad about body shaming someone who is too thin.

  • My metabolism is extremly fast I’m always eating constantly! I have a ectomorph body type I eat all day but gain no weight

  • Hannah

    I’m 13, 5 ‘1″ and weigh 82 pounds Its hard to gain weigh but I’ve been gaining about .2 pounds every 2 months or so 😊 my weight just hasn’t caught up with my height yet lol, but I’m going to try eating healthier, and more consistently since sometimes I don’t notice I’m hungry when Im deep in school projects.

  • Bridget

    I haven’t gained or lose weight I’m 5’8 and I weigh 118 my weight never goes up or down it looks like I haven’t eaten also i have stress or anxiety problems I also have a fast heart beat rate after running for a short period of time but I play sports I’m an athlete in high school but I’m the skinniest one what should I do

    • G

      Gaining weight can be simple believe it or not. And you don’t have to eat everything under the sun to do it. It’s all about calories. Your body needs a certain amount of calories per day to maintain it’s weight. You have to figure out what that number is and add an excess of 200 calories per day. The KEY is CONSISTENCY. If you fail on days this can just bring you back to square one. You have to build the habit of eating the same amount every day. It gets easier once you’ve done it for a few weeks so don’t worry if it’s hard at first, just push through it, it won’t be like that forever. To keep track of your calories, use an app like ‘MyFitnessPal’. You can scan barcodes of food or use the search function. Go on YouTube and search IIFYM. It’s good to educate yourself so you understand how gaining and losing weight works. Once you get the hang of it, it’s easy! Good luck

  • Paul Gerhard

    but for us fasties all good things come to an end when we reach fourty

    • Stacie Stevens Markham

      I’m 44 and still waiting for that myth to come true. It hasn’t yet. I am 5’7″ and weigh around 106 lbs. which looks way too thin on my frame.

    • Kristie

      Not true.. I am 40 and only weigh 93 lbs. I have struggled to keep weight on my entire life..

    • Kristie

      I also have an aunt with the same problem and she is 60.

    • Sarah

      I’m 5′ 7″ with long skinny legs so I look skinnier than I am. In college, I managed to get to 123 lbs. Which was fine, except when I’d get sick (just regular flu stuff). Then I’d have to stuff myself to be able to put the weight back on. Not so easy. One time, I dropped to 110 lbs. When I taught HS, kids often looked at me & said I was anorexic. But when people saw how much I ate, they couldn’t believe it!
      I finally gained about 10 lbs when I hit menopause. And my metabolism slowed to a crawl. Overnight. I wasn’t 40 though, it was about 8-10 yrs later. Now I don’t have to worry about getting sick & losing weight because if I do, I’m still at an ok weight. So for me, that part is great! What I don’t get is that everything I read about increasing energy levels are really about increasing metabolism. I didn’t want to increase my metabolism (still don’t)! It was too fast as it was, but I’ve rarely had a lot of energy. I wish someone would talk/write about how to increase energy!

  • Taryn

    I eat 24/7 and am skinny af yay!

  • B

    I am 16 years old, 5 foot and only 80 pounds. It really sucks especially in school when my friends always accuse me of not eating enough. I try to eat a lot but because of my small frame, I cannot store as much food as others without feeling sick to the point that I want to throw up. I have been eating so much that it is uncomfortable because of how full I am after every meal. All of this to no avail. I cannot gain weight! It really is not as fun as it sounds. Burning off weight is much easier than gaining weight in my opinion. And it doesn’t help that I love running around and playing outside even as a kid, but I try to limit myself in gym class because I don’t want to burn off what I tried so hard to put on.

    • jada

      That’s the same thing… I’m having problems with.

  • loudmouth

    I’m 26 yrs old and 5ft 3 but I’m quite lean not too skinny tho. ever since I was in college 4 years ago I would always snack in between meals and then not eat all of my dinner and then snack again during bed time. after i left i started eating fast food and takeaways as wel as cakes and pastrys a lot. but i have put on a little bit of weight but not really enough. i would like to put on a bit more what do i do?

