Exercising While Traveling

Turbulence Training Bodyweight ManualTraveling can be a bit challenging but you shouldn’t let it derail your normal workout routines. There are no reason not to exercise no matter where you are.

You can burn fat and build muscle even if you have a bad day of eating. In fact, you can  do a fat burning workout in your own hotel room with body-weight exercises.

Here are some tips to help you stay on track when you are on the road…

I recently did a four day trip to Tampa Bay, where I was busy with a seminar, but still needed to do my workouts.

On Wednesday, I did dumbbell swings superset with pushups in a fast workout that replaced my normal Wednesday workout with kettle bells.  Then I did a decent fat burning, muscle building Turbulence Training workout in the hotel gym on Friday night. Superset of dumbbell chest presses (very high reps) and split squats and some other upper body stuff.

I have this hotel gym workout done in only 25 minutes. It was another classic hotel gym set-up. There are bunch of relatively useless (and definitely inefficient) machines, along with a lot of cardio equipment, and then some light dumbbells. It’s annoying, but when you know as many exercises as I do, it’s not that hard to come up with a decent hotel gym workout as long as you use the Turbulence Training principles of Superset and intervals if you want to do cardio.

I wasn’t planning to work out on Friday night, but I heard legendary American wrestler Dan Gable speaks for two hours on Friday morning, and it made me realize there is no reason to lie around and be lazy. He is a very inspiring and intense guy.

Apparently, the first thing Gable did upon arriving at the hotel on Saturday morning at 2:30am (due to delayed flights) was to sneak into the pool and workout. That’s dedication.

How’s your dedication? What do we need to get it back, if it’s gone away?

Saturday morning the same thing. I wasn’t planning on a workout, but I felt like doing something before heading to the airport for a 6-hour journey home (including all the sitting around time).

So I ended up doing a hotel room workout that I’m calling the “Hotel Room Turbulence Training Bodyweight 750”. Seven hundred and fifty repetitions of various bodyweight exercises all that can be done in a hotel room.

I used lunges, pushup variations, stickups, mountain climbers, and plenty of others as I trained for about 30 minutes and felt great afterward – I really benefit from this type of activity before going to the airport and being strapped into a seat for three hours.

Overall, I had three surprisingly good hotel workouts using bodyweight and dumbbell exercises only. It goes to show you, there is no excuse for letting up on your fat burning workout routine when you are on the road – even when you are really busy.

So the next time you are on the road and want to stay fit realize there are no excuses.

You can do superset in the hotel gym and bodyweight exercises in your room (I don’t necessarily recommend sneaking into the hotel pool after hours).

Regardless, no matter where you are, you can burn fat and get fit – no excuses.