5 Exercises Not To Do

Before we get to the exercises, a quick weekend update…

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And NOW on with the exercise show…

Just last week I received an email from my editor at Men’s Health where he asked:

“What are five exercises that trainers hate, and what smart replacements are for each?”

My answers on the Five Exercises Not to Do:

1) Situps or crunches

Why: These are terrible for the low back/spine, as shown by research from Dr. Stuart McGill. These exercises compress the discs in your spine and can cause serious low back injuries.

Alternatives: Stability Ball or Power Wheel Rollout, TRX Mountain Climbers, Plank or Bodysaw/Rocking Plank, or Stability Ball Plank (30% harder on your abs than a regular plank)

2) Broomstick Twists

Why? Useless. Just useless.

Alternative: Cross body mountain climbers, spiderman climbs, side plank (with TRX)

3) Leg Extensions

Why? Possibly dangerous for knee, but more important, these are inefficient for everyone but pro bodybuilders

Alternatives: Split Squats, Forward lunges, Narrow-Stance Barbell Squat, Goblet Squat

4) Behind the Neck Pulldown or Presses

Why? Likely dangerous for rotator cuff and also leads to terrible form where people strain neck forward and contort themselves just to do the movement. Just NOT worth it.

Alternative: Pullup, TRX row, V-grip pulldown to chest, db row

5) “Bodybuilder bench press” – with elbows out and bringing bar down close to neck

Why? Terrible for the shoulder joint and rotator cuff

Alternatives: Barbell bench brought to bottom of pecs with elbows tucked into sides, DB chest presses (all varieties), TRX or Ring Pushups

BONUS: Long slow cardio – Why? Ineffective and a waste of time

Alternative: Intervals, metabolic conditioning, bodyweight circuits, burpees

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Hope that helps,

Craig Ballantyne, CTT
Certified Turbulence Trainer

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  • Reference to number one is just bunk! Another study concluded this:

    Based on current research, it is premature
    to conclude that the human spine has
    a limited number of bending cycles. The
    claim that dynamic flexion exercises
    are injurious to the spine in otherwise
    healthy individuals remains highly speculative
    and is based largely on the
    extrapolation of in vitro animal data that
    is of questionable relevance to in vivo
    human spinal biomechanics. Although it
    appears that a large number of continuous
    bending cycles may ultimately have
    a detrimental effect on spinal tissues,
    no evidence exists that a low-volume
    strength-based exercise routine that
    includes dynamic spinal flexion movements
    will hasten the onset of disc
    degeneration, and a case can be made
    that such exercises may in fact produce
    a beneficial effect in terms of disc health.
    Contraindications for spinal flexion
    movements would only seem applicable
    with respect to those with existing spinal
    pathology, such as disc herniation/
    prolapse or flexion intolerance.
    To date, the authors are not aware of
    any study that has investigated the
    effects of spinal flexion exercise on
    human spines in vivo. Further research
    is needed to evaluate both the acute
    and chronic effects of dynamic spinal
    flexion exercises in human subjects
    in vivo so that more definitive conclusions
    can be drawn on the topic

    I will send the entire study to anyone who leaves me a comment on my FB page! If too many people want it I will figure out another way to provide it to you. These anti crunch people drive me nuts. I suggest they jump on another bandwagon.