  • Laurney734

    Im so glad i found this article! This ectomorph body is me. I’m 28, 5’4″ 100lbs. It’s good to know there’s a name for it. I have a hard time finding advice for this since most people are opposite. And I don’t talk about it with anyone for the same reason . I’ve been doing weight training like mentioned in this article, eating healthy and eating more, but I’m not gaining, actually I’ve lost weight. I drink protein shakes to help with muscle building. I think the problem is I work night shift. I was doing fine maintaining a good weight when I had a normal day time schedule. I have no choice but to work night shift right now. what else can I do?

    • RZ Paxo

      You’re not eating enough. Eat more. Body types are junk science. If you have an active job and you exercise, then your daily caloric expenditure can and could be closer to 3000 calories a day.

      Your basal metabolic rate is what your body burns if you were to lay in bed all day and not do anything. BMRs only vary among people by a spoonful of peanut butter more or less, AT MOST.

      You’re not gaining because you’re not eating enough. So stop assuming you’re doing everything right, and use myfitnesspal to track ALL your calories. You will be surprised at how off you were without it

      • Sumit Kumar

        Actually, you’re half right about this, people with fast metabolism can gain weight just like everyone else, however i found their weight gain is somewhat depended upon their psychological condition. Depression, tension, stress and anxiety, one must completely get rid of these and start eating healthy, This is my own experience, I’m 28, 6″ and 60-65kgs. I noticed I gain weight (still slow, atleast but I do) just by eating normally when I’m not suffering from these issues and there are days when I start losing weight no matter how much eat.

      • Jwehlm

        Nice blanket statement… “if you have an active job and exercise, then your daily caloric expenditure can and could be closer to 3000 calories a day.” So what about active job, no exercise, and 8000 calories a day. And save me the “you’re overestimating” bs. For the past 3 month period I, like clockwork, have 3 1500 calorie shakes(253g carbs and 50g protien per shake)per day, one upon waking, one before sleep, and one split between meals. Then I also have 3 “meals” a Costco muffin with banana- 725 calories, and two meal preps that I select and prepare in portions of 1500 calories each. Usually rice or pasta with protein and veggies. I also supplement with aa and specific vitamins.

        While I understand your opinion it’s not an absolute, and you obviously don’t understand the struggle, let alone how to interact with other humans in a way that helps them achieve their goals.

        It is ridiculous at a certain point to say i should consume more especially when there is no result. What 10k? 12k? Have you ever tried to stomach that much food in a day? I have. And all I want is a little extra weight so I don’t have to monitor my diet so closely, but it doesn’t happen, even if I consume an extra shake per day my weight stays the same.

        And for the record, for others, I’m 6’8″ 190lbs and haven’t put on weight in the last year. I was 230 after 4 years of dedicated gym workouts(muscle is the only weight I gain) but stopped for a year due to an accident and after decided that’s not where I wanted to spend my life. So now I’m comfortable with where I am as long as maintain my regimen. Focus on clean foods and meals spread throughout the day.

      • paul preston

        lol there you go again with your bullshit.. “body types are junk science!”

        No they are not, they are a simple observation and fact. People have different anatomy buddy, not everyone has the exact same skeletal structure. There is a reason people with a huge barrel chest and a big wide face usually have a more fat than someone with small joints, a thin rib cage, thin shoulders ,etc. Do you think every human being is the same? What about eskimos and the fact that they naturally have more body fat and rounder bodies to deal with the cold? how easy do you think it is for one of them to get a six back compared to a black man who evolved in the hot plains of africa ? Body types are junk, your a fucking idiot.

      • Mario Quarles

        What are you fucking retarted!! I’ve been working at McDonald’s for almost 2 years, 4 times a week and I am still thin. I am 5’9 male and weigh 115. So instead of assuming that I’m not eating enough, know that I eat a lot at home with protien supplements. So stfu!!!

  • Brock

    I’m 5’10”, 130 pounds, but I love my metabolism. It makes me feel more energetic and I feel it really helps me stay swift on the tennis court. Guys, take advantage of this superpower and put it to use!

  • scarlett

    Anyone hate having a fast metabolism and want to trade to get a few more pounds on? It’s mutually beneficial, you see, cause I could stand to loose weight, but I LOOK at a twinky and gain 8 pounds right then. Some of my friend could eat a whole cake alone and gain maybe an ounce. Anyone wanna trade metabolisms with me?

    • Kat Roo

      Did you not read the article…? Having a fast metabolism is shit for a lot of people. I get bruising on my legs just from casually walking a short distance. I’m told I look sick. You don’t want to trade; just stop looking at Twinkies and other shit food.

  • Seeing all these other comments are making me feel even more self-conscious than usual since I’m 24, 5’4ish and I have never ever weighed a 100 pounds. My sisters are both mesomorphs and thus are the relatively ‘average’ weight and height (100ish pounds) whereas I am an ectomorph apparently and at most I once weighed 96 pounds.

    But I have never reached 100 and I think it’s because my metabolism is so fast. I can eat a lot and then still be hungry later or snack on lots of candy and yet never really put on weight and it’s really discouraging. It doesn’t help either that where I work burns most of my calories too since a lot of it involves pushing carts so that strips away everything I’ve put on too.

  • Kiran Fonohema

    Do weight training

  • RZ Paxo

    For those of you reading this article or who have read this article: nothing in this article is true. There is no such thing as a “fast” or slow metabolism. Your metabolism will vary based on how much you weigh, how tall you are, your biological sex, and how much lean mass you have. At most, people’s metabolism a vary by 200 calories a day, that’s a spoonful of peanut butter more, or less.

    Further more the whole “body type” thing is junk bro science. People are known to either vastly overestimate how much they are eating or vastly underestimate. If you’re not tracking your calories in a journal or MyFitnessPal, and you still think you’re doing it right and not getting results… Well you’re obviously not. So stop deluding yourself. The ONLY thing that matters for absolute weight gain or absolute weight loss is how many calories you consume. If you eat more calories than your bodies use in a day, you WILL gain weight. If you eat less, you WILL lose weight. If you eat the same, you WILL maintain weight. So if you’re not gaining weight or losing weight, you are VERY Obviously doing it wrong. So stop deluding yourselves and reading these junk articles on the Internet. Weight loss/gain is simple, but it’s not easy. Fitness is not meant to be complicated–people like to make it seem that way to create value for themselves, don’t listen to these dodo brains

    • Simon Bagnall

      I couldn’t disagree with you more. This article correctly defines my own physical situation: I can eat as much of whatever I choose and it makes not a darn difference to my body weight and my children are the same; we are a family of tall, skinny types who find it impossible to gain weight. Calories are irrelevant to me as my body just burns them whether I’m stationary or exercising. To say that weight loss or gain is simple is trite and insulting.

      • RZ Paxo

        Again you are WRONG. Wrong, wrong wrong. Weight loss and weight gain obeys actual PHYSICAL laws. Thermodynamics. You are not a special snowflake and your body is not an exception to physics. Weight loss and gain is about total energy intake and total energy expenditure.

        If you track your calories. As in WEIGHING every single item you eat or drink on an actual food scale, you will be surprised at how notoriously awful you are about how many calories you actually eat. And given that you sound like everyone else who was ever wrong about being hard weight gainers, I’m betting 100% that you do not accurately report or record your food in take. Plenty of studies show the vast majority of people are absolute garbage at estimating their energy intake, by either underreporting or overreporting.

        Everyone has a certain amount of calories their body needs to exist and not dwindle away. It’s called your basal metabolic rate. Everyone also expenses some average daily amount of calories depending on whether or not they are sedentary or what their activity levels are. The more active of a person you are, and the larger you are height or weight wise, the more calories you need to eat to gain weight or maintain it.

        So if you’re 6’5 and 200 lbs then yes you will need to eat more to gain weight than others. However your assertion that you can eat whatever amount of food you want and not gain weight, is FACTUALLY and SCIENTIFICALLY false!

        Weight loss and weight gain for the vast majority of people IS as simple as calories in and calories out. Just because you are undereducated, does not make reality “insulting”.

        Learn it and get over it

      • Merenia

        JUST because you insist it doesnt make YOU right either.

        I actually have to agree with Simon. I have always been technically “underweight” for my age. I’ve always struggled to put on weight and people would say I had to eat more so I grew up being praised for eating heaps which I got use to very fast, and I ate anything I wanted which at one stage included Mcdonalds everyday after school (my attempt to gain weight to be more curvy like my friends). It didnt work. My parents even checked me out with a doctor to make sure I didnt have worms or anything, and nope 100% healthy. As a result ive never had a diet and never exercised (also disliked sports a lot as a kid).

        Now in my mid-20s, I still stay at the same weight for years at a time but feel far more comfortable with being slim. I consider myself lucky as I know weight is a struggle for many. I still eat whatever and dont do exercise (desk job now) but I know I should still try to be reasonably healthy so ive started eating more veges and going for walks.

        See people can have different situations and the fact that while this is what my body is like, and some others is different, does not make me an automatic liar. Your responses RZ Paxo sound very defensive and NO YOUR WRONG AND IM RIGHT RARARAR. Also if youre wondering, I have kept a food diary before out of interest because other “friends” would insist i must be super unhealthy on the inside. Turns out I eat even more then I thought, and need to get more sleep. Also Dr tests confirmed that I am very healthy inside (phew).

        So maybe learn to get over that and accept that some people have grown up feeling self conscious about being underweight as well.

      • RZ Paxo

        I am 100% right Merenia.
        SCIENCE is on my side. Your food diary means NOTHING as the vast majority of people are completely dishonest in what they self report. If you are not WEIGHING ALL your foods and tracking your exact calories, I am putting my $ on it that you in particular are over representing how much you eat or you think you’re eating a LOT more than you are.

        YOU are NOT an exception to science and cold hard facts. You are not a medical anomaly. You’re just arrogant and ignorant and somehow think your situation is special. You’re wrong no matter how defensive I’m getting, Not only that, but you should also feel bad for being so blatantly stupid and proud of it.

      • Merenia Wright

        Why would I be dishonest in my food diary when I’m the only one seeing it? Also I never said I was “Special”, lol, although you making that assumption says a bit about you and this apparently huge chip you have on your shoulder. Everyones body is different and you can have two people who eat and do exactly the same thing, and can end up weighing completely different or have different distribution of fat/muscle.

        Also I’m not arrogant, I’m just commenting on my experience with the body I have. Like Ive said, if anything I use to try and gain weight because other people would make fun of me and make comments saying i’m so small and that I needed to put more meat on my bones, when actually now I’m just comfortable the way I am 🙂

        And nope I won’t feel bad so sorry to disappoint you 🙂 🙂

      • Jan Shaw

        Actually if you read Gary Taubes books good calories bad calories AND why we get fat and what to do about it, the calories in calories out theory is being debunked by science.

      • Jake

        RZ Paxo, you need to be more open minded, and maybe research facts a bit more. You keep telling people that they don’t record calories properly, and to use myfitnesspal, which I think is correct, but people usually do have a good idea of how much they’re eating. I use the app, and weigh everything I eat, coming to roughly 3000 calories a day (with a good distribution between protein carbs and fats). Considering I’m 5’11” and weigh 115 pounds, it’s very clear my basal metabolic rate is far faster than normal, and more than just ‘a spoon of peanut butter’ so. My housemates all agree I pile the food on my plate compared to them. People vary massively in metabolism, part of my course studies genetic differences between people and this is a fact. Whilst it does come down to amount of calories and exercise, you can’t just write off as “everyone is exactly the same, you just aren’t doing enough”, some people have to go far beyond to gain weight.

      • Paxo… Dude…. You’re an arrogant asshole. K?

      • J. Clark

        I’m 28 6.1 tall and 156lbs. Struggling with my weight since 15. I’m never hungry, sometimes I just forget to eat whole day or if I eat it’s around 1200 kcal a day maximum. But I wanted to change it. I ate more went to gym. Nothing. I’m using myfitnesspal since a year no change. Just came back from the doctor today. They said everything is right. I said, how to fffck can it be right when I’m consuming 4200 kcal since 2 month and not change. I’m using scale for everything 7 meals a day, eggs bacon, sweet potatoe, brown rice, white rice chicken, Turkey, beef, olive oil, flaxseed oil, coconut oil, tuna, salmon, Oats. Total 590g carbs, 160g protein, 140g fat. How can you explain that I’m keeping the same weight on 1200 kcal and 4200 kcal? It’s 180.000 kcal excess during a two month period!

      • Lisa

        The dumbest thing about this is that you’re talking about physics.

        This is biology. There ARE hormones affecting your metabolism. I haven’t gained weight in 4 years despite eating three lunches a day and exercising only once a week.

        Get over it

      • RZ Paxo

        Biology is chemistry which is physics, moron. Your body USES a set amount of energy each day in the form of calories. If you EAT more than it uses, you will store it as fat or lean mass. If you eat AS MUCH as it uses, you will not gain or lose any significant mass. If you eat LESS than it uses, you will lose weight.

        It’s really ****ing simple. The fact you cannot grasp this must put you at the low end for IQ. You are WRONG, you are NOT a special snowflake.

        Eat ****

      • Clara

        You can’t simply say eat more to gain more. It’s not as easy as that. I always eat 4 plates of rice together with chicken/fish/beef in a day (including supper) but never been gaining weight since puberty. There are also other various factors that affects it; genetic, hormonal balance, psychology, stress management etc. We’re not robots, it doesn’t depend merely on our diet or calorie intake alone. My bmi is 16.22 since i was 12 and all those eat-more-until-you-bloat ideas just dont really work on most of us.

        Just because you are undereducated? Stop being so judgemental, open up your mind, RZ Paxo.

      • paul preston

        “science is on my side” no its not, there are many scientific research experiments showing that the calorie in/calorie out formula is overly simplified and doesn’t account for the fact that metabolism can change by up to 40 percent. “BIOLOGY = MOLOCULES = PHYSICS!!!” haha okay. and the body isn’t a furnace, it’s an incredibly complex system that can distribute and process energy in countless ways. Simple example is the fact that leptin can speed up your metabolism by increasing thermogenesis and burn fat. Some people have a resistance to leptin and hence they will not. Insulin levels also play the opposite role.

        Everyone is different and everyone has different nervous systems with different metabolic requirements, the way you brush off the thyroid as if it is not a factor shows you know no nothing about it and how its hormones regulate basal metabolic rate. An over active or under active thyroid gland can absolutely affect weight gain and weight loss, this is an established fact. You are the one spreading bro science with your stupid as overly simplified and ignorant view of the human organism and your inability to acknowledge individual biochemistry. There are countless factors effecting metabolism besides body weight and muscle mass.

    • Fanatic

      Thank god I wasnt the only one. I was reading through this and couldnt believe the amount of complete bs there was. From broscience to debunked old myths. The only thing he got right was the basics of metabolism, but after that it was a mess.

      • RZ Paxo

        It’s ****ing unbelievable right?

        “I eat as much as the fat person and I don’t gain weight” — STOP. STOP STOP STOP. Your body is different because you are a different person. Your body, on average, PERSONALLY, consumes some amount of energy each day. Eating in excess of this threshold = weight gain. Eating under this threshold = weight loss. Eating approximately at this threshold = weight maintenance.

        “Muh thyroid!” — STOP. STOP STOP STOP. Your body still has some set amount of energy it uses in any given day. It may be higher or lower than other people, BUT IT DOES NOT CHANGE THAT BASIC FACT! Consume in excess of this threshold is still WEIGHT GAIN and consumption under this threshold is STILL WEIGHT LOSS.

        People here do NOT understand the basic concept.

        Your body uses 4000 calories a day? Eat 4500 to gain a lb a week.

        Your body uses 1800 calories a day? Eat 2300 to gain a lb a week.

        Your body uses 2500 calories a day? Eat 3000 to gain a lb a week.

        Stop saying you do the same thing as one fat/skinny person and stop comparing yourself to other people. It’s YOU that you need to worry about. Figure out what your body needs to maintain its weight and then use that as a baseline.

        Calories in/Calories out is NOT wrong. Otherwise, there would not be a need for food, and there would be no starving skeletal children in Africa. You know why they’re skinny? Because they’re not ****in eating, morons.

        Stop saying that the math doesn’t work because of X,Y,Z. Whatever CALORIES your body uses in a day, ADD OR SUBTRACT FROM THIS to GAIN OR LOSE WEIGHT. It’s really f***in simple people.

        Your failures are on you, no one else. Don’t project your idiocy onto me or other people because you fail to recognize how this all works IN SPITE OF IT BEING SPELLED OUT FOR YOU.

        Have you tried trying? lol

      • HighJump

        well dude you’re are right ,but is so unfair and so hard for some people because the people who have 1200 calories body use , they have to be always in move , for other just sit in there home and do nothing and eat whatever they want……. btw you’re the best give me link from where you know that.

    • Diehard Oilersfan

      This RZ paxo guy is a complete idiot. I am 6’1 and 137lbs. I live with a couple who are both seriously overweight. I eat at least as much as both of them combined yet cannot gain a pound. I eat so much more than they do that they insist I pay for half of all grocery’s in the house even though they have a 7 year old child as well. I have been to the doctor regarding my inability to gain weight and after a variety of testing and logging all meals/snacks I eat, my doctor (someone with a real university education, not some wannabe personal trainer like this paxo moron) informed me that I have a hyperactive thyroid which causes my body to metabolize and digest food far faster than the average person. Saying something like “the ONLY thing that matters for absolute weight gain is how many calories you consume” is complete garbage! This insinuates that everybodies body’s and digestive tracks are exactly the same. If this were true then I should weigh about 300lbs and my roommates who actually try to eat healthy and track calories would be the skinny people.

      • RZ Paxo

        You don’t need to require the same amount of calories as anyone else. If you eat more than what YOUR body uses, you GAIN weight. If you eat less, you LOSE weight. It’s simple math, physics, biology. You are making excuses, you are stupid, and you should feel bad. Thyroid or not, whatever threshold YOUR body is at, you EAT more you GAIN. You EAT less you LOSE. It’s really ****ing simple dude

        Go sit in a corner.

      • God you’re stupid. You’re the one who needs to sit in the damn corner lol! I got a high/fast metabolism and it’s impossible for me to gain weight.

        Read a book.

      • Kelly

        Femal I’m 5″ feet 93.5 weight I’ve been doing the fitness pal app to keep track of my intake of calories. I’ve been taking a daily protein shake of 710 calorie. And my weight does not change much I’ve been trying to reach 105 at least that. Even after taking the shake my stomach starts to feel really warm like if I been working out my stomach. I felt bad for my husband who eats one meal a day with a light snack just to keep his weight down with daily exercise just to drop the pounds. He sees my eating and does get how I can stay looking skinny. I don’t get it. It just sucks!!!!!!

      • Joshua Taheny

        I feel the same DiehardOilersfan I literally eat like a race~horse and for years people like my brothers n parents saying to “eat more, you’re skin n bones” n so i eat n eat n eat n i guess i wasnt meant to be overweight yet i eat all day long n heaping meals but 4 muscle growth, i found working out about 5 days a week at least (no laziness if you eat healthy n drink water to digest the food) and healthy nutrient food diet whenever im hungry and also eat after my work outs is helping my muscles grow dope controllable size lol hope this helps all the others with a fast motabolism (hyperthyroid whatever) #useitasagift lol

    • Michael Ma

      There are actually some people who can’t gain weight: http://abcnews.go.com/Health/Wellness/texas-woman-gain-weight-bullied/story?id=17228529

      This is not to say that I completely disagree with RZ Paxo. I used to be 125 lbs and 5′-10. I tried eating bigger lunches and dinners to no avail. Then I decided to eat 1 oz of nuts, half an avocado, and two scoops of oatmeal blended in water every hour and a half, that is, between meals. My weight went up to 160 in 6 months. When I became a carpenter and couldn’t keep up my eating regiment, I lost 10 lbs.

      In other words, if you really want to gain weight, you have to bring food with you so you can eat on the bus, while you’re driving, or while you walk to the subway. You have to have a stash of nuts on your office table that you eat at 9:30 and 11:00 before your lunch, and at 1:30 and 3:00 before your commute home. You have to eat food while you’re driving to a restaurant and on the drive back. Your whole life has to revolve around planning a meal every 1-2 hours.

      There is usually a little truth in what everyone says, if we look for it. Instead of dismissing things outright, I like to think maybe this person is 10% right.

    • PolitikilRefuse

      As someone who has tried for years to build muscle mass on a ectomorph body – you’re full of it. (Male, 30, 6’0″ and 135 lbs) I can sit down and eat cheesecake for days on end (during the holidays i have done this) and won’t gain a pound. I can spend months working out daily, lifting weights, drinking protein shakes and eating healthy carbs and proteins at over 5000 calories a day – and I’ll slowly pack on a few pounds of muscle. If I stop the routine, it’ll be gone in a few weeks. My metabolism is so high I can’t sleep for more than 6 hours because I wake up insatiably hungry to where I can’t get back to sleep. I literally have to eat a meal before bed and as soon as a wake up. I can not get by with 2000 calories a day: I will end up lethargic and sleeping all day until I get food for energy and some time to process it. If all of our bodies were so similar as you say then I would not be experiencing any of these issues.

      • john

        have you tried running at the speed of light?

    • Anthony Fedler

      Sorry but I don’t think you know what your talking about.I eat a lot(like a lot a lot) I am not active at all. But im still a twig

  • GWMill

    Don’t eat fast food and takeaways and cakes and pastry. Eat healthier food that has calories–like nuts, avocados, whole grain pasta, lean meats, brown rice, stuff like that. Just eat a healthy diet now and wait 15 years. You’ll gain a few pounds and be fine.

  • RoseRazia

    Now I get it, why I don’t gain weight despite I eat a lot! By lot I mean very very very very much!!!! I have small shoulders am thin, and sleep very less. But that’s good actually

  • Not important

    I too have high metabolism and have the same things as you described, especially little sleep, although that may also be my adhd.

  • Lazy 16yr old

    For reasons I’m not going to talk about, I haven’t been doing anything but helping around the house and laying in bed all day. Having a high metabolism has helped with keeping me from gaining any weight, even though I eat a lot.

  • SN Gerry

    I am 25, 5″6 ish and i weigh 53 (male). I have been working out since more than a year (weight training, running, badminton) but still i find myself underweighed. Peple have been suggesting me since I’m 15-16 to eat more. I might have heard thousands of times from my parents and friends. EASY AS IT SOUNDS!! I try to eat so much (like literally a guy with fat belly can’t compete with me), now that I am worried that I should gain some weight. I am like a lilliput infront of my people i see everyday who are 6″ on an avg. Now that I am trying to put somemore serious effort so that I could at least look little pounded. So… WHAT SHOULD I DO!!? After I have read the comments below, I noticed that many have the problem of fast metabolism and still they are trying to gain weight. It will be really great if a nutritionist could suggest people like me some health plan or food we should be consuming.

    • Donney

      Hi, bro, I had similar problems. I solved it by taking suggestions from my personal trainer: taking double servers of bulk protein (high carbs, I recommend Optimal Nutritious Serious Mass), combining with 4 to 5 times weight training per week, I successfully put on 5kg (reached 60kg) in about 1 and half month. If you want to put on weight, eat more times (if you eat three times a day, eat four times a day now). Keep cardio exercise less than 30 min a week (do not worry about fat at this moment, you need it).

      PS: Do a body scan to find out your body composition (body fat etc) can be helpful. Hiring a personal trainer, trust me, this investment has a good pay off.

  • shiloh66

    Yes I agree.I have to eat 3200-3500 calories a day just maintain 135lb on my 6ft small frame.I do however run,bike,walk on average 60-70 miles a week and I enjoy it .I start eating at 4:30 am and don’t stop until 9pm when I go to bed.It’s fruits,vegetables,lean meats,nuts,seeds,full fat peanut butter,almond butter,beans,whole grains,eggs,full fat dairy,coconut oil,olive oil,sunflower oil.I eat every 1.5-2 hours or 3 hours max I carry food with me all the time.I still get accused of having an eating disorder.Recently went to Golden Corral for breakfast and ate 1200 calories in one meal.Granted it was almost all eggs,bacon,sausage,mushrooms.Very low carb.Did have 4 small cookies,small piece banana bread and 4 chocolate covered strawberries.Got some nasty envious stares from a few people.but I ignored them for the most part.

  • Lil Momma

    This blows my mind!! Every single one of us are different people, have different bodies, have been taught differently, experienced different or in some cases the same reactions with our gains and weight loss and you are all going to sit here and call each other names and talk shit to each other. This site was for people all over to discuss and talk about what we each know, have learned and experienced and to help each other with advice, maybe something we haven’t tried it even missed a step or 2. This right here is why the world is shit and no one has anyone’s back just because we aren’t all on the same page or know more, know less or have actually studied, researched and or hired professionals to help with our weight issue you talk shit to each other. I am actually going to go through the comments, pick the things I haven’t tried yet because we are suppose to be HELPING each other and KINDLY giving advice to each other. We all came to this site for 1 more purpose and you turned it into a damn fight and are putting each other down instead of HELPING to build each other up!!!! Perfect example of why “WE THE PEOPLE” can no longer utter those words.

    I wish you all the best and maybe we will all find a way to nip this annoying aspect of our genetics in the ass. GOOD LUCK:)

  • Anthony Fedler

    I have a high metabolism, I have two problems with this. now it is great and all to be able to eat cookies and pizza everyday and gain no fat. I can’t gain muscle for anything. I try eating more healthy and balanced, and working out. But nothing happens. Also, I’m always hungry. I eat a lot, so I’m always running out of food to eat.(which sounds like a bitchy complaint) and even though I eat so much, nothing happens. And people tell me I’m to skinny I need to eat more.

  • Vivek Rajkhowa

    you have hyperthyrodism….

  • Lory

    I know the struggle…I eat a LOT and never gain weight. Fun fact, when I went on a holiday this summer I ate 5 meals a day, at least one meal every day would contain pizza, chips and ice cream (the holiday lasted 10 days) and I LOST 2 pounds.

  • Craig Tapson

    The only issue I have with my metabolism is my weekly wage can’t support my diet the other day I have a sausage with 3 roast potatoes, half a pizza fully loaded meat lovers and 2 toasted sandwiches.

  • one punch man

    Ate fast food for 2 two months. Instead of gaining weight, I lost weight. A bit strange isn’t it?

    • Errick Molino

      Ate more food than I usually do. I didn’t gain any weight. Why?

  • jayceon

    My 12 year old son is 4’8 and is 72 lbs should i be worried?

  • Stickman

    Quick question:
    I’m a 35 yo male
    I have a desk job, I’m very lazy,one meal and snacks a day, horrible migraines from activity plus a very very high metabolism,so I’ve had almost no physical activity all my life. I still weigh 125 at 6 feet( same as when I was in high school!
    My self esteem is really bad and I really need to bulk on some muscle so I don’t look aneroxic or sickly. Can anyone help me build on my “ glamor muscles” quick before I go crazy, I just want to look normal and healthy not a emaciated and sickly. PleSe help me I hate how I look and sometimes avoid leaving the house out of embarrassment and friends telling me I look like a junky, I’ve not had a sex life for over 8 years! Help if you can I’m desperate for any tips or advice. Thank you guys so much